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Chapter 717

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Who is that?

Li Shi Ying squinted her eyes so she could see the girl's face clearly but a pity she could only hear the girl's voice .  

"Ao Zhen…" The girl whispered but her voice strangely could be heard by Li Shi Ying . The voice of the girl rang throughout the beautiful garden . Her voice was so tender and soft really pleasing one's ear but Li Shi Ying had a different opinion about this .

Isn't this voice . . . Meng Yue Ming's voice? 

"Darling . . . finally we meet again" 'Long Ao Zhen' hugged 'Meng Yue Ming' tightly as the girl hold back the tears from falling down . There was a sudden wind blowing the flower petals, surrounding the happy couple creating a perfectly romantic view for anyone who witnessed this .

Except for Li Shi Ying .

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Li Shi Ying staggered seeing 'Long Ao Zhen' who looked at 'Meng Yue Ming' with such tender eyes . His eyes were full of affection toward the girl in front of her .

What's this? What happened? Why the hell 'Long Ao Zhen' could meet 'Meng Yue Ming'? What's wrong between the two of them?

Li Shi Ying wanted to approach the two couple in front of her but her body felt heavy . She didn't know why but her heart ached so much . Her head felt like splitting apart . It's suddenly hot and cold again like before when it was previously slightly warmer .

Just when Li Shi Ying was about to run away instead, choosing to hide under a tree to rest her tired body, 'Long Ao Zhen' noticed her . The man's previously kind expression with eyes full of love suddenly turned dark . His eyes glinted in a dangerous light as he shouted .

His voice scares the birds away even making the wind blow even harder than before .

"Li-Shi-Ying!" 'Long Ao Zhen' called Li Shi Ying name with each syllable . The man gritted his teeth as he hides 'Meng Yue Ming' behind him . Long Ao Zhen glares at Li Shi Ying with obvious hatred reflected in his eyes .

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"W-what?" Li Shi Ying stuttered . Her body flinched when the man shouted to her like that . Never in her life, she heard Long Ao Zhen shouted like this to her . Never even once . She never saw the man looking at her with hatred in his eyes .

It was as if she was his mortal enemies that he really wanted to kill on the spot .

"What? You ask me what? Don't pretend to be innocent! You are the one who separates the two of us with your witchcraft . You break our destiny!" 'Long Ao Zhen' raised his voice and a gust of strong pressure suddenly hit Li Shi Ying making the girl's chest tightened .  

"I…" Li Shi Ying wanted to move her lips and refute saying that Long Ao Zhen himself was the one who chooses to be with her . She didn't break anyone's destiny . What's so wrong with loving a man? 

She didn't snatch Meng Yue Ming from Long Ao Zhen! … . Right? 

"You steal him from me . We're destined don't you know that? You use your strange power to break our fate but in the end, your evil deeds will be exposed! You aren't destined to be with my man you vixen!" Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www . webnovel . com for visiting .

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'Meng Yue Ming' sobbed as she blamed Li Shi Ying with a hoarse voice . The girl's body trembled while Long Ao Zhen hugged her tighter to calmed her down . The scene stabbed Li Shi Ying's heart so much that she almost cried but she couldn't cry for an unknown reason .

"You did well trying to separate us . You snatch everything away from my girl . Her status, glory, fame, treasures, achievement, you even steal her supposed contracted beast! Not to mention you . . . you do something to me . . . separating us" 

'Long Ao Zhen' balled his fist as he spits out every accusation he could say to Li Shi Ying . From how Li Shi Ying snatched everything that should belong to Meng Yue Ming up until how the girl was vicious to break apart two destined couple .

"No! I didn't…" Li Shi Ying body swayed . She felt like fainting but she didn't faint . Her body hurts like hell but her heart hurts more . Just what happens? Why would Long Ao Zhen say this to her? This is wrong . . . she never steals anything from Meng Yue Ming! 

She didn't snatch her treasure, didn't steal the beasts, also didn't steal Long Ao Zhen, right? All of them came to her on their own will she didn't do anything wrong! She didn't! 

"Stop talking nonsense . No matter what you have done even though now you are above the cloud but all of the things you get didn't belong to you in the first place . You aren't the blessed daughter of heaven, you are just a mob character!" 

'Long Ao Zhen' patted 'Meng Yue Ming' as he looked at Li Shi Ying with disgust in his eyes . He looked down on the girl like a human looking at the cockroach . Filthy, disgusting, hateful .

"No . . . no . . . I didn't steal anything…" Tears rolled down from Li Shi Ying eyes as her surrounding turned dark again . Her body felt hotter than before and something felt like breaking apart . Her heart and her mind… . couldn't take it anymore .

"Hurry, be quick!" Jiu Wei commanded Di Yu to prepare for the worst when he saw his mistress cried in her sleep .

Mistress was having a nightmare! 

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