The Devilish Immortal - Chapter 130

Published at 30th of July 2019 09:29:45 AM

Chapter 130

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The calm giant bear suddenly increased its height by more than six meters and then opened its mouth . A large golden light beam shot at Bloodthirsty Shura who was still in shock .

This time, Bloodthirsty Shura was really anxious . It was obvious that if she was by hit any one of these three big techniques, even if she was not evaporated, she probably would not have the power to continue the battle anymore!

Bloodthirsty Shura immediately concentrated her mind and gathered a few of the golden dragons, which was fighting against the sword lights just now, in front of her . Then, she created another three huge dragons and sent them to fight against the three-headed Giant Tigers .

However, before she could catch her breath, another earth-shattering aura came from behind her and when she turned around in surprise, two bolts of purplish-gold lightning following on her heels had already slid down from the top of her head .

The golden dragon that had already gathered in front of her was smashed in half in an instant! Following after, three Thunder-Fire Beads came to her front and burst opened fiercely, and with the light beam of the Bear Spirit, Bloodthirsty Shura was already in a state of catastrophe .

After a while, the smoke was exhausted, and the figure of Bloodthirsty Shura appeared in a huge pit on the ground . A fault had appeared on the right shoulder of her crimson crystal armor, her own aura had become unstable, and she had dropped to a Late-stage Xuan Immortal level!

At this time, Lyu Liang was finally relieved . Looking at the Bloodthirsty Shura who looked miserable, the anger in his heart had disappeared . After a long sigh, he held his fist and said, "Senior Bloodthirsty Shura, allow Junior to say it again, I really don't know Zhu Yu! Before I broke into the Holy-Fist Palace, I just wanted to save my own Taoist companion! After I rescued my Taoist companion, I just wanted to leave as soon as possible, not to mention that there was an Esteemed Tian Tuo who was pestering me . I can't possibly have the chance to kill the Tao Master! After that, I had lost my mind, and let off a One Point Death, that definitely was not my instinct, you can verify these matters by yourself! I, Lyu Liang, is morally upright . If I've got the chance someday, I'll also go to the Heaven Realm to prove that I'm innocent! That's all I wanted to say, I'm leaving! I hope that Senior will return to the Mortal Realm soon, this place is not suitable for staying long!" When he finished, he disappeared from the air .

At this time, not to mention continuing to pursue Lyu Liang, Bloodthirsty Shura had to recover well in order to maintain her body's activity . That few techniques just now, every technique had the power that surpassed a Peak Almighty Immortal . Used in a combination, it was not something that she could compete against .

In all fairness, Lyu Liang showed mercy in the end . If there was another Giant Tiger or purplish-gold lightning, she will not be far away from being evaporated . The current situation was actually much better . She only needed a period of healing to recover to her original state on her own . The only trouble was the Spirit Armor, if it was damaged, she could only return to the Central Heaven District to find a professional to mend it and that naturally will be time-consuming .

At this time, Bloodthirsty Shura had also calmed down . It seemed that Lyu Liang had definitely ran away anyway . With her current state, it was already a blessing that she could safely walk out of the Demon Realm .

Thinking back about the words Lyu Liang said before, and together with his actions, he really did not seem like a sinister person . Was there really some hidden secret behind the incident?

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Just as she was pondering, a masked man in black suddenly appeared in the air, and without any comments, a few piercingly cold sword lights flew directly at Bloodthirsty Shura who was powerless to fight back!

At this moment, the eyes of Bloodthirsty Shura really flashed the color of despair . Just looking at these sword lights, she knew that the other party was at least an ace of a Peak Almighty Immortal level . This really was coveting gains ahead without being aware of danger behind!

In an instant, there were many emotions in her mind, such as unwillingness, grievances, and sudden realization . Without any reason, she suddenly began to believe what Lyu Liang had said . . .


On Lyu Liang's side, he had his heart set on flying towards the south because Zhu Yan's voice had been echoing in his Divine Soul . "Brother, go south to a tribe, there will be a Transfer Array which Big Fatty had arranged . It'll transfer you straight to my territory and then someone will be there to guide you!"

Lyu Liang nodded silently, recovering his physical strength and Spiritual Qi while flying . Of course, he habitually changed into an ordinary appearance, and he controlled his cultivation at a Late-stage Void Return level . Caution is the parent of safety, it was good to be cautious .

