The Devilish Immortal - Chapter 190

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Chapter 190: 190

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The next day, all the 32 cultivators who had been selected for the wushu test, gathered at the site before noon, except for Huangfu Gang . Lyu Liang was also at the gathering place, talking animatedly with his friends . He wanted to take this opportunity to use Little Tian's talents to gather the basic information about the other contestants .

“Liang, pay attention! Those who have a misty crystal nucleus in their Divine Soul have a special const . i . tution, but we don't know exactly what it is, because of the restraint of the Law of Heaven . Anyway, if you meet such a person, you should be careful . ” Little Tian's words made Lyu Liang pay more attention to such cultivators .

He was startled by the things he discovered, because among the 29 contestants on the spot, 21 had a special const . i . tution, and the other 8 contestants were all cultivators with Spiritual Root! Even Anye Tianlong, whom Lyu Liang hated most, had a special const . i . tution . So Lyu Liang's eyebrows furrowed subconsciously .

Fifteen minutes before noon, the other three contestants, including Huangfu Gang, finally arrived . Lyu Liang glanced at them, and was startled to the core . This was the first time he was using Little Tian's talent to perceive Huangfu Gang, and this was when he discovered an exciting secret!

There was also a crystal nucleus in the Divine Soul of Huangfu Gang, but this was not the reason why Lyu Liang was shocked and excited . The most fundamental thing was that Huangfu Gang actually had the same Gold Core and Magic Core, as Lyu Liang . Inside Huangfu Gang's body, there was a strong flow of aura, which was as powerful as his . What's more, the aura of Huangfu Gang was also the pure aura of a devil-immortal fairy!

This discovery greatly stirred Lyu Liang, who dared not continue perceiving him, because Huangfu Gang seemed to have intentionally or unconsciously, turned his attention to Lyu Liang, at this time .

“Boy, calm down! The world is big enough to contain all sorts of strange things . Don't be disturbed by such trifles . The judges are coming, so focus on your test!” The steady voice of White could be heard, and the five judges arrived at the pre-arranged time, which pacified Lyu Liang and made him feel much better .

As for Huangfu Gang's secret, Lyu Liang would never mention it to anyone else . Although he still had to be on his guard against this behind-the-scene planner, who had probably sent the two Men of Sacrifice to the civilization remains, yet he couldn't help feeling close to him, which was so unbelievable!

Lyu Liang was quite clear about the origin of his Devil Immortal Qi and what he had experienced . Obviously, Huangfu Gang had undergone the same experience . The key point was, his parents must be from the Human Clan and the Devil Clan respectively, which was like the relationship between Lyu Liren and Xuanli Yue .

Although Lyu Liang temporarily set aside his thoughts, he decided he would investigate further on the nature and background of Huangfu Gang, after the wushu test . His purpose was simple, which was just to find out what kind of person he was!

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“Okay, time for the test now!” “Now the wushu test will begin . Let me announce the rules and a . s . sessment criteria of the test!” The Saber-toothed Master scanned through the audience and continued, “The basic style of this test is a two-two combat . One contestant will be eliminated each time, and the winner will enter the next round . Now, the Wine Sword Immortal will explain to you the specific rules!”

The Wine Sword Immortal stood up and came forward . He threw the gourd behind him, to the ground and said loudly, “The venue for the combat is within the mouth of the gourd . During the combat, you can fight boldly and need not fear being killed . Because before entering the gourd world, I will send you a ‘Soul-protective Reviving Talisman' . As long as you have this Reviving Talisman with you, even if you die once, you will basically survive . However, you will certainly lose the combat . ”

The words of the Wine Sword Immortal, brought great relief to the cultivators who had entered the wushu test, because they all knew that everyone here was not easy to defeat, and what they would confront, would all be fatal combats!

It was so wonderful to have this talisman to protect their lives, which allowed them to fight as boldly as they could, without having to worry about their lives . In this sense, they would feel less pressure and could easily show their strongest powers .

“Mind you, this method is not completely harmless! Anyone who has been killed in the gourd, will be reduced to the Peak of Void Return period . And their cultivation will be restored only after 24 hours!” The words of the Wine Sword Immortal made everyone nervous again .

Lyu Liang, however, was pondering if he should kill Anye Tianlong directly, in the wushu test!

