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Chapter 1046: 1046

However, right at that moment, Su Yu suddenly raised the Heavenly Orchid Silver Bamboo Sword above his head . Controlling his body, he swept it across his chest .

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Not only did it significantly offset the Mortal Fairy’s Strength, but the force even propelled him a few thousand meters backward .

“You…” Bing Wuqing was shocked . She hadn’t expected Su Yu to be able to free himself from her seal . How had he managed it? However, she didn’t have time to think too much about it because a blue-yellow round ball was heading straight for her!

Bing Wuqing only cast a brief glance at it before lifting a hand and steadily seizing the round ball in her palm .

“The Underworld Pearl of the Great Emperor of Ghost Prison . Perhaps I’d be fearful if all nine of them were gathered together, but since there’s only one…”

Bing Wuqing tossed it away haphazardly, and the Underworld Pearl landed right in front of Han Fei and the few others who were attempting to flee .

The world-shaking colossal force instantly shattered both mountains and valleys .

“If anyone dares take another step forward, I’ll send them to Hell!” The thunderous sound was accompanied by Bing Wuqing’s words . None of them dared run anymore . In the face of a Mortal Fairy, they were no different from petty insects .

Su Yu, on the other hand, was in awe . This was the very first time the Underworld Pearl had been grasped by anyone . Mortal Fairies were indeed out-of-this-world opponents .

But Su Yu wasn’t disheartened, and he didn’t have the luxury of time to re-seize the Underworld Pearl . With a flip of his hand, he severed the space with streaks of silk . After several consecutive attempts, a seam in the Void finally opened up . It was large enough to allow a person to pass through it . Su Yu fumbled and pulled out a wooden bird . Riding on it, he vanished into the Void .

He was, in fact, planning on imitating Zhan Wushuang by returning straight to the Jiuzhou continent by tearing the Void apart . His chances of success were high with the Void-navigating wooden bird .

Bing Wuqing raised her eyebrows and reached out a hand . The seam in the Void from which Su Yu was escaping through was terrifyingly torn a thousand feet apart just as it was on the verge of closing . Bing Wuqing was sneering, intending to catch up with Su Yu .

All of a sudden, a transparent silk thread shot out surreptitiously! Bing Wuqing didn’t even bother to look at it . With a move of her index and middle fingers, the silk thread was clasped between her fingers . She caught it with such ease and lightness that not the slightest bit of harm was inflicted upon her .

“Oh? The silk thread of the Chaos Multicolored Butterfly? It’s a mutated form and that has resulted in the birth of less pure silk, but I have to admit that you do own an awful lot of good stuff!” Bing Wuqing said placidly . The silk thread was dissolved into gas as she clutched it tightly between her fingers .

Just as Bing Wuqing had finished speaking, a soundless whiff of sword energy came striking gracefully towards her . It traced a mesmerizing arc through the air .

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Bing Wuqing failed to notice this immediately, and the sword energy struck her arm . In a split second, a crimson streak of blood permeated her torn sleeve and a patch of red soaked into it .

“The Heavenly Orchid Silver Bamboo Sword! If only your sword techniques were better! Then you might actually be capable of hurting me . Too bad! I won’t give you any more time to grow . ”

With a flick of her sleeves, Bing Wuqing’s wound healed completely . She took a stride forward in an attempt to hunt Su Yu down . However, she stopped mid-stride and stood motionless midair . An indistinct sense of danger engulfed her all of a sudden .

“As you wish then!” With a soft yell, three beams of silver sword light materialized in the Void as if they had been lying in wait . They formed a triangle, besieging Bing Wuqing . The angles at which the three swords were positioned weren’t completely equal, and the formation was arranged in a very unique way .

Bing Wuqing’s vicious sight as a demonic God allowed her to discover the subtlety of the sword formation’s angle right away . “Impressive sword formation . Seemingly disorderly, however, the position of each sword is, in fact, the best option . ”

“Each of those upper, middle and lower swords seals one of the three directions, occupying the nine regions, closing off all routes of escape of the subject in the formation . Solely judging from this aspect, this belongs to one of those upper-middle-class sword formations . Combined with the Void ability of the Heavenly Orchid Silver Bamboo, which makes it even more unpredictable and mysterious, its power is drastically boosted!”

