The Devilish Immortal - Chapter 84

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Chapter 84

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When he heard this, Lyu Liang almost activated his Devil Immortal Qi and wanted to extinguish Liu Qingxuan immediately . "Damn it! I thought that when I came to this strange world, nobody would know about my treasures, but the reality is that there will always someone more powerful!

Lyu Liang stared at Liu Qingxuan, who was looking at him expectantly . The man was at the peak of Gold Core stage . There were no signs of greed or harm in his eyes; instead there was only a clear look in his eyes . In addition, he helped to rescue Su Qiao'er before and now had helped the old man . From a justice point of view, it was reasonable that he was not an evil person .

Lyu Liang calmed himself down and said in a low voice: "I believe that nobody knows about my treasures, but your Taoism peer seems to know all about them . How is that possible?"

Liu Qingxuan was stunned and looked at Lyu Liang's serious eyes . Suddenly, he clapped his hand to his head as if he just realised something . He cupped his hands and said: "I'm really sorry! I saw your rare treasures and had the urge to own them . That is why I made my proposal to you! You may not know this, but I like to read a wide range of books and I am particularly interested in treasures and Gongfu introduction subjects! I know that the Pangu Origin world we live in is just one of many . I am ashamed to say that, up to now, I am only aware about the vast majority of Pangu Origin world's natural treasures and skills and some of the other world's strange treasures and anecdotes . As for others, I am ignorant, and do not know much about them . ”

Looking at his sincere eyes, Lyu Liang was completely speechless . If he is telling the truth, then I'm the king of all idiots . He figured out that this young man was likely to be a son of a wealthy family and the family had the means to provide him with such a wide range of books . It seemed that he was genuinely interested in these things .

Since he discerned that this man really had no malicious intent, Lyu Liang also laughed, and said: "Your Taoism peer is really knowledgeable and I admire you . My name is Lyu Liang . I am not from Pangu Origin world . All the treasures I have are necessary for protecting my life, so it is impossible to sell it to you, please forgive me . By the way, you can have the Tianyu sword, but it's a gift for us to get to know each other and not for business . In addition, I can see that you are just and righteous . With regards about my origins, I also hope that no third person knows about it . "

Liu Qingxuan gestured with his hands "Please be assured about this . I am by no means a sly person . I will swear by my own life that I will never tell anyone anything about you, even if my father asks me!"

After that, he took the life oath immediately . Looking at his simple appearance, Lyu Liang felt his liking for him increasing greatly . Subsequently, he took out his magic treasures to show Liu Qingxuan and Black also cooperated, by showing a little of the power of these magic treasures, which slightly satisfied his thirst for knowledge .

Then, Lyu Liang gave Liu Qingxuan the Tianyu Sword but did not want any Primordial Stone as payment . Finally, when he learnt that Lyu Liang was seeking information, Liu Qingxuan immediately pounded his chest and said that everything would be undertaken by him!

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Besides, Liu Qingxuan already knew all about the functions of these treasures owned by Lyu Liang . The most important thing was that even the "complete state" of the immortal standard magic weapon was known to his buddy .

In the end, the two men simply went out of Worry-Free Mansion . Liu Qingxuan took Lyu Liang to a place where he rented a room that could block out any divine sense probing, so they could have a good chat .

Firstly, Lyu Liang's immortal standard magic weapon, the "complete state" of blood-bone sword, had been exposed when he fought with the whiskered man . However, Lyu Liang was not aware about the power of the Ghost Devil Head and Devil Thunder Wing as Xuanli Feiwu did not mention anything about it when they were given to him .

According to Liu Qingxuan, not only could the "complete state" of Ghost Devil Head raise the level of cultivation, but it could also prolong the duration to one and a half hours . As for Devil Thunder Wing, it was able to release three devil thunder strikes with the power of an Almighty Immortal and the cooling time remained unchanged . Meanwhile, the user could make use of the ability of space teletransportation once . The specific distance that the user could teleport was also related to the cultivation level . With Lyu Liang's current peak stage of Gold Core, it was estimated that it was not a problem to move tens of thousands of miles . It was really a powerful tool to preserve one's life!

Later, based on Lyu Liang's understanding of the situation of the human realm, if it was to be related in full detail, it was estimated that he would not be able to finish it within three days and three nights . Liu Qingxuan picked only the important information to tell Lyu Liang .

