The Devilish Immortal - Chapter 106

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Chapter 106

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Zhu Yan's expectation was right . While they were discussing with Lyu Liang, inside the Ximen clan, the three brothers were also talking about what was happening at Lyu Liang's side .

"Elder brother, the two Saint Emperors of the Demon Realm went to see a guy who was in Southern Heaven District at the same time . That guy was here by recommendation . Is there any hidden meaning behind that?" Ximen Xiayu, who had a pockmarked face, wondered .

"According to Nangong Qingyun, the few recommended ones were selected through the martial arts contests . He doesn't know too much about their specific situation . Anyway, that means they had nothing to do with the Nangong clan . " Ximen Chunfeng frowned and pondered on this .

Ximen Qiuye looked at the two men, who were deep in contemplation, and said in disdain, "Big brother, second brother, what are your concerns?" Even if the man is a friend of the powerful figure from the Demon Realm, so what?" Don't forget, in our team, the lowest level is at the Peak of Void Return, not forgetting the Early-stage of Fairy Immortal . We have no worries about getting in first, isn't it?"

Upon hearing this, the other two brothers were relieved, and Ximen Chunfeng said, "The third brother is right . Maybe I am too worried . " However, for the sake of stability, we had better report this matter to the Wushang Ancestor . After all, he is the one who asked for the Phoenix Cloth Fairy . If anything goes wrong and we do not notify him on time, it will not be good by then!"

Ximen Xiayu heard this and sighed, "Ai, the world thinks that we three are greedy and lustful, and they believe that I am the one who wants to snatch and marry Phoenix Cloth Fairy . ” “However, who knows what the Wushang Ancestor is forcing us to do?" "Due to their resistance, father is dead and our fourth brother is trapped"

"Second brother!" "Stop talking!" "There is no ban here, and if someone hears this, the Ximen clan may inexplicably disappear someday!" Ximen Chunfeng's look suddenly changed, as he severely interrupted Ximen Xiayu's grumbling .

Ximen Xiayu heard his words and shook his head, "Yes, Ximen clan which appears splendid in the eyes of outsiders, is just a lackey!” “Hahaha, maybe one day, I will follow in the footsteps of my father and my fourth brother . " "Rest assured, before that, I would have broken my contact with the Ximen clan already . . . " After giving a wan smile, he drifted away .

. . .

At night, inside a secret room of the Holy-Fist Palace in Central Heaven District, a stubby, red-browed old man with a horn, was talking to a crystal ball . In the crystal ball, was Ximen Qiuye's flattering and smiling face .

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"Ancestor milord, I have mentioned earlier that my second brother is in disagreement . " "You see, it is only right for you to kill him and let him be with my fourth brother!" "In case he goes crazy one day and tells everything to the public, then it will not be very good for you!"

"Oh, when I killed the second, were you not planning to take down your elder brother as well?" "In this way, you will become the master of the Ximen clan, right?" There are rumors outside, saying that you would be the possible heir of the Ximen clan, even so, you can't even wait?"

"Damn!" "Ancestor milord, I don't mean this!" "I only know that should there be anything that is bad for you, I will keep them under control while it is in the germinating stage!" "I am doing this to show you my loyalty!"

"Okay, stop the flattery . " "Anyway, I picked you because you are a sinister and overwhelming person . " "You didn't even have any change in your expression when you sabotaged your father and brother . I like that . " "Rest assured that as long as you are still loyal to me, it will not take long for me to help you achieve your wish . " "After all, raising one a dog is better than raising three . "

. . .

At the same time, in the Saint Emperor's VIP area of Kunlun Sect, a giant man standing at a height of thirty-three feet and a large head, arrived . On his way up, many Kunlun Sect disciples saw him, but they did not dare to ask his origin . Instead, they sincerely and fearfully gave way to him, for fear of hindering the path of this giant man .

"Oh, you came in your actual form!" "When you and my father negotiated with each other, you only sent a Second Primordial Spirit here . " Zhu Yan smiled and looked at the giant man . There was no trace of tension at all . Beside him was the white tiger Demon Emperor, who had an indifferent look . Other juniors, however, were all quiet .

"Well, I don't feel at ease if I send a Primordial Spirit here, this is the first independent Divided Soul that I gave birth to and it can be regarded as my son . It is not something that the Second Primordial Spirit can be compared with!" The giant man said in a low, muffled voice .

"I shall say nothing else . I have already informed you regarding the situation before . "I shall depend on you to send my little brother out of the Western-Heaven District, and then, it will no longer involve you . " "Also, it seems that your Divided Soul is getting along with him . It may not go back with you, and maybe you can just give it up . " Zhu Yan smiled and teased while talking about the actual business .

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The giant man frowned . "It will be very simple to send him out the Western-Heaven District, no problem at all . " But I have to communicate with my Divided Soul . He followed a junior who is not even a Fairy Immortal, that's a bit worrying!"

"Do not be negligent . I suggest that you use the Big Swallowing Teleport Technique to get there directly . This time, according to reliable sources, the old bastard from the Holy-Fist Palace has played a part in this matter . "It's a big deal, don't mess up because of others' calculation!" It was rare for Zhu Yan not to smile . He gave the giant man a serious look .

At this time, the giant man's eyes sparkled with joy and he said, "Wushang, the old guy?" "Well, he has a lot of sins . . . "

Zhu Yan waved his hand and interrupted directly, "Stop the nonsense!" "Is my sin greater than his?" "If you don't agree, I will no longer provide you with the hellfire to nourish your Original Soul!"

