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Published at 21st of March 2018 09:14:27 PM

Chapter 925

Chapter 925 – Encountering Yun Qi (6)

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Nangong Liuyun… I'll just borrow the word Yun from him .

This thought flashed through her mind . She raised her eyes and smiled, "My surname is Yun and my first name is simply one word, Luo . "

"Yun Luo, ah…" The little princess murmured to herself then suddenly lifted her eyes, "You're actually called Yun Luo!"

Su Luo blinked her eyes suspiciously: "Is there a problem with this name?"

"Of course there's a problem! You ought to know, my third elder brother is called Yun Qi . Then, if you put them together, wouldn't it be Yun Qi, Yun Luo (1)?" The little princess looked Su Luo up and down . Pretending to think seriously about it, she touched her chin, "Not to mention . You're this beautiful, actually matches rather well with my third elder brother . "

The little princess was immersed in her own train of thought and hadn't realized that the moment she said those words, Su Luo's complexion had changed slightly .

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Yun Qi, Yun Luo…

Yun Qi…

This name, Yun Qi, made Su Luo nearly regret until she stuffed it into a corner .

Su Luo thought that in this lifetime, she would never have to hear this name again . She didn't expect that she would hear it again, and unexpectedly from the mouth of the almost ten-year-old girl before her .

"What are you thinking about?" The little princess saw Su Luo's strange expression and was immediately displeased .

This girl, her mood had always been prominent on her face .

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Su Luo curbed her expression and lightly said, "Similar to the Third Highness's name, so somewhat offends . "

This Yun Qi… the corner of Su Luo's mouth pulled slightly .

This Yun Qi and the Yun Qi from her previous world, how could he be the same person? The him from the previous world was still living well, extremely comfortably, in fact .

The little princess didn't know what Su Luo was thinking . She waved her hands and said sternly, "What is there to be offended about? Third elder brother nowadays wouldn't pay particular attention to these convoluted, over-elaborate and strict rules . "

Regarding this third prince called Yun Qi, Su Luo suddenly had a kind of bad premonition .

"His highness the third prince currently doesn't pay any particular attention to the convoluted and over-elaborate rules . Could it be that in the past, he paid close attention to them?" Su Luo asked, pretending to be curious .

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"How audacious of you, Yun Luo . Since when was third prince's matters open for you, a lowly palace maid, to ask about?" A palace maid beside the little princess glared at Su Luo with displeasure .

'The little princess wanted her not to call herself 'servant' . Does she really thinks she wasn't a servant? Truly ridiculous!

Unexpectedly the little princess swept an annoyed glance at that palace maid . "In front of this princess, is it something that you, a lowly palace maid, can be harsh and unreasonable? Step down!"

The little princess also didn't know why she had this sort of unfathomably mysterious feeling of closeness with Su Luo . Therefore, she berated Cui Yu to step down .

That palace maid lowered her eyes, feeling aggrieved, but ultimately she still withdraw .

However, just before she withdrawn, she swept a glance over at Su Luo, and that glance was full of bitter resentment .

The little princess seemed to be completely unaware of that palace maid's grievances and said to Su Luo . "In the past, Third Elder Brother loved to study and quote classical texts, was bookish and adhered to old, stiff ideas . There was a sour stink all over his body and was extremely unpleasant to smell . "

While saying this, the little princess even pinched her little beautiful nose and fanned herself .

This action, along with the little face, that was pink like finely cuts of jade, looked extremely adorable . However, Su Luo simply wasn't able to smile . To the extent that the corner of her mouth was even somewhat stiff .

"Then what about now?" The corner of Su Luo's mouth squeezed out a hint of a smile .

"Now…" The little princess raised her head and looked out of the window . Looking at the bluish-green waves of river rippling . When she turned her head back, she was already in glowing spirits . "The Third Elder Brother right now is simply a completely different person from before! The Third Elder Brother from before spent the whole day quoting classical texts, had terrible innate gifts and father the emperor didn't like him a bit . But, ever since that time he fell sick and woke up again, Third Elder Brother seemed like he had become a different person . He immersed himself completely in cultivation, and that cultivation speed was simply unbelievably fast!"

1) Yun Qi, Yun Luo: Translated as cloud rises, cloud fell .


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