Lyu Liang had already given his best in the battle against Bloodthirsty Shura just now . It was also the first battle since he leveled up to Middle-stage Fairy Immortal and was wearing the Spirit Armor . Both the reference and experience value was extremely precious .

After assessing this battle, the battle took a total of two hours and he had spent four-fifths of his Devil Immortal Qi . The result was quite satisfactory, and he could be sure and could also grasp the situation well when battling against the enemy in the future .

After a while, Lyu Liang flew over a Demon Clan tribe, and when he was just about to descend, a familiar figure greeted him . It was Esteemed Xuangui, who he had once met before .

Before Lyu Liang could greet him, the voice of Esteemed Xuangui rang in his Divine Soul . "Stimulate your Demon Core, release some Demon Qi, there are Heavenly Alliance's Demon Masters here! You’re now the servant of Saint Emperor Xuanwu, and we're going to attend Saintess Rosefinch's coronation ceremony!"

"Brat! I asked you to help me collect some Primordial Stone, why did you return so late! Hurry up, don't say anything else, follow me to the Rosefinch Territory quick!" Esteemed Xuangui reprimanded Lyu Liang immediately once they met .

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Lyu Liang's ability to follow cues was top-class . He respectfully admitted his fault then and descended along with Esteemed Xuangui, who was in a hurry . He integrated into the group of servants very quickly .

At this time, inside the giant turtle sedan, Zhu Xuangui's fat round face was peeking out and seemed to make eye contact with Lyu Liang accidentally, and then he retracted his head . Of course, Lyu Liang had already knew that this harmless-looking fat old man was Saint Emperor Xuanwu, who was one of Demon Realm's four great Saint Emperors .

Upon landing on the ground, Lyu Liang's heart skipped a beat . As expected, there were four tall and well-built men, who were clad in different colors of Spirit Armor and exuding strong Demon Qi, inspecting the people who were entering the Transfer Array .

Lyu Liang had a sudden realization, it seemed that these people were from Heavenly Alliance's Demon Clan . Needless to say, the purpose of the inspection was definitely related to himself!

Under Saint Emperor Xuanwu's lead, Lyu Liang followed several other servants and walked towards the Transfer Array .

Despite the strict inspection of the other people by the four Heavenly Alliance Demon Masters, all of them put on a charming smile when they saw Saint Emperor Xuanwu's sedan and the large group of servants following behind .

At this moment, Saint Emperor Xuanwu stepped out from the turtle sedan and waved at the four Demon Masters . He smiled and said, "Oh, it’s really the four of you . Don’t be in a hurry to go this time! I had prepared some jars of Immortal Wine for all of you to taste together when you guys are done with work! By the way, help me bring some back to my elderly father! Come here, inspect my side quickly . We just came back from Chaotic world and have to rush over to the south to join the coronation ceremony of Saintess Rosefinch!"

Upon seeing this, the four Demon Masters could not care less about inspecting the people and rushed forward to give their thanks respectfully . One of them, who seemed to be the leader, said, "Xuanwu milord had really stunned us with your special favor . You came abruptly this time and we did not receive news about the Saint Emperors . We hope that milord will forgive us! We'll not inspect your troop, even if we couldn't trust the others, but we can trust you, right?"

Subsequently, the four Demon Masters got busy asking the people in front, who were getting ready for transfer, to step aside . Then, they respectfully welcomed Saint Emperor Xuanwu's large troop into the Transfer Array .

Due to a large number of people, they were transferred in two batches . Lyu Liang followed Esteemed Xuangui in the second round of transfer .

"Big Brother, in the second batch, why is there a man in a different set of clothes from the others? Will there be a problem?" One of the demon guards asked thoughtfully in a secretly transmitted voice .

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"What problem can there be? Didn't you see that he was the personal bodyguard of Esteemed Xuangui? It would be strange if he was anything like the ordinary servant! Besides, even if a problematic person was brought out using the identity of Saint Emperor Xuanwu, do you think we should care about it?" The leader immediately gave the other person a look as if the person was an idiot .


After 30 minutes, Lyu Liang had successfully arrived at Rosefinch Territory . The group of people who greeted them was not outsiders, they were the Dongfang family which was headed by Dongfang Badao . Behind him was Dongfang Huo, Dongfang Jin and Dongfang Shui .

