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Chapter 913

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Chapter 913 – Chased for hundreds of kilometers to be killed (1)


“Captain died really miserably!!!”

“You loathsome girl, I will kill you!!!”

In the quiet and luxurious forest, the voices full of hatred spread very, very far… .

The those people’s voices spread very far .

Su Luo’s eyes narrowed slightly, knowing that the matter was not good .

In this jungle, there were countless people chasing to kill her . Now that these voices had spread out, those people very likely would immediately rush over .

Subconsciously, Su Luo wanted to withdraw .

However, this group of people had her surrounded . It wasn’t as if she wanted to escape then she could .

Wanted to leave, she must kill and cut a path out of blood!

Now, it was a race against time . So, without holding anything back, Su Luo played all of her trump cards!

Great Dimensional Imprint!

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Large fireball!

Variant Acacia Tree!

Little divine dragon!

The aftermath of taking out all of her cards whirled around in a circle . All the fifth-ranked black-clothed people collapsed, every one of their bodies and heads fell in different places .

The matter happened very quickly, in a very short amount of time, nearly in the blink of an eye .

Those black-clothed people simply did not have enough time to react, and could only stare blankly as more than half of the people in their own party became casualties .

At this time, there were only five people left on the scene .

Just at the moment when they were staring blankly, Su Luo attacked with another round of fireballs!

However, these five people were all at the sixth rank .

Although Su Luo was unrivaled within the sixth rank, but confronted with a few was still very strenuous for her .

Su Luo also knew that the fireballs wouldn’t kill them . The only use was to keep them busy and make them act in confusion .

Just when they were dealing with the fireballs——

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Su Luo circled around to the back of a black-clothed person, encased him in Nothingness of Space and slowed down his speed!

Her dagger directly cut towards his throat!

Only a distinct ‘spray’ sound could be heard .

The dagger in Su Luo’s hand was already dyed completely with blood .

At the same time, the little divine dragon’s paw slapped towards the head of one of the people among them .

That tough head was like a watermelon being hit . Brain matter burst forth from the crack Red colored stuff, white colored stuff…

Fresh blood mixed with brain matter, it looked extremely disgusting .

The Variant Acacia Tree was not to be outdone .

The green vine divided into two and suddenly lassoed two of the black-clothed people by their waists .

Just when the two black-clothed people were struggling .

Su Luo jumped up, her dagger streaking across horizontally .

Yet another one was eliminated .

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The little divine dragon saw Su Luo doing this and felt that it was extremely fun . He also imitated Su Luo’s movements and flew up into the air .

He didn’t have a dagger, but he had claws .

The incomparably sharp claws streaked across a black-clothed person’s neck .


Three to four claw marks of varying depth appeared on the black-clothed person’s neck .

Simultaneously with blood soaring, he quickly collapsed to the ground .

In such a short period of time, out of nine people, eight were already dead .

The last remaining black-clothed person, seeing that the situation was bad, turned around, and wanted to run .

However, how could Su Luo let him run away to deliver this news?

The Acacia Tree’s green vines stretched out with a ‘swoosh’ sound and confined his right arm, suddenly dragging that person backwards .

That person was also a ruthless person .

He saw that he could not struggle free, and with a wave of his hand, he chopped off his own right arm!

At the same time, his figure shot forward like lightning!

Want to run?

The little divine dragon snorted darkly . His figure was like an arrow leaving a bowstring, with ‘whoosh whoosh whoosh’ sounds, he shot forward .

That black-clothed person’s had lost an excessive amount of blood . Additionally, his speed couldn’t be compared with the little divine dragon’s speed . So, very quickly he was overtaken .

The little divine dragon angrily whirled his fist and split his head open .

So far, this entire elite team had all been eliminated in one stroke by Su Luo’s team .

“Awoo awoo awoo——!” Quickly run, quickly run!

The little divine dragon rushed over towards Su Luo with a panicked expression .

Able to make the little divine dragon panic like this… Couldn’t be that the old witch had caught up, right?

Su Luo’s expression changed suddenly . She picked up the little divine dragon, turned around and ran forward .

This time, Su Luo had guessed correctly . The person who had arrived just so happened to be Fairy Yan Xia!

Originally, Fairy Yan Xia was still over there, angered till she nearly had a stomping fit . However, when she heard the sounds of activity in the jungle, she rushed over without another word .

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