In the five districts of the human realm, the distribution of forces in the Central Heaven District is the most special, which was not introduced first . Anyway, Lyu Liang would not intersect there for the time being .

The situations in the other four districts were similar . Each district consisted of countless countries and cities, large ones were countries and small ones were cities .

Among the four districts, the strongest forces were the four families . They were also the nominal masters of each district . They were Beishan Family in Northern Heaven District, Nangong Family in Southern Heaven District, Donglie Family in Eastern Heaven District and Ximen Family in Western Heaven District . Under these four families, there were many small affiliated families .

As for Northern Heaven District, Beishan Family was the leader . There were five affiliated families, ranked by strength, namely Dou, Wen, Wang, Guo and Yan . On that day, Lyu Liang had killed the eighth son of the master of the Wen family, who had ten children . The lord whom he was talking about at that time was worth pondering over . It could not be the patriarch of Wen family . No one had ever heard that one was calling his father lord .

Most likely, this "lord" was someone from the Beishan family . If that was true, it was the right thing to do to leave no one alive at that time . Otherwise, Lyu Liang had better consider leaving the human realm .

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In addition, there were some strong sects . Although they were under the control of the Beishan family, except for giving some face to the Beishan family when meeting them, even those five affiliated families were not important in their eyes .

Among these strong sects, there were three famous sects . The one ranked top was the Divine Bow Sect in the north . Five thousand years ago, this school suddenly rose up . It had the Bliss Bow, one of ten ancient artifacts, which could shoot the heaven and earth to pieces . It was also the sect-stabilizing treasure of the sect .

The second sect was the Immeasurable Sect . This sect had one of the ten ancient Immeasurable Ruler artifacts . It was said that it could cure all the strange poisons in the world, and could also bring a dead person back to life and let muscles grow on its bones . The greatest feature of this sect was that it was the strongest in Pill Tao in the human realm . It was said that the sect had only three people at the Almighty Immortal stage, which, in terms of combat effectiveness, belonged to the group below the third class . The reason why it ranked second was that it had wide and deep social relationships .

No one could ever have too much good stuff like the medicinal pills . Breakthrough cultivation level, refining a skill, healing a wound and detoxifying, are all situations that require medicinal pills . In Pangu Origin world, the two most famous medicinal pill sects were the Immeasurable Sect in the human realm and the Spirit Herb Valley far away in the spiritual realm . But Spirit Herb Valley was not a place where ordinary people could go to at all . People in the devil realm and the demon realm sometimes had to ask the Immeasurable Sect for help in alchemy .

Moreover, the Immeasurable Sect and Divine Bow Sect had excellent relations with each other . It was said that the founders of the two sects were blood brothers . If it was true, it was not hard to understand .

The third sect was the Evil Blood Palace . This was an extremely mysterious sect . Few disciples of this sect came out to travel and practice outside . When one heard the name, it was often misleading as no one had ever witnessed who they had harmed .

The reason for ranking third was that, some powerful sects once set out to provoke it . However, Evil Blood Palace sent a Xuan Immortal to stop them and in the time it took to drink a cup of tea, two powerful figures at the middle of Almighty Immortal stage were killed by this Xuan Immortal . This made the sect become very famous . That was how it established its third place at the following ranking of the forces .


Liu Qingxuan spoke earnestly and Lyu Liang listened attentively . They talked from noon till the evening when the moon was bright and the stars were scarce . Only then did Lyu Liang get a general idea of the current situation in Northern Heaven District .

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Finally, Lyu Liang praised Liu Qingxuan's extensive knowledge and then asked him: "Your Taoism peer is so erudite, is the reason due to your family origin? It's rare for one to be so helpful . I really admire you!"

