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Published at 21st of March 2018 09:14:48 PM

Chapter 902

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Chapter 902 – Fleeing for thousands of meters (5)

Seeing the girl dressed this way, Su Luo still recognized her at once——

This young woman was definitely Fairy Yan Xia’s maid .

She never thought that the old witch’s speed would be this fast . Not only did she herself give chase to kill Su Luo, she also dispatched all of her subordinates .

At this time, that white-clothed woman with the famous indifferent expression, watched the ship attentively with a gloomy and cold gaze .

On the deck, the ship’s captain, among the crowd of sailors, stepped out quickly .

“Let everyone gather on the deck . Otherwise, kill them all without discussion!” The white-clothed woman’s face had a murderous expression .

“Who do you think you are? Calling me to gather and I’ll just gather everyone?” A sailor, in a rage, stood out to reason with her .

However, just as he spoke, he suffered an unexpected calamity .

Because that white-clothed woman brushed her sleeve, and one could only see a cold tip of a blade was sent towards that sailor’s throat .

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A slight noise and this sailor had already flipped over on the deck .

A feather was sticking out of his throat .

A skinny feather was able to take a life .

At this moment, everyone sucked in a breath of cold air .

The ship captain’s figure had become slightly rigid .

This ship was merely a merchant ship, its defensive strength could not possibly be very strong .

They had invited a group of guards, the highest among them was only at the fourth rank .

However, seeing this young lady before their eyes… The captain’s heart trembled slightly .

“This young lady is at least at the fifth rank or above . ” The guard captain leaned close to the ship captain’s ear and told him in a low voice .

The ship captain’s intention to resist was immediately extinguished .

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“Go gather everyone onto the deck . ” The ship captain commanded as he waved his hand .

These people came with tumultuous momentum . At a single glance, one could tell that they weren’t ordinary bandits . He was truly afraid .

Their power appeared to be stronger, so he had no choice but to lower his head .

Actually, it wasn’t just this ship . At this time, within the range of twenty-five kilometers, the ships that were coming and going were all subjected to this kind of inspection .

Fairy Yan Xia’s methods were appalling .

Within a very short period of time, they had set up this within twenty-five kilometers .

The ships in front and behind had all been blocked and searched .

The ships on the water’s surface were investigated by someone .

Under the water, there might also be traps .

At this time, the people on the ship all dared to get angry but dared not speak . The atmosphere was heavy and nervous .

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All the people on the ship gathered on the deck, the only one remaining was Su Luo in the corner .

Su Luo thought it over for a while but still decided not to go out .

She touched her face and couldn’t help but be somewhat speechless .

Right now, this face of hers… was truly… too…

Would really give people too deep of an impression .

In short, this face was extremely beautiful, extraordinarily so . It was the kind of beauty that even if Li Yaoyao saw it, she would feel inferior .

However, she wasn’t sure if God was also teasing her .

Nearly all the black-colored medicinal juice on her face had come off . All except that dark circle around her right eye which remained .

Seen those panda eyes? At this moment, that circle around Su Luo’s right eye was one hundred times worse than those panda eyes .

On this absolutely beautiful face, the rest of the skin was like snow-white amber . Pure and fair, except for that right eye . It was as though she had been ruthlessly punched by someone, a pitch-black circle .

It looked exceedingly strange .

Facing the reflection of her face in the water, the more Su Luo looked at it, the more she felt…

The corner of her mouth parted inwardly, and she made a secret resolution . Wait until after she escaped this time, she must come up with a way to get rid of this birthmark-like panda circle from her right eye . Otherwise…

If she continued with this kind of face, Su Luo felt that she definitely wouldn’t be able to eat .

At this time, there was new activity on the ship again .

After everyone had arrived on the deck, in an instant, there were several shadows that rapidly swept over every corner of the ship .

Very clearly, they had also guessed, it was extremely improbable that the real Su Luo would go to the deck and throw away her life .

Su Luo watched a shadow come towards the corner she was in . At this time, her eyes narrowed and her whole body was on guard .

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