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Published at 22nd of March 2018 04:09:38 AM

Chapter 89

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Chapter 89 – To come back from death’s door (2)

The Jade Lake’s fairy pulled on Nangong Liuyun who was the tottering on the verge of collapse . Her beautiful eyes moving cleverly around, her voice sounded justifiable and honest as she said . “Third senior brother, looking at how badly injured you are, how can you go search for her? Even if you could find her, if she really was in danger, would you be able to save her?”

The Jade Lake Fairy’s words were reasonable and irrefutable . She had hit the nail on the head .

Nangong Liuyun truly had suffered severe injuries .

In order to save the Jade Lake’s fairy, his abdomen had been slashed heavily by the king vulture’s claws and had bled profusely . Once he was able to finally stop the bleeding, Nangong Liuyun had rushed here to look for Su Luo, only to find that she had disappeared .

“Third senior brother, right now your first priority is to recover from your wounds . ” The Jade Lake’s fairy gazed at him in concern, “Believe in me, okay? I’ll send people to look for her right now . I trust they’ll find this Miss Su and bring her back quickly . ”

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Nangong Liuyun struggled to get up, his wounds that he had worked so hard to close had re-opened . Suddenly, fresh blood spurted from the wounds like spring water wildly rushing forward .

Due to excessive blood loss, Nangong Liuyun’s lips had turned white as paper while his face displayed a haggard appearance .

Nangong Liuyun firmly grabbed the hand of the Jade Lake’s fairy . Although weak, he maintained his dignified manner and very seriously stated . “We must find her!”

“Okay . ” The Jade Lake Fairy squeezed out a smile and solemnly nodded her head .

Even Nangong Liuyun failed to notice the flash of frost that passed through her eyes .

After he finished speaking, Nangong Liuyun sat down cross-legged and began exercising his powers to heal himself . He needed to nurse his body back to full health, his Luo girl was still waiting for him somewhere .

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The Jade Lake’s fairy had successfully appeased Nangong Liuyun . Seeing him begin the healing process, her beautiful watery eyes showed a look of deep anticipation while her red lips displayed a slight superficial smile .

Then, she turned to leave .

Beside a cliff covered with a bottomless drop covered in dense fog .

The magnificent Jade Fairy stood on the edge of the cliff . Her long hair which flowed down to her ankles was dancing in the wind, giving the illusion that she was on the verge of taking flight, like a fairy . However, at this time, she had an indifferent and icy expression on her face .

Behind her stood a row of four young women led by a woman named Qin Ning . Qin Ning was the magnificent Jade Fairy’s most trusted attendant .

The magnificent Jade Fairy’s beautiful, simple, and neat face had a shallow smile, “Did all of you hear third senior brother’s words? Now, the only task for you is to look for this Miss Su . ”

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Qin Ning’s reply was very direct . Glancing at the magnificent Jade Fairy’s beautiful, cold, and expressionless face, she murmured . “Yes . ”

“Remember, if still alive, I must see the person . If dead, I must see the corpse . ” The magnificent Jade Fairy unhurriedly spit out those words while stressing the last four . She continued to smile gently and gorgeously as before, so otherworldly beautiful that just a glance could drive all living things mad .

Qin Ning had grown up together with the magnificent Jade Fairy, so once she heard the words she immediately understood their hidden meaning .

A barely perceivable treacherous chill flashed in Qin Ning’s eyes as she responded . “This servant will not fail to comply with the Young Mistress’s command, if living then must see the person, if dead then must see the corpse!”

The master and servant simultaneously laughed together, with mutual understanding .

Qin Ning led the other three people and quickly walked away while sneering in her heart endlessly .

A toad that wants to eat swan flesh! An insignificant idiotic girl dares to try to snatch a guy away from the Young Mistress . Is she looking to court her own death?

That little slut! If she is dead, then it was over . If she wasn’t dead, hehe, when the time comes, they will torment that slut until she wished she was dead . They will make her regret that she was ever born into this world .

Qin Ning and the three women flew through the mountain range, following the crushed plants while flying as fast as lightning .

When the divine dragon had previously chased after Su Luo, it had left behind a trail of destruction, making the route fairly obvious .

Qin Ning moved along this road, continuously searching .

Qin Ning and companions were rather lucky as they soon ran into Liu Ruohua .

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