The Devilish Immortal - Chapter 142

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Chapter 142

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Lyu Liang's eyes brightened, and immediately his aura surged, with the doubled Human-Beast Unite, he pulled out the Kunwu Sword and slashed towards the two guys guarding the entrance .

Under the horrified look of the two guards, Lyu Liang triggered the Field Domain and slashed Kunwu Sword, and they died before putting up any fight . However, they died not understanding why the kid at the Late-stage of Fairy Immortal suddenly turned into a Peak at Almighty Immortal level .

"Oh no! Fourth and fifth, you go and kill the guy with the bead! Second and third, let's fight!" The white-browed elderly was shocked first, then together with the two people beside him, and they started to bombard Lyu Liang .

"En? It seems that you are from Immortal Allies, you had extraordinary strength!" After Lyu Liang killed the two people, he felt the continuous pressure from sky .

The three opponent led by the white-browed elderly triggered a variety of Field Domains, one of them even have the Sword Tao Power of Law .

Although Lyu Liang's Field Domain and the Power of Law were profound, he was alone . Although he could resist, he could hardly hurt the three people .

"Big Brother, Run . . . " When Lyu Liang was in a draw position, a scream of despair came from nearby .

Lyu Liang and the three people on the other side looked over together and saw the two men who attacked the purple-armored youth . One of them had disappeared, and the other seemed to be running away . He turned and only shouted four words . Then, starting from his head, he dissipated in the air like scattered wind-blown sand .

Under this circumstance, the remaining three lost their fighting intent, and they rushed to escape . Before they go, they left threatening words, "Your images will be sent back to Immortal Allies, and you will no be spared!"

At this time, Lyu Liang looked at the purple-armored youth, eyes full of awe . Although he could not detect the cultivation of this person, from his means of killing the enemy, he was much stronger than himself .

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Those low-level cultivators near Qingluo Town were scared and quiet by now, Lyu Liang flew over and made a bow to the purple-armored youth, "Senior, thank you for the help . Not only you saved my life, but also protected the mortal lives in this town!"

The purple-armored youth had a complexed look and he first handed the white bead to Lyu Liang, then he said, "If I came to kill you with the Soul Detention Order, would you still thank me?"

Lyu Liang was stunned first, then he smiled bitterly, but his gesture did not change, "Senior, so you are from the Heavenly Alliance . I did wonder how can an ordinary cultivator have such a dominant means of destroying the enemy . "

"You are not scared of me killing you now?" The purple-armored youth was stunned by Lyu Liang's calm reaction .

Lyu Liang stood straight and said solemnly, "I dared to say I have never done anything that hurts the innocents . Previously, I barged into the Holy-Fist Palace to save my frozen Taoist companion . As for killing the Taoist Ancestors, I did not do that . I can only say that I was unable to control my body at the time for the case of One Point Death . "

"Then how do you explain your relationship with Zhu Yu?" The purple-armored youth had no expression and asked another question .

"Now that is mentioned, I do not want to hide from you . The reason why the Soul Detention Order arrested me was that brother Zhu framed me before . Brother Zhu used me for what happened in the Holy-Fist Palace . But by chance, he saved my life, and from the time I spent with him, I felt that he had his difficulties for what happened that year . " Lyu Liang paused for a moment and then held his fists together, "Senior, all I want is to give me some time to let me drive out the enemy and defend my home . " When things are done here, I will go back to the Heavenly Alliance with senior, and clarify everything . Whether live or dead, I will have no complaints!"

Lyu Liang looked at the purple-armored youth who had no aura in front of him, he did not intend to resist at all . He had a feeling that even if he exerted his strongest power, he could not be up to this person's match . Therefore, he could only hope that the other party would at least give him the time to defend his home .

To Lyu Liang's surprise, the purple-armored youth smiled grinned and said, "If I hadn't had the intention to kill you, do you think you can still talk to me now?"

Lyu Liang was stunned, then hopes emerged from his heart, but he still asked cautiously, "So then? Senior can give me the time?"

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The purple-armored youth sighed looking at the sky, "I knew Zhu Yu's character better than you . I knew his high outlook better than you . Since he helped you, that means you can't be an evil person . However, I had my duty, and it is impossible for me to stop here . During this period, follow your heart and do what you are supposed to do, I will not interfere . We shall settle things later!"

Lyu Liang made a deep bow and said thankfully, "Senior, thank you for your trust and understanding!"

"Well, go get busy with your things . I will watch your whereabouts, but will not appear in front of you, conduct yourself well!" After the purple-armored youth finished, he disappeared .

The first thing Lyu Liang did was to release the mortals in the beads in batches . At the same time, he warned all foreign cultivators not to disturb the locals . As for the Talismans, Lyu Liang took all out and handed them over to several local cultivators in Qingluo Town to find a place to distribute .

The several accomplices of the Almighty Immortals who were in Qingluo Town, escaped while Lyu Liang was speaking with the purple-armored youth .

