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Chapter 86

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Li Shi Ying body was filled with bruise and wound . She couldn't even stand properly anymore . Her whole body was drenched in sweat and blood . Her clothes had a hole here and there .

But despite her sorry figure, Li Shi Ying hold on not to faint . She had no energy left but she know that if she let go now, she will die!!

She already sensed that Fan Guo Zi was filled with murderous intent but he didn't kill her in one hit . Fan Guo Zi was clearly toying her in order to torment her body to death .

Fan Guo Zi looked at Li Shi Ying sorry figure and he suddenly felt bored .

"Ck . how weak" with a snap of Fan Guo Zi finger, a group of 10 people dressed in black clothes appeared beside him . This people cultivation level were only in early apprentice stage, a few stars level lower than Fan Guo Zi who was only one step away from entering senior stage .

"Finish him off" Fan Guo Zi waved his hand and walked away from the room while thinking in his head "somehow that pink panther reminded me of a certain lady . . . is it the same beast or not?"

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Fan Guo Zi nearly recognize Shi Ying who was in her boy disguise as the weak frail lady, Jiu Wei little sister . But because when the pink kitten was still on her kitten form the room was quite dark, Fan Guo Zi could only saw it clearly when the kitten turn into a panther .

The 10 men in the room nodded their head respectfuly before turning their head to the injured Li Shi Ying .

"This boy is seriously too weak . Just let our contracted beast finish him off" the leader of the 10 men spoke with ridicule in his voice .

These 10 men were Fan Guo Zi follower . They were a commoner but Fan Guo Zi took them in and even gave them a low-ranked spiritual beast as contracted beast . These men felt very touched by Fan Guo Zi action and devoted loyalty to him .

Li Shi Ying saw with her blury eye sight that the 10 men in front of her didn't immediately attack her . Instead, each pf them summoned a spiritual beast from their contracted space .

A chance!

Li Shi Ying knew that she had mary sue halo beast ver but she couldn't control it well . She had wanted to use it to that winged horse but somehow she didn't manage to release her aura .

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Li Shi Ying aura made all spiritual beast couldn't bear to harm her but she can't command them as she wish . Only if Li Shi Ying could release her dragon aura would all spiritual beast fell to her command .

Li Shi Ying was at her limit . When people was at their limit, usually they would release a power beyond their limit which was triggered by their will to survive .

Li Shi Ying precisely waited for this moment . She concentrate hard and imagine her body released an unseen aura which she thought to be her mary sue beast ver cheat .

Before the low ranked beast attack her, Li Shi Ying succeed released her dragon aura . But because she couldn't control it, she instead released her aura to the max!

The aura released was on par with baby dragon strength which was on saint stage, the same one with a divine beast .

All the beast inside the room whether the low ranked one or the one who waa fighting with each other, stopped in their place and spontaniously kneeled down on the ground .

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A dragon aura!

The spiritual beasts instanly broke in cold sweat because of fear and excitement . Well except for the pink panther .

All of them was shocked to suddenly sense a dragon aura in the room .

The 10 men was also greatly surprised! Why did all their beast suddenly stop attacking and kneeled down instead??

"Get up! oy! hear your master! get up!" the leader shouted in rage as he look at his own contracted beast who wouldn't budge even an inch from the ground no matter what he did .

The other men also experienced the same thing with their leader . Their contracted beast actually didn't obey their command!

When Li Shi Ying released her aura, the first one noticed it would be the more sensitive spiritual beast . The effect was delayed for a few minutes for human till they also sense Li Shi Ying pressure .

!!! A saint stage pressure!!

All the men inside the room couldn't resist the pressure and dropped down to the ground with cold sweat on their forehead .

Only Fan Guo Zi who was quite far away from the room didn't sense anything wrong .

Li Shi Ying was relieved that she succeed but it was too early to celebrate .

Li Shi Ying action, releasing her dragon aura in full power was actually a double-edge sword for Li Shi Ying body . How could her body endure the pressure of the aura released for a long time?

Li Shi Ying did feel uncomfortable somewhere in her body but she didn't want to give up .

She took a deep breath and shouted out in beast languange "All of you, attack these 10 men! Never released them till you crippled them for sure!"