Bing Wuqing appraised the formation with a look of admiration in her eyes . “I have to say, you went beyond my expectations once again! Initially, I thought that the seemingly familiar demonic dragon was your highest limit . I never expected you to have such absolute killer skill! I don’t think that, among the younger generation of Jiuzhou, anyone is capable of resisting this sword formation, apart from Zhan Wushuang . ”

Traces of awe and admiration bloomed on her face . She didn’t even try to conceal them . Another thing that wasn’t concealed was her murderous desire—and it was gradually intensifying .

The more unpredictable Su Yu became, the higher his chances of succeeding in the future were . Therefore Bing Wuqing felt even more of a need to eradicate him, to avoid future disasters .

“Lash out!” Su Yu was so geared up to strike in the Void, that he overlooked Bing Wuqing’s words . “The seeming familiar demonic dragon” .

The three blades of silver swords glimmered with fluorescence all around her, turning from solid to illusory, penetrating the Void like the shadows of light . There was no pause in their attack at all and not a single trace of the swords was left behind . The three silver swords kept switching position, piercing back and forth through the figure at the center . Three endlessly expanding patches of blood became visible on Bing Wuqing’s chest, slowly soaking through a huge part of her lapel .

However, Bing Wuqing appeared totally unruffled . With a flick of her hand, the red dampness on chest stopped expanding, and her wounds healed in a split second .

“Was that all there is to the power of the sword formation? Besides the sharpness, there wasn’t anything special about it . There was only an increase in number from one sword to three swords, but the power did not multiply alongside . ”

Bing Wuqing carried on with her nonchalant appraisal . “If you don’t have any other tactics, let’s just end it right here…” But her words trailed off, and she suddenly looked down at her chest . The three red halos on her chest had begun to spread again!

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Bing Wuqin scowled a little and caressed her wounds once more . The blood stopped gushing for a while but soon started flowing again . After a few tries, a somber look finally crossed her face . “The wounds won’t heal?”

With a light tap of her jade-like hand, the fabric covering her three wounds was burnt off, revealing her snow-like, supple skin . Three cuts as narrow as hair could be seen . A streak of the Mortal Fairy’s Strength brisked across them, closing up the wounds . But a moment later, they opened up once again .

Bing Wuqing tapped on the wounds with her jade fingers, enlarging them until they became clearly visible . Streaks of silver filled the wounds and whenever the wounds healed, a silver line would cut them open again .

“Sword energy!” Bing Wuqing’s face fell slightly . Enormous Mortal Fairy’s Strength immediately roiled in between her fingers, and she thrust it into her wounds while gritting her teeth with the excruciating pain .

The monumental Mortal Fairy’s Strength whittled with several hundred whiffs of sword energy and eventually managed to destroy them and seal the wounds . However, there were two other wounds! Besides, Su Yu could perform this attack more than just once .

Before Bing Wuqing could resolve the two other wounds, the Tri-Solar Sword Formation was activated once again . This time around, the speed of the swords was even more rapid, almost resembling illusory shadows . In a split second, they pierced through Bing Wuqing’s shoulder, abdomen, and chest .

Three more stark, crimson blotches of blood broke out all over her body .

“If that’s all you’ve got, you can’t hurt me . ” Calmly and unhurriedly, Bing Wuqing resolved the sword energy hidden in her wounds .

Nonetheless, right at that moment, Su Yu uttered a word . “Detonate . ”

The sword energy hidden in the four other wounds broke out abruptly with great force . The sword energy crisscrossed, and a part of it rushed into the depths of Bing Wuqing’s body, while another part sliced through her flesh and blood .

In the blink of an eye, the surface of Bing Wuqing’s body split into patches, and numerous hideous, horrendous, bloody scars became visible .

The organs inside her were affected by the power of the Heavenly Orchid Silver Bamboo Sword, which was capable of slashing through anything and everything . Only the Mortal Fairy’s skeleton escaped unscathed; all of her insides were sliced into smithereens by the sword energy .

Severely wounded by the sword energy, Bing Wuqing’s face turned red . She opened her mouth, and a large mouthful of golden blood spluttered out . A look of agony was etched on her face .

Her leg which had stepped halfway into the Void was instantly withdrawn . In the meantime, with a wave of her hand, she unleashed a protective shield condensed from Mortal Fairy’s Strength .

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She sat cross-legged on the ground and began working on healing her wounds as well as trying to remove the sword energy that had invaded limbs and bones .