They had feuded millions of years ago, and they were currently enemies . He had every reason to kill Anye Tianlong, as long as the rules of the wushu test permitted . Although Xuanli Feiwu just asked him to find out the reason for the slaughter years ago, Lyu Liang still felt the anger in this ancestor's heart .

If Lyu Liang asked Anye Tianlong directly for the reason, even a fool would know he would not get an answer . Therefore, the only way to figure it out was to do a soul search . However, it was impossible that Anye Tianlong would cooperate with him . The only way out, was for him to get the upper hand, and then directly search his soul!

It had long been proven that soul-searching was harmful to a cultivator . The only exception was, the one who was being searched, could cooperate actively by showing his Divine Sense completely, and the searcher should be cautious . In this way, even if there was any harm, the soul could then be restored .

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However, in view of the relations between Lyu Liang and the Anye Clan, it would be very kind of Lyu Liang, if he didn't beat Anye Tianlong to a pulp . And the att . i . tude of Anye Tianlong toward the Xuanli Clan, was possibly the same, so there would definitely be a fatal fight between them!

However, it would be more difficult for Lyu Liang to realize his goal, under the rules set by the Wine Sword Immortal . It was impossible for him to kill his opponent during the combat . If his opponent found he was in an inferior situation, he could directly admit defeat, thereby making it impossible for Lyu Liang to find out the reason .

Lyu Liang pondered for a while and then secretly transmitted a voice to Han Jing, who was sitting on the high platform, “Can I defeat one person in the gourd, and then kill him, outside the gourd?”

Obviously Han Jing was stunned for a while, but she still turned her head to the Wine Sword Immortal . While explaining the details of the rules, the Wine Sword Immortal subconsciously inclined his head a little toward Han Jing, and then said solemnly to the contestants, “I have already announced the rules of the wushu test! The last thing I want to remind you is, during the test, if anyone dares to kill his or her opponent when they are weak, his or her qualification of taking the following tests will be cancelled, and then this person will be killed by the judges!” After saying that, the aura all over the Wine Sword Immortal skyrocketed! Lyu Liang estimated that it would at least be at the level of Supreme Master!

All the contestants were shocked, some of whom, even felt trapped . Obviously they seemed to have the same plan, as Lyu Liang .

Lyu Liang was about to frown when Han Jing secretly transmitted a voice message to him, “This is the fixed rule of Heavenly Alliance, and n . o . body can change it . But there is a bug here . The rule just forbids you to kill your opponent . As long as you don't kill him, you will not be violating the rule . Are you clear?”

Lyu Liang almost laughed out loud upon hearing Han Jing's words . It was really doing one thing under the cover of another thing! “I should first kill him during the fight and then search his soul!” Lyu Liang had made up his mind, and was grateful for Han Jing's help .

“Okay! Now, contestants of the first round, enter the gourd! Zheng Xuan! Butian Saint! Enter the gourd!” Following the words of the Wine Sword Immortal, Zheng Xuan, who was wearing a palace suit of light blue, stepped out first, and flashed into the gourd .

On the other side, an elderly with white eyebrows and white beard, followed her, immediately . This elderly wore a golden purple robe . She was Butian Saint, Zheng Xuan's opponent .

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After the two entered the gourd, the others remaining outside, fell silent . The people outside the gourd subconsciously waited for almost 30 minutes, only to find out that the judges on the stage, did not want them to see the fight in the gourd at all .

“Liang, if you want to see the fight inside, you should unite with me! If you don't want to see it, I will go alone!” Little Tian giggled, making Lyu Liang feel overjoyed too . He immediately nodded his head, secretly .

The moment he made a Human-Beast Unite with Little Tian, everything before Lyu Liang became very clear, and he immediately saw what was happening inside the gourd . The two contestants of the combat, had already started fighting!

Inside the gourd, there was seawater and yellow sand all over the sky . A majestic Field Domain of blue water, as vast as an ocean, occupied two thirds of the s . p . a . ce inside the gourd . Around Butian Saint, there was a golden Field Domain of yellow sand . In terms of strength, Butian Saint was obviously much weaker than Zheng Xuan!

At this time, Zheng Zheng did not have a sword in her hand . What she was holding was a dark blue nine-section whip, that was shockingly long! The whip was about 66 meters long, with a huge dragon head, at both ends . The dragon heads were spraying out blue flames with yellow cores .

When the Field Domain of yellow sand met the flames, which seemed to be quite gentle, it was devoured immediately, as if the flames were its natural enemy .

