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Chapter 95

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Chapter 95 – To search for hidden treasures (1)

When she hoisted up Su Luo’s corpse, an ice-cold, cruel smile could be seen at the corner of Su Luo’s mouth .

She twisted her body around and grabbed onto Nen Lu’s sleeves, placing her entire weight on Nen Lu’s shoulders . Her body was hanging upside down, with her head facing the ground . That broken dagger ruthlessly stabbed towards Nen Lu’s heart from her back!

“Ahhhh——” Nen Lu let out a wretched scream, the fury in her heart was at its peak . She endured the intense pain and used all her strength to throw Su Luo off the cliff .

However, Su Luo was stuck to her body like Niupi candy (1) . No matter what she did, she couldn’t threw Su Luo off .

At the same time, Su Luo unceasingly stabbed her with the dagger .

In less than a second, countless numbers of lacerations appeared on Nen Lu’s body .

However, Nen Lu wouldn’t let Su Luo have an easy time of it either . She finally sent a heavy palm strike towards Su Luo .

The pit of Su Luo’s stomach was hit by that palm . Su Luo only felt a metallic sweetness in her throat, and then a huge stream of blood wildly sprayed out .

At this moment, both of them were at the edge of the cliff . The bitingly cold wind screamed through the mountains, blowing on the two bruised and battered people, who were on the verge of collapse .

The sound of Nen Lu’s grim laugh echoed, as she sent one foot kicking towards Su Luo .

This kick contained all of her strength . She had already calculated that this kick was enough to send Su Luo down the cliff, as a way to destroy the body while erasing all the evidence .

However, just at this critical juncture, Su Luo grabbed onto and tightly hugged Nen Lu’s leg which was kicking her .

Because of the effect of gravity, both of them fell off the cliff .

While they were falling, Su Luo used her strength to keep pulling and twisting, until she was on top, while Nen Lu was beneath her .

Nen Lu was so angry that she wanted to do the same by imitating Su Luo’s actions, but Su Luo’s foot heavily kicked her downwards .

Nen Lu’s heart was so enraged that she swore, if there was a next life, she would definitely dismember Su Luo’s body and chop it into ten thousand pieces!

But there wasn’t enough time for her to think much more . Now, the two of them had already dropped close to the bottom of the abyss .

“Splash——”Both of them fell into the water, the deafening sound of water being displaced resounded, like being shot out of a geyser, water flew high into the sky . At that moment, both of them completely lost consciousness .

Both of their bodies were brutally pulled by the current of the creek, continuously colliding with obstructions in the water . Nobody knew where this water flowed to .

Unaware of how much time had passed, Su Luo’s eyelashes, which were thin as a cicada’s wing, trembled slightly . She slowly opened her eyes, and saw a rock above her head .

She now discovered that the illuminations in all directions were very dim, and that she had been washed ashore by the creek water .

Su Luo found that her entire body was in pain . It was so agonizing, that it was as if her body had been torn into tiny little pieces . The pain was so great that she was almost numb .

Su Luo fetched a handful of water from within her space, and with much difficulty, she drank it . After a long while, she was slowly able to recover .

She staggeringly stood up, and suspiciously took measure of her surroundings .

This place was a crescent-shaped cave .

A cave that had been abandoned for many years .

Su Luo was so weak that she could barely stand, but she clenched her teeth and stood up . She swayingly staggered towards the inside of the cave .

She supported herself using the cave’s wall . With great strain, she walked more than a hundred meters into the cave, yet she still hadn’t reached the end .

This strip of dark tunnel was pitch-black and gloomy, as if leading to a borderless underworld . Everything was covered in darkness .

However, without knowing why, it seemed as if a mysterious power was beckoning to her . It continuously coaxed her to continue walking deeper inside .

She roughly walked about another three hundred meters . Su Luo kept breathing in mouthfuls of cold air . Where did this tunnel actual lead to? Could it be that there was no end to this path?

She really didn’t believe it .

Su Luo’s competitive heart was aroused . She dragged her exhausted body, step by step shuffling further into the cave . She walked a full thousand meters, when all of a sudden, her sharp ears heard the sound from the bubbling water of a creek .

When Su Luo walked to the place where the sound was coming from, her eyes couldn’t help but open wide, scanning the scene in front of her .

At this moment, she thought her own eyes were seeing things .

The dark tunnel ended in an unexpectedly large, circular space, which was no less than the size of a basketball court . This empty space appear to be very spacious .

At the center of this place was a purple furnace shaped standing cauldron (2) . Workbenches formed a circle surrounding the cauldron . Some crystal stones and medicinal herbs were sparsely arranged on the workbenches .

1 Niupi candy is a sticky, stretchy caramel like candy usually cut into rectangles and covered in sesame seeds .   is a Chinese site that shows how you can make it .  

2 The Chinese character is Ding – an ancient Chinese standing cauldron used for cooking, serving and storage vessel . Smaller version of it was used to hold wine and food during religious rituals . The Ding can have three or four standing legs . See wiki link here .

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