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The Devil’s Cage - Chapter 1236

Published at 23rd of August 2019 03:25:04 AM

Chapter 1236: 1236

The sun shed in from the arc-shaped window, blanketing the entire floor .

The green and golden blanket looked like a real lawn under the sunlight, looking extra lively . It was placed on top of the study table and its mottled stains proved that it had been through the test of time .

While the person who was writing on the table was extremely young, the servants around the room looked at the young princess with admiration and respect .

They never thought a young girl like her, who wasn't even of age, could do something like this . Not only would she take care of everything in an orderly manner, she would even make arrangements beforehand .

She was likely even better than the late king .

Looking at the young princess under the sunlight, the servants automatically disregarded her age, as though she were a real queen with experience .

"Go make the declaration . "

After the unmistakable youthful voice sounded, a royal servant went straight up to the princess and accepted the document .

"Yes, Your Highness . "

After bowing respectfully, the servant remained bent forward as he left the temporary office, which was actually a court hall . And when Perry Kaner appeared, the rest of the servants were sent away by the princess' orders .

"What's wrong?" Mary looked at Perry Kaner .

Following Kieran's new focus on learning Raven Sect's [Mystical Knowledge], Perry Kaner had become his mouthpiece, and some less important matters were delivered to Mary through her .

Of course, the truly important matters were Ganarde's responsibility .

As a matter of fact, the dominated Ape Sect Ganarde was hiding in the beams of the court hall . He was protecting Mary with Kieran's order .

Even though Duke Zilin was always around Mary, Kieran didn't mind adding another line of insurance .

"It's about Lord White Wolf . Lord White Wolf just rejected Ape Sect's suggestion of working together, and he used a very insulting way to expel Aqua Ape . I worry about Ape Sect's retaliation . After all… King James VIII's funeral is upon us . "

Perry Kaner carefully sized up Mary's expression, only speaking slowly when she made sure the princess wasn't acting weird .

"What did 2567 say?" Mary straightened her body and asked .

"Lord White Wolf asked me to meet you . " Perry Kaner showed a bitter smile .

Honestly, Perry Kaner was starting to get lost about what Kieran was going after .

After rejecting Ape Sect's help and seemingly hurling this pile of mess to the princess, if she didn't know better about their relationship, Perry Kaner might think Kieran purposely framed Mary .

"Um . I understand . " Mary nodded . She seemed to be in deep thought .

Looking at the young princess, the bitter smile on Perry Kaner grew deeper .

The reason why she speculated Kieran and Mary of having an absolute intimate relationship was because of this kind of weird "communication" . The words were obviously hard to understand in Perry Kaner's stand but when it was applied to the two of them, they seemed to understand it perfectly, easily .

At that exact moment, Perry Kaner felt like she needed a translator .

Curiosity killed the cat .

Because if curiosity were to be left unsatisfied, it would be worse than death .

Huu, Huu .

Perry Kaner quickly adjusted her breath and used her training to suppress her curiosity .

As for how useful it was?

God knows .

"Don't worry . Just believe in 2567 . " Mary comforted Perry Kaner when she saw the look on her face .

Unfortunately, the words of comfort didn't do anything other than increasing her curiosity .

Mary, however, didn't care about Perry Kaner further .

She glanced at the hourglass on the table before saying, "I need some rest . Tell the kitchen to prepare lunch and send it to 2567 . "

"Yes, Your Highness . "

Perry Kaner bowed and complied .

. . .

Lunch was scrumptious and satisfying .

The tea and pastry after the meal were also as satisfying to Kieran .

"Clear tea really matches well with the steak just now . "

Leaning on the sofa beside Kieran's, Mary stretched her body and sighed pleasantly .

Only when it was Kieran beside her would the young princess show her true self: the actions and behaviours that befitted her age .

It wasn't just trust, it was also reliance .

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Kieran and Mary were like twins; Mary treated Kieran as her closest, allowing herself to take off the mask of a princess and show her real smile .

Looking at the warming smile, Kieran too curled his lips into a smile . Still, it didn't stop him from voicing his own thoughts .

"The steak just now was too delicate . The essence of a steak should be in its thickness—not just the size . It must have enough thickness so that the juice can come out with a single bite . And the clear tea should be served at the end . I say, what would really go well with the steak is lime or plum . Of course, it would be better if it's cured with plum juice before cooking," Kieran said seriously . Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www . webnovel . com for visiting .

"But wouldn't it clash with the sweetgrass gravy on top?" Mary looked at Kieran, confused .

"Sweetgrass gravy is mild, it isn't black pepper . Everything will go well together . In fact, even if it's black pepper, there are still ways to remove the conflicting taste," Kieran explained with a smile .

"I see . " Mary nodded with understanding .

Meanwhile, Perry Kaner, who stood in the corner, couldn't hold back the twitch in the corner of her mouth .

She never thought the White Wolf that was so revered would discuss culinary with the princess cum future queen with a serious face .

Was she approaching this in a bad way?

Or were the both of them talking in secret codes she couldn't understand?


Why was she feeling stuffy in her chest when she saw the duo sitting there, as though her mouth was stuffed with dried pet food with force?

So dry, so bad, she couldn't swallow it at all .

Hu, Huu Huuu!

Perry Kaner started her deep breaths again, using the secret technique of Viper Sect to readjust her own emotions .

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Even she didn't notice that this secret technique she had been using for the past few days was changing rapidly and growing stronger with an overwhelming speed .

After regaining her calm, Perry Kaner looked at Kieran and Mary again .

Fortunately, this time around, the conversation between the duo was made understandable to her .

"About father's funeral, it will be held according to Warren traditions tomorrow night . All related matters are prepared . And I'll try to control my sadness…"

When Mary was mentioning her "father", her face showed an unconcealable sadness .

Her voice even stuttered at times .

The dead person was indeed the Crown Raven, but at the same time, her father .

If James VIII were still alive, she wouldn't know what kind of expression she would use to face her father .

Now, however, the king was dead .

She was attending and managing the funeral .

What was left in her was sadness .


She felt warmth above her head .

She looked up instinctively and saw Kieran's smile . Kieran's words then clearly entered her ears .

"Control? No need to . Do what you want to do tomorrow night . Cry loudly if you feel like it . Laugh out loud if you feel like it . Leave the rest to . . . me . "