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Chapter 612

Gu Zhong himself knew that he didn't have anything he could offer to Li Shi Ying since he knew that the girl could get anything she wanted easily with Long Ao Zhen by her side, but he still could offer help using his family influence .

If one day Li Shi Ying visited Pegasus Country and got into trouble there, he and his family could help her . Well but even this help he offered might not be needed by Li Shi Ying…

"Thank you . " Li Shi Ying gripped the token in her hand as she put it inside Mao Mao's storage space . She didn't really need this token, but since the man already went all the way to offer it to her, it would be rude to refuse it and say that she actually didn't need it .

Little did Li Shi Ying know that the small token of the Gu family would actually play a big role in her future .

"Once again, thank you for saving my life . " Gu Zhong bowed politely again before sitting down on his place . Seeing Gu Zhong thank Li Shi Ying, Shu Chen also nudged Li Shi Ying to say his thanks .

"I don't have anything I can offer, but I can give you a medicine book I brought with me . This book could be considered rare and will be very useful for doctors . " Shu Chen took out a small book from his pocket and gave it to Li Shi Ying .

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He didn't bring his family token so he couldn't possibly give Li Shi Ying any, but if one day Li Shi Ying came to his country and she needed help, he wouldn't hesitate to help her right away .

For now, he could only give this book since he thought that Jiu Wei would be able to use this for his own benefit too .

"Wow, a medicine book! Jiu Wei will surely like this . " Li Shi Ying happily received the book and stored it in Mao Mao's storage space . She would wait until Jiu Wei woke up to give it to him .

Actually, he must already be awake by now, but when she tried to communicate, the man refused to answer her for some reason . Maybe he was feeling guilty because he attacked her before? Who knows .

"I think the tournament staff already arrived . " Just when Li Shi Ying finished storing the gifts the others gave her, Long Ao Zhen suddenly poked her cheek, informing her that the tournament staff already arrive on the island .

"This fast? Wow . " Li Shi Ying thought that the staff would arrive tomorrow since this is still the second day of the tournament, but who knew that the staff already came now? 

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Wait, how the heck did Long Ao Zhen notice this?

"I can sense their auras . . . it is different from the other participants on this island, but I think they are not here to pick us up since they didn't move further into the island . "Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www . webnovel . com for visiting .

Long Ao Zhen had a good sense of other people's auras, so he could easily detect other people's presence . Of course, this only worked if the person was really weaker than him . If the person wasn't too weak compared to him, one or two might escape from his 'radar' .

"So should we wait?" Li Shi Ying had been feeling very comfortable around Long Ao Zhen, until she dared to laze around in his lap without feeling embarrassed again .

She leaned her head into Long Ao Zhen's chest as she rested or talked to other people, treating the position she was in as something completely normal .

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"Let's wait . " Long Ao Zhen had a feeling that the staff came sooner than the end day of their first-round tournament because of something else .

Could it be that the head of the staff who held the tournament was the one making those staff members come earlier?

In fact, even the head himself came to Li Shi Ying's island disguising as a normal staff .

"How is it? They survived?" The green-clothed man whispered to one of his subordinates to ask about Li Shi Ying's test result . He didn't witness Li Shi Ying's action until the end, but he was concerned .

He didn't think that a sacred beast would guard the blood grass . He thought it would only be a super-strong high ranked beast, but who knew it already evolved into a sacred beast .

Not to mention that it was a super rare species . . . a vampire! They had a unique troublesome ability . For Li Shi Ying to be able to subdue it was already very impressive .

"They survived safe and sound, even without the mythological beast's help . My lord, this young girl is really amazing . " One of the elders who also came in disguise, couldn't help but praise Li Shi Ying genuinely .

He never saw a talented young lady like this before, so this young girl was really suited to be their lord's inheriting disciple .

"Hmm, when she gets to the airship later, arrange it so I can meet her . " The green-clothed man rubbed his chin excitedly as his eyes shone in happiness .

Finally, after looking for an inheriting disciple for so long…today he found the one he's looking for! He would really look forward to meeting this girl once again .

Li Shi Ying, huh . . . she will be his inheriting disciple for sure!

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