Lyu Liang thought of Dongfang Xiaoyu immediately and looked up quietly, but he did not find her among the crowd . After a while, Saint Emperor Xuanwu's troop was taken to a luxurious cave residence district .

Without any accident, Lyu Liang followed Esteemed Xuangui to a luxurious cave residence, which was the resting place of Saint Emperor Xuanwu .

They entered and when the restriction formation was ready, Lyu Liang paid respects to the two Demon Clan seniors in front of him . "Junior Lyu Liang had seen both seniors before, thank you for the seniors' help!"

Saint Emperor Xuanwu laughed loudly and said, "You can be brothers with Little Bird, so why are you so courteous to me? Come, take a seat! I haven't seen you for a long time, the speed that your cultivation is improving had made the others very jealous!"

Lyu Liang smiled embarrassedly and found a seat to sit down, and he gave a brief explanation of everything that had happened so far .

Saint Emperor Xuanwu nodded and said, "That group of old guys from the Heavenly Alliance, it seems that they had stayed above for too long . How could they issue the Order of Soul Detention so hastily! Oh, you don't have to worry . Once you arrive at Chaotic world, I'll go talk about it with my father . Although we've not known you for a very long time, we‘re very clear about your character . "

Esteemed Xuangui interjected at this time . "My father happens to be Heaven Hong, one of the five Great Elders of the Heavenly Alliance's Pangu Origin world branch . Wait till I return and explain it to him, I believe that it'll definitely help with the cancellation of the Order of Soul Detention . "

Lyu Liang had a sudden realization at this moment . He was still wondering why did the Heavenly Alliance's Demon Masters bowed to the Mortal world's Demon Emperor and curried his favor . It turned out that his father was very powerful!

"It's the coronation ceremony of the Saintess Rosefinch in another three days . The location is at the Demon Clan's Land of Origin . The passage to the Chaotic world is also there . Stay here for a few days first, Little Bird and a few other Saint Emperors and Evil Emperors are rushing over at the moment . He still has some important things to tell you . " After Saint Emperor Xuanwu finished his words, he let Esteemed Xuangui bring Lyu Liang outside .

Looking at Lyu Liang as he left the house, Saint Emperor Xuanwu revealed a happy and sly smile . "When you see Saintess Rosefinch, you should be very surprised!"


During this time, somewhere in the Rosefinch Territory, Zhu Yu’s figure appeared in a secluded place . An old lady followed by his side . If Lyu Liang was present, his jaws would drop in shock because this person was Shangguan Ying's respected master in the Pangu Origin world, Divine Phoenix Sect's Ancestor!

"Phoenix, I have to trouble you to continue observing the happenings in this world as I'm getting ready to enter the Chaotic world after three days . During my absence, do communicate more with Wu if there are any matters . Let him turn mortal for a while first after his return from the Chaotic Territory . Before my return, looking for the Million-Spirits Blood Pearl will be the main mission for both of you, and you don’t have to worry about other matters . "

"Milord, regarding the things that the Sun-Moon Palace had asked . . . "

"You don't have to worry about this . That person in Ghostly Fire Palace will solve it for me . Anyway, although we've different purposes, we've to go the same way first, so we don't need to be afraid that he wouldn't treat it seriously . But you and Wu, both of you followed me from Heaven Realm and are the ones whom I trust the most . Both of you must take care of your own safety! I really don't wish to lose any of my close ones anymore!"

"Understood! You've never been to Chaotic world, so please be careful! Milord, take care!"

"Don't worry, I'll never let anything happen to me before I find the Mind Condensing Wand from Nether world! Okay, I'm leaving, you should return to Divine Phoenix Sect . Oh yes, the matter about your disciple . I'm very sorry about it but once I'm done dealing with the most important matter, I'll go retrieve the Eternal Heaven Fire from Heaven Realm as a reward for that fellow's help!"

"No! Milord, the Eternal Heaven Fire has always been in the hands of God Ancestor Night Dragon . . . "

"Speak no more, you should know my character . It's a matter of time before I bump into that old fellow . I must pass him first before I can kill that slut Purple Phoenix . Don't worry, I'll never do things that I'm not confident of, isn't that right?”