"Ah, don't do this!" "Birdie brother, I shall use my Big Swallowing Teleport Technique directly, ok!" "Don't worry, I will fulfill your task, but once we are out of the Western-Heaven District, there is nothing I can do . " Feeling that Zhu Yan seemed to be serious, the giant man hurriedly showed his attitude .

Zhu Yan nodded, and his eyes glistened, "No problem, beyond that, we have to abide by some rules!" "This time I shall dance at the tipping point and take a look at the reaction of the old guys in the Central Heaven District . "

. . .

With the approach of the contest date, Kunlun Sect was bustling with people . Not only did the four teams of participants from the Mortal Realm arrive, There were also many other cultivators who wanted to watch and appreciate the event, including both the Human Clan and Demon Clan .

Kunlun Sect held on to its fame as the first sect in the Western-Heaven District . Although many unexpected guests arrived, the reception was still good, which earned everyone's unanimous praise .

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A few days before the start of the ceremony, Zhu Yan went to find Lyu Liang and came out after a while . After that, Lyu Liang stayed in his room and no one knew what he was doing until two hours before the game . When all the teams were requested to enter the field, he walked out of his house slowly .

Then, it was the drawing of lots ceremony . The names of all the participating players were etched onto sticks, and the Kunlun Sect's chief, Jing Xu Ancestor, was in charge of the selection .

Lyu Liang's opponent in the first game was a man from the Western-Heaven District, who was at the Late-stage of Void Return . Although the opponent's stage was a level lower, Lyu Liang did not relax because he saw the death will on the opponent's face!

Lyu Liang's heart trembled and he looked at the VIP area in front of the arena, just in time to meet the eyes of the three male leaders from the Ximen clan . He knew then that Zhu Yan's guess was not wrong, he had been noticed by them already . However, it did not matter, even if they didn't notice him before, after a round of play, Lyu Liang would undoubtedly become a conspicuous existence in the eyes of the public .

"In this contest, whoever falls out of the platform and or loses his combat ability will fail . There is no limitation to the means used to kill someone!" "Next, the contest begins!" Zhu Yan's excited voice rang out, and the first group of players appeared on the stage .

Before the official start of the contest, Jing Xu Ancestor waved his hand, and a layer of golden light curtain shrouded the entire arena . This was a layer of protective Bounded Domain .

The destructive power of a Void Return cultivator was terrific . If no protection was done before the fight started, then the entire arena might not be unable to stand even for one game, and it would be shattered into pieces .

The first battle was carried out between the two people from the Northern Heaven District and the Southern Heaven District . They were both at the Late-stage of Void Return . After about one and half an hour, the candidate from the Northern Heaven District won . Although the candidate from the Southern Heaven District lost, he was unharmed . The two seemed to have reached an agreement . Although the fighting atmosphere was intense, the movements stopped at the right point . Instead of a knockout contest, it was more of a martial arts demonstration .

Lyu Liang and the candidate from the Western-Heaven District were in the second group that went up to the arena . Standing on the arena, Lyu Liang immediately exuded an aura at the Peak of Void Return . Of course, only the Primordial Qi was present, not a trace of his Devil Qi was revealed . In addition to hiding his strength, he also wanted to see what his normal level was like .

"The second round begins!" The moment Zhu Yan's vice fell, the candidate from the Western-Heaven District suddenly raised his head and a struggling, painful look appeared on his face . Then, he roared violently and threw himself at Lyu Liang with lightning speed .

At first, Lyu Liang was still thinking of making a few moves against him, but when the person's eyes turned blood red and pounced on him, an aura of destruction came along too!

Lyu Liang was shocked . He had guessed that this person might sacrifice himself, but he did not expect that before he could make any moves, he came up and blew himself up directly . He was taking his life as a joke!

Everyone outside the arena was stunned . Many people knew that this marriage contest was only a mere courtesy to represent Ximen clan's face . Especially after the first smooth and gentle fighting, everyone had an appreciative and enjoyable attitude towards the rest of the games . However, the second game suddenly became a life or death situation, which stunned everyone .

Just when many people subconsciously started to excite the protective shield, an earth-shattering loud noise was heard in the arena .

The protective Bounded Domain that had been made by the Jing Xu Ancestor was indeed useful . Everyone outside the arena only felt a slight vibration of the ground, and nothing else, and they could not help but sigh . After all, during normal times, a self-blow by a cultivator at the Late-stage of Void Return might produce a destructive power that could result in a space crack or current .

Now, the arena appeared to be a little hazy . After a while, the haze dissipated, and Lyu Liang, shrouded in a blue light curtain, appeared intact, in front of everyone .

"Lyu Liang is the winner!" Zhu Yan's indifferent voice sounded, but his eyes revealed a hint of a smile .

. . .

"This kid is strange . He remained intact even in such a situation!" Ximen Chunfeng felt this was somewhat unexpected .

"Elder brother, it's okay, he will be against the Fairy Immortal from our side in the next game . At that time, it will be enough to kill him with pure magic treasure and strength!" Ximen Qiuye had a venomous look on his face .

Ximen Xiayu did not participate in the dialogue between the brothers . He just looked down and seemed to be thinking about something . No one saw that at the moment when Lyu Liang appeared on the arena unscathed, his eyes held a trace of hope .