Zheng Xuan was in high spirits and was energized by the fight . However, Butian Saint began to feel physically tired, and sweat dripped from her face .

While looking at the fight, Lyu Liang secretly gave a thumbs up . Although he could not feel the power of the Field Domain, yet as a cultivator, he knew the power of it! This Field Domain of water, obviously contained a power of law that he did not know . Although the Field Domain of the yellow sand also contained the Power of Law, yet it was much inferior to the one belonging to Zheng Xuan!

When Lyu Liang was watching the combat attentively, Liu Jiawen proudly transmitted a voice to him, “How do you feel? Can you defeat Sister Xuan if you were the one fighting with her? Mind you, Sister Xuan did not go all out yet . She is using only 60% of her real power! She is one of the original eight Immortal Generals named ‘Illusory Sea' . ” Do you know the ident . i . ty of ‘Eight Immortal Generals'? Do you know what the t . i . tle of ‘Illusory Sea' stands for?”

Anyway, even if he didn't continue to watch, Lyu Liang knew that Zheng Xuan would win the first round! Liu Jiawen's words aroused his interest . About Zheng Xuan, he only knew that she was also a core member in the family of Remote Antiquity, but he had no clue about her ident . i . ty as one of the eight Immortal Generals . So he began to ask Liu Jiawen humbly, about it .

Liu Jiawen didn't keep him guessing and proudly replied, “As for the status of the eight Immortal Generals, all those who have a lower status than Divine Ancestor, should pay great respect to them! In terms of capability, even those below the Middle-stage of Divine Ancestor, could definitely not defeat them! I heard that you were once chased by the Eight Immortal Generals . It seems that someone must have intentionally let you go, or else you would have been easily killed!”

Lyu Liang did not feel any discomfort, even if Liu Jiawen's words were ridiculous . On the contrary, he thought she was right . Back then, when Ye Tianlong came out, even if he could not perceive his cultivation, he guessed that Ye Tianlong wanted to kill him . To use the phrase “in an instant” was still not good enough to describe his rapidness! Luckily, this Immortal General was righteous, and kept his promise . Finally Ye Tianlong let him go!

When Lyu Liang was lamenting about this, Liu Jiawen continued transmitting to him, “The name of the ‘Illusory Sea' was not named after Sister Xuan . It already existed in ancient times! Only those who had reached the standards of the t . i . tle, pa . s . sed the harsh a . s . sessment, and became one of the eight Immortal Generals, could be crowned with the t . i . tle! Those below the Divine Ancestor, who had become an Immortal General, were numerous . And those at the level of G . o . d Ancestor and serving the Heavenly Alliance, could all be counted as Immortal Generals, but only those talents with outstanding capabilities, could be crowned with the t . i . tle of ‘Eight Immortal Generals'!”

“What is the standard of the ‘Illusory Sea'?” Lyu Liang could not help asking .

“Do you have a strong Divine Soul? The standards of the ‘Illusory Sea' is the strength of an attack of the Divine Soul! “Is your Blood Soul Sword Move strong? Sister Xuan mastered that skill, but she seldom uses it, except for killing important enemies . I heard that she used the Blood Soul Sword Move for a whole day, before she killed the enemy and went back to the Heavenly Alliance!” Liu Jiawen felt proud when telling these to Lyu Liang, as if she were the ‘Illusory Sea' . But it also showed that she was really proud of her Sister Xuan!

Lyu Liang completely understood it, after listening to her comparison . Meanwhile he also humbly hoped that one day he himself, could be promoted to the level of G . o . d Ancestor . If so, would he get the t . i . tle of “Illusory Sea”?

“The winner of the first round! Zheng Xuan!” The words of the Wine Sword Immortal immediately made Lyu Liang withdraw his thoughts, and brought him back to reality .

Following these words, Butian Saint, who was at the Peak of the Void Return period, appeared on one side of the gourd, in low spirits . And then a delicate figure wearing a light-blue suit, slowly walked out of the gourd mouth . It was Zheng Xuan, who was totally unhurt, wearing a big smile on her face .

When she entered the gourd, she was like a delicate fairy, and when she came out, she was valiant and heroic!

The whole fight lasted only for one and half an hour, and n . o . body felt that they had experienced a fatal fight .

This was Zheng Xuan with the t . i . tle of ‘Illusory Sea', who used to be among the eight Immortal Generals!