Inside the white bead, there were thousands of mortals, including the villagers of the Siji Village, but there was no sight of his father . Lyu Liang let go of his Divine Sense and covered the scope within a thousand feet and carefully felt everything here . Thirty minutes later, he kept his Divine Sense and sighed, face full of sorrow because he still did not find his father's aura .

"Liang, don't be sad . Your father should have transferred to another place . Think about it, if he could live for thousands of years and stayed here all the time, his identity would be exposed, wouldn't he?" Black's appropriate consolation calmed Lyu Liang a bit .

Lyu Liang pondered for a moment and went to the Great Supreme Elderly Lord Temple in the back hills of the Siji Village . It was still the dilapidated Great Supreme Elderly Lord temple, still that rock pile . He detected for a moment and was aware of the existence of the Virtual Land .

Without any hesitation, Lyu Liang's disappeared, leaving only a few looming ripples in the air .

Once again, he stepped into the familiar Virtual Land . At first glance, he saw the Land Spirit, and Lyu Liang was so excited that his eyes turned red . At this moment, he seemed to have returned to the way he first stepped onto the road of cultivation . He made a bow instantly, "Senior! I am back!"

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"Haha, in the absence of the Virtual Land, you have refined your cultivation to such level! If the owner is here, he will be very pleased!" While the Land Spirit is happy from the heart, there is also a glimpse of sorrow in the eyes . "You must be anxious to go to the south right? Go ahead, your two loved ones have been waiting for you!"

Lyu Liang got up and was filled with the desire to see his mother, but he did not forget to say, "Senior, I was fortunate enough to hear the news of the Dreamless Master on this trip, why don't you go to the south with me!"

Never had the Land Spirit widened his only eye to this big, Lyu Liang even saw a tear-like liquid flowing down slowly .

"Alright! Alright! Haha! Go, let's go!" The Land Spirit was even faster than Lyu Liang and disappeared in the blink of an eye .

Lyu Liang followed closely, and after a while, he entered the Cenotaph .

As soon as he entered, he saw a beautiful woman who appeared in his dreams for countless times . It was the Xuanli Yue who already had a complete soul .

"Mom!" With a heartbreaking cry, Lyu Liang could no longer remain calm, almost squatting to the front of the wooden chair made of Soul Cultivation Tree, and made many kowtows towards Xuanli Yue .

Although Xuanli Yue was in the state of soul and the two couldn't touch each other, it still did not hinder the mother and son from embracing and crying .

This state lasted for half an hour and slowly subsided .

After that, Lyu Liang saw Xuanli Feiwu . What surprised him was that even the King of Medicine was here . Moreover, he smiled and nodded at him . As for Black, it had already rushed into the arms of Xuanli Feiwu and napped . Golden and Fatty also came out of Lyu Liang's body to meet everyone .

In the following two hours, Lyu Liang told everyone about his long experience . Sometimes, they were worried about him, and sometimes, they were happy for him . In particular, when they heard about the deeds that Ancestor Xuanli Zhen had done in the Heavenly Alliance and they all felt proud from the heart .

Finally, under the urging of the Land Spirit, Lyu Liang said the news about the Dreamless Heavenly Lord . When he told the things that he had heard about the Feiwu devil, Xuanli Feiwu who had always been calm could no longer control herself, both of her figures burst into tears .

"This fool! fool! What, what should I do . . . If I can have a body, I can go and save him!" This was the first time that Lyu Liang saw Xuanli Feiwu with such a flustered look . At this moment, he could not connect her with the guardian of the Xuanli Clan .

Then, Lyu Liang said firmly, "Master's life is not in risk now, even a powerful figure at the Tao Ancestor level could do nothing about him! As long as the things of the Chaotic World subsided, I will immediately go to the Nether Big World . I must save Master! I will also bring back the secret treasure that can turn the soul into a body!"

The Land Spirit said eagerly, "Kid, hurry and refine the Virtual Land! This way you can take it with you! Inside the Rare Treasure Hall, there are a few Pure-yang treasures and two Innate Spirit Treasure, which can be your great help! Hurry and get rid of those invaders and bring us to the Nether Big World!"

Lyu Liang nodded firmly . Then he realized that he had yet to see the figure of the Silence Sword Spirit .

Just as he was puzzled, Xuanli Feiwu seemed to know what he thought and told him about the scene where the Silence Sword spirit suddenly disappeared . Lyu Liang frowned and remembered the Creator's contract that senior Feng Li had told him . Xu Chongzhi must have summoned the Silence Sword spirit!

Lyu Liang told everyone about his guess, and at the same time began to refine the Virtual Land . According to the Land Spirit, as long as he could pass the highest level, which was the Fairy Immortal level in the Training Tower, he was considered successful in refining .

Lyu Liang did not hesitate and ponder . He went straight to the Training Tower and rushed in after touching the round plate .

On the first floor, it was still the War Wolf, but it did not have any fighting aura . It just stretched its front paws up, "Go direct to the eighth floor, from your current level, no one below that can be your match . "