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Chapter 574

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Jiu Wei could imagine how dangerous it was down there, but from Long Ao Zhen's tone of voice when he talked, for him something like this was not a threat to him .

"Roger . " Li Shi Ying slowly summoned her butterfly and after making sure she could detoxify the poisonous fog down there, Li Shi Ying turned her head around to the three people behind her .

"Let's hold hands . Long Ao Zhen said it's super dangerous down there, so don't get separated . " Li Shi Ying quickly held Duan Hui Nan's hand on her left and Shu Chen on her right, not wanting to waste time even though she hated Duan Hui Nan to the bone .

"Mn" Shu Chen flinched when Li Shi Ying casually grabbed his wrist all of a sudden . Even though they literally didn't hold hands since Li Shi Ying only grabbed Shu Chen's wrist and it was covered by his sleeve, Shu Chen still felt nervous .

Ah ah, this isn't the time to feel nervous!

"Ready?" Li Shi Ying asked Duan Hui Nan and Gu Zhong if they were ready, since she believed that Shu Chen must be ready by now .

"Ready . " Both Duan Hui Nan and Gu Zhong actually felt super nervous, but seeing Li Shi Ying's calm attitude, they also calmed down .

Even Duan Hui Nan, who didn't like Li Shi Ying for some reason, couldn't help but trust that Li Shi Ying won't harm them at all .

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"Go!" Li Shi Ying pulled the others with her as she jumped down the valley followed by the other three .


"A-aaahhh!!" Shu Chen and Duan Hui Nan immediately screamed as if they were about to die when they felt their body fall from such height, barging to the thick fog below them .

T-this is so scary!!

Of course Li Shi Ying also felt scared, but she already got her flying talisman in her pocket for emergency situations, so she could calm down .

"What about the fog below us?" As they kept falling, Gu Zhong began to see the colorful fog below them and couldn't help but ask Li Shi Ying .

If they touch the fog, won't they be poisoned??

"Don't worry, my contracted beast can detoxify poison . " Li Shi Ying spoke as she let her butterfly detoxify the fog below them as quickly as she could, since their falling speed was fast .  

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Right when Li Shi Ying said so, the butterfly had detoxified the poison when Li Shi Ying and her team passed through the poisonous fog .

"We're okay?" Duan Hui Nan opened her eyes, but still saw the cliff wall all the way down . Well, somehow they were still alive, even though the free fall hadn't ended yet .

This valley was so deep!

"Be prepared, there are many divine beast nests around, so don't make any noise . " Li Shi Ying began to see the so-called nests Long Ao Zhen mentioned after they passed the poisonous fog which acted as a curtain .

There were so many bird nests on the cliff wall! Long Ao Zhen said that all of these are divine beast nests?! Terrifying! There were around 50 nests hanging on the cliff, so there would be at least 50 divine beasts here .

Is this really a tournament?! Anyone coming here, normal participants would die in a mere second!

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"D-divine beast nests . " Gu Zhong gulped his saliva, seeing the nest of the flying-type beasts hanging on the cliff wall neatly .

It almost looked like an Air Force army of divine beasts…

"As long as we don't disturb them we will be fine . " Li Shi Ying saw a few birds around the nest flying, surrounding their place, but none attacked them yet . Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www . webnovel . com for visiting .

They could go down without problems now .

SHAAA… . .

Li Shi Ying and the others did shut their mouths and just let their body fall to the bottom of the valley, successfully not alarming the divine beasts above, but they had one more problem .

How would they land safely at this speed?

"Em, how can we land safely?" Gu Zhong carefully asked since he could already see the bottom of the valley . Won't they be meat patties if they didn't stop now?

They were falling down at such a fast speed . . . what if they died once they touched the bottom of the valley??

"Don't worry . " Li Shi Ying asked Shu Chen to grab her sleeves as she used her free hand to grab her 'flying' talisman and use it without caring that Gu Zhong and Duan Hui Nan saw it .

!! T-talisman? This girl… is a translator??


Seconds after Li Shi Ying used her talisman, she could float on the air, and thus also slowing down the other's speed on falling . Li Shi Ying asked the three of them to grab her since she would use her power to slow down their fall .

"You're incredible . " Gu Zhong grabbed Li Shi Ying's shoulder while Duan Hui Nan grabbed Li Shi Ying's arm as Li Shi Ying controlled their falling speed .

Gu Zhong couldn't help but mutter a praise to Li Shi Ying, seeing that the girl he thought to be a weak girl, turned out to be a mighty 2nd type of translator .

No wonder she and her group was confident they could get the blood grass! It seemed that Duan Hui Nan's vision was spot on again for the third time .

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