Liu Qingxuan was embarrassed by his praise, shook his head and said: "To tell you the truth, I am not from Northern Heaven District, but from Southern Heaven District . My family places a lot of emphasis on education and the practice of martial arts prevails . For me, I'm only interested in these written things . Well, my father forced me to cultivate again before, but I couldn't stand it . I just sneaked out . I took advantage of this opportunity to have a good look at the surroundings of the Northern Heaven District . "

Suddenly Liu Qingxuan's eyes gleamed and he told Lyu Liang urgently "By the way, I almost forgot about this! Five days later, it will be the inauguration day of Primitive Sword Grave . It is said that only those who have an affinity with the sword can enter and take their chances . I also have done some research on Sword Tao . I want to try my luck . I see that you seem to be an expert in using swords . I wonder if you would be interested in going with me . "

Lyu Liang was really moved! "Sword grave! Is it not the greatest opportunity for me? In the Pangu Origin world, I have no relatives or any old friend and acquaintances, but I managed to antagonize the Wen family . Although no one knows about it, it is inevitable that the matter will be disclosed later . "

There was no miraculous place to cultivate as Virtual Land, so the need to improve his strength as soon as possible was Lyu Liang's most urgent task now . Another important problem was that, with the increasing number of swordsmanship available to Lyu Liang, a sense of disorder was evident .

Sword Qi Vortex was not an existence similar to the domain created by Lyu Liang, but a combination of a bunch of sword tricks instead . It contained almost all the techniques of Xuanyuan Sword and Heart Swordsmanship . Later, when he studied the Heaven-burning Sword Formation, it was when the disorder in the sword styles appeared .

Especially during that time, when he met the eighth son of the Wen family; the power of his moves was not weak, but when confronted with the high-level cultivators who were good at defense, his advantages from the swordsmanship disappeared . Finally, if it was not due to his using the Ghost Devil Head semi-cheating way to take the other side by surprise, the result might not necessarily be what it was!

"I'll go with you! But how do we go and what sort of preparation is required, do you know?" Now that he understood, Lu Liang did not hesitate .

Liu Qingxuan was overjoyed at his decision . He patted Lyu Liang on the shoulder and said excitedly: "You're asking the right person! Before I left, I already have a good understanding of this Primitive Sword Grave . Just let me explain it to you!

"The origin of the sword grave is unknown and it is said to be opened twice a year . Since its existence, it has been in a dangerous place in the south of Northern Heaven District . It's dangerous because in order to go to the sword grave, you have to go through a mysterious place called Immortal-eliminating Gorge first . "

"Unfortunately, up to now, all the people who came out of the sword grave have been very secretive about the happenings there and refused to reveal its secrets .

"There used to be powerful figures who would seize those who came out of the sword grave to find out the secret through soul searching . As a result, all the powerful figures undergoing soul-searching were stabbed by a strange sword qi; some of their cultivation levels decreased and some had their souls broken directly .

"As for the time spent in the sword grave, sometimes it is short and sometimes it is long . I know the shortest stay was less than a month before coming out, of course one's strength did not change much there . The person who stayed the longest time in it has been in it about 10,000 years ago and has not yet come out . If it was not due to a great chance, he might have died already . "

They talked for a while and then prepared to leave . Finally, they agreed to rest for half a day . They would meet at the same place at noon tomorrow and travel to the sword grave together .


At the same time, a tall old man in a secret room in a magnificent building complex in the middle of Northern Heaven District was kneeling on the ground with trepidation . In front of him, a hawk-eyed, thin-faced blue-robed man was roaring angrily: "Trash! Idiot! You must be thankful for your eighth son's death! Otherwise, I will make him suffer a thousand times more than suffering death! Good! In order to avail himself of merit, he dared to escort the women of the Spirit-empty Body by himself! The result is! Bastard!

"Please, your lord calm down . I did not know about it before . If I had known that my unfilial son had succeeded, I would have gone in person . But there were some really bold people who, even though they knew that they are my Wen family members, still dared to kill them all! This subordinate has joined the Dou family to make a thorough investigation . On that day, there was a fierce battle in the place where my unfilial son vanished . According to the virtual image depicted by my little daughter, it has been confirmed that it is a young man in a white robe . Although I have never seen him before, the styles he used were basically clear . He is a master of swordsmanship who understands the Virtual Sword Status!" The tall old man was soaked with sweat .

Although he himself was at the peak of Almighty Immortal stage and the young man in front of him was at the peak of Nascent Soul, he knew that a casual word from the young man could make the whole Wen family disappear in this world .

The blue-robed man's eyes had a ruthless look and in a low voice, he said“Sword Tao? Is it for the opening day of the sword grave in a few days? Good! Very good! If you dare to act against me, you must see if you are qualified! Pass my orders and let one of the other four families each send a person at the Void Return stage to accompany me to the sword grave! By the way, keep it a secret . Don't let my rigid old father and elder brother know . Understand?"