After all, she had the body of a Mortal Fairy and a fascinating ability to heal herself . The wounds on her skin disappeared like snowflakes, and her body quickly recovered its former appearance: it was once again smooth and flawless . Her internal injuries were also recovering at a shocking rate .

The injuries themselves weren’t too much trouble . The truly bothersome part was the boundless sword energy! As long as the sword energy lingered on, her injuries would never fully recover .

Casting a profound gaze at the sword formation, Bing Wuqing’s facial expression grew solemn and gloomy . “I never expected to see top-class sword formations in Jiuzhou again . Although it’s merely an incomplete, flawed version of the sword formation, judging from its outburst of power, the complete sword formation will most likely surpass the legendary level!”

The Nine Suns Cosmos Sword Formation was a book of sword formation that lay forsaken and stifled in the past .

Su Yu was definitely clueless about what she was thinking . It was his greatest killer weapon, but it had failed to inflict substantial harm on Bing Wuqing, Su Yu surely wasn’t very pleased about that .

Dongfang Tianfeng was staring at Su Yu as though he was a monster!

Since time immemorial, Mortal Fairies had represented the highest, topmost power and were the authority of Jiuzhou . They were able to manipulate Yin and Yang, and the life and death of a billion people . Thousands and millions of people’s fates could be changed by just one look, a single thought, or several words uttered by them .

All people below the level of Mortal Fairies were trivial insects . This wasn’t just another meaningless saying .

Nonetheless, Su Yu was actually capable of single-handedly injuring a Mortal Fairy, forcing her to stop in her tracks and tend to her wounds .

No one would believe her if she told people about it .

“What are all of you waiting for? Death?” A seam opened up in the Void beside the Sacred Kylin .

Su Yu rode off on the gigantic wooden bird and returned to grasp the Sacred Kylin that was on the verge of falling apart and left again right away . Bing Wuqing needed a certain amount of time to recover from her injuries, and seizing the opportunity to flee was Su Yu’s best option at the moment .


Han Fei and the rest hesitated for a while, gritted their teeth, and mustered their courage to run away . Before fleeing, they cast a look at the direction in which Su Yu had disappeared, and all of them had complicated emotions in their eyes .

They had crowned themselves the “Proud Children of Heaven” . However, they were rescued by an unknown, insignificant person . Apart from that, judging from their capabilities, he was on a whole other level compared to them . As she recalled how she had invited Su Yu to join her team of Imperial Guards, Han Fei’s face was flushed red .

In the blink of an eye, the group of people had escaped, leaving not a single trace behind .

Standing amidst the pitch-black starless Void, Su Yu’s eyes were full of somber gleams, and his face was pallid .

He was tremendously exhausted from performing the Tri-Solar Sword Formation twice in a row . It wasn’t just his reservoir of Vital Energy that was depleted, but the mental consumption had also taken its toll .

If he hadn’t made the breakthrough into the Illusory Soul Realm, giving an explosive boost to his Soul Power, he would have collapsed from the exhaustion the first time . Even now, he was barely holding himself up and staying level-headed .

“Dog Kylin, I don’t think you have any tricks left, do you?” Su Yu turned his head and sighed .

The Sacred Kylin was so feeble and worn out that it was lying completely motionless, its body nearly dispersing .

“Again, I’m hearing another awful description of me…” With a painstaking effort, the dog Kylin opened its mouth and gave a bitter sigh . “Tricks? How could I still have any tricks left? She even gave up on her body of a godly demon, what more can I do? Run for your life . ”

Su Yu felt a great sense of crisis, but he kept his calm . “Even if I were to run, I’ll need a way out . I’m not Zhan Wushuang . I can’t find a way to just vanish into the Void and return to the Jiuzhou continent . As the artifact spirit of the Glittering Jewel Wonderland, I suppose you have a means of escape?”

“Of course I do, I’m a God after all… Hey hey, don’t hit my face, I’ll tell you . ” The Sacred Kylin touched its face, the side of which had been punched by Su Yu, and stopped his ranting .

“There are only two ways to leave the Glittering Jewel Wonderland! First, based on the settings of the Wonderland, all of you will be transported out of here after two months!”

“Second, you can tear the Void apart as Zhan Wushuang did . You’ll see the coordinates designating the location of Jiuzhou . You can return that way too . ”