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Chapter 561

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"Finally! We have collected 4 items!" Li Shi Ying stretched her body after she bid goodbye to the little boy . It was already evening now, and she thought that their team could only collect one more treasure before they had to camp .

"Should we search for the fifth and call it for the day after that?" Shu Chen only had three items, not like Li Shi Ying who had 4 already, but he didn't mind since getting 3 in a day was already super good!

He bet that the other participants either still haven't found any or only got 1 . The most, maybe got 2 treasures . That's why the tournament staff set the time limit to be 3 days, since they knew collecting even 1 a day was difficult .

They had to search where this item was, and of course had to go through different kinds of tests . That was hard!

"Let's hurry and find the fifth item then go rest . " Long Ao Zhen also agreed with Shu Chen's suggestion so he urged Li Shi Ying to tell them what's the next item they needed .

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"Next is…huh? This one is weird…we need a cauldron, but the cauldron is made from lava stone, so the item name is lava stone cauldron . " Li Shi Ying frowned again since the item this time wasn't an ingredient, but a tool instead .

How could they find three of these cauldrons? Not only that, she observed all of the items they had collected . . . aren't these ingredients to make a pill? Now they even have to find a cauldron, isn't this obvious?

But for what?

Li Shi Ying had a feeling that these ingredients they collected now, would be useful for them in the future . She just had this feeling .

"Cauldron? Lava stone cauldron? That's another rare item! My family doesn't even have this cauldron, since this cauldron is made by a mysterious blacksmith . This cauldron is known to be highly resistant of fire and the rate of making a successful pill would be raised by 50% using this cauldron . "

As the heir of an alchemist family, when the name of lava stone cauldron was mentioned, Shu Chen immediately blabbered non-stop both from excitement and shock .

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This cauldron was only produced a few times . He remembered that only 7 was marketed to the world, but no one knew of how many the blacksmith made .

Could they really find one on this island?? Moreover they needed three cauldrons for the three of them! Could this be another time for him to fail getting this fifth item?

"Don't worry, I'll make sure we each get one . I'm sure the blacksmith is on this island, and he might have made more than 1 . " Seeing Shu Chen's gloomy face, Li Shi Ying consoled him since even though Shu Chen wasn't that useful, he still helped her a lot .

"So, where should we go?" Long Ao Zhen quickly grabbed Li Shi Ying's hand, which touched Shu Chen's shoulder with a gloomy face . He quickly ignored Shu Chen and asked Li Shi Ying .

"I think we need to find the blacksmith, so maybe go to another village?" Li Shi Ying folded the scroll of the treasure list and put it inside Mao Mao's spatial storage as she spoke .

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There must be another village near this lake, maybe the village where that boy went to earlier could be a good destination .

"Let's go now . " Long Ao Zhen carried Li Shi Ying in his arms again as he purposely left Shu Chen alone with his high speed, making Shu Chen only be able to run after them while shouting, begging Long Ao Zhen to slow down .

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"So this is that boy's village?" Li Shi Ying looked around and realized that the village was different from the other village they visited . The first village looked like a farm while the second village looked like a market .

On the other side, this village looked like a factory! She could see many alchemists, blacksmiths, and carpenters around . So this might be the village that boy went to earlier, since he said that his father was an alchemist .

The distance from the lake to this village was also not far, about 5 minutes walking . The next item they needed is a cauldron, and looking at this village…they might have found it sooner than they expected!

"Let's go ask the villagers . You guys go there, I'll go this way . " In order to find the blacksmith who made the lava cauldron sooner, Li Shi Ying decided to separate herself from the group .

The three of them would go around the village to ask about this blacksmith . Of course at first, Long Ao Zhen didn't agree since he was worried for Li Shi Ying, but after being coaxed, he reluctantly let his bunny go .

"Excuse me, may I know if anyone in this village makes cauldrons?" Li Shi Ying approached a villager who was sipping his coffee right in front of his workplace . Now that she found someone idle, she could gather information!

"Oh, you're looking for Master Fu? His house is there, at the very corner of the village, but be careful young lady . He has a bad temper . " The villager very easily told Li Shi Ying what she wanted, and it seemed that she was lucky .

She already got the information as to where this blacksmith lived! Now let's go there and meet this Master Fu .

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