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Chapter 964

Chapter 964 – To disclose information (5)

The black-clothed person still knelt there with his back straight, using silence to confront Yunqi's reprimands .

These black-clothed people, motionlessly obstructed Su Luo's way out .

Su Luo smiled coldly: "Yunqi, it turns out you only have this much power . "

Yunqi's face that was as calm as the deep sea, now seemed like it was surrounded by dark clouds, stormy, struggling violently to stay calm .

He turned his head, with hands crossed over, his eyes, looking at Su Luo, were filled with profound meaning: "Luo Luo, now, you only have one other choice . "

"What else do you want to say?" Su Luo smiled coldly .

"If you agree to return to my side now, I can keep you safe and sound . " If not… .

Yunqi didn’t say the last part, but it was obvious to everybody, if you were not one of their own, then you were an enemy .

Su Luo's lips curled up in a mocking manner: "You really don’t understand me . "

Was Su Luo someone who could be threatened by others?

"You detest me that much?" Yunqi gazed at her bitterly and despairingly .

She'd rather die than return to his side?

Just thinking of her choice, Yunqi felt his chest burst into flames, with rage almost tearing him into pieces .

"Yes, I detest you that much . " Su Luo's words were sharp, without leaving a bit of affection .

Having heard that, Yunqi's expression changed, his body also becoming as stiff as iron .

"Good, very good!" He looked at Su Luo with ice-cold arrogance, "Since this is your choice, therefore, the consequences are yours to bear!"

Finished speaking, Yunqi took a step aside .

He made it clear to both side he would not get involved, and let them fight it out on their own .

The black-clothed people's leader saw this, his eyes darted a glance to the group of black-clothed men .

He lifted his right hand and firmly swung it downwards .


This was master's kill order!

Once you see Su Luo, kill without hesitation!

Immediately, around a dozen black-clothed people surrounded Su Luo, leaving five people to attack Zi Yan .

When Su Luo and Zi Yan were being forced apart, Su Luo said something to her .

"If you have an opportunity, then run!"

Zi Yan nodded her head: "You too! A long as there are green hills, there'll always be wood to burn!"

Besides, maybe Third Senior Brother would rush over soon!

"Let's fight!" Su Luo soared up into the air .

Now, the sun was setting in the west, dyeing the horizon a bloody red color that was savage and bright . The sight really was dazzling and harsh on the eyes .

Below, was a endless mountain range that rose and fell with uneven gorges .

The sunlight that scattered down was golden and resplendent, everybody was covered in a layer of tangerine-red colored rays of light .

The dozen or so black-clothed people charged towards Su Luo!

No matter who killed this loathsome girl in front of them, master would definitely reward them heavily .

Nobody could stop their treasure-seeking hearts .

Su Luo stood there calmly, indifferently eyeing the people rushing towards her .

At this time, she was calm and unperturbed .

There was a plump little white dragon sitting on her shoulders .

Not waiting for the enemies to get close, the little white dragon who loved to battle had already charge forward!


A violent sound resounded, and the foremost black-clothed person was suddenly sent flying with one kick from the little divine dragon, sending him flying to a distance place backward .

The little divine dragon didn't just kicked him flying, he also very cleverly kicked him in the chest where the heart was .

Huge holes appeared in the chest of the person who was kicked . He already breathed his last when his body was midair after being sent flying .

The little divine dragon made the recoil strength and rapidly charged towards the second person .

This time, like an exploding pond, he stilled planned to kick the chests of the black-clothed person .

But because he learned from the previously person's mistake, this black-clothed person covered his chest tightly, all of his spirit energy was concentrated into his heart, afraid of the little divine dragon kicking a huge hole in it .

However, although the little divine dragon oftentimes seemed foolishly adorable, occasionally he would get flashes of inspiration .