The Empress’s Gigolo - Chapter 419

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Chapter 419

"How should I deal with them?" Lin Qiaole wiped the blood off her claws, ignored the few enemies, and turned to look at Ren Baqian .

Ren Baqian looked at the several people in the surroundings . They stood rooted to the ground and did not dare move a single bit, as if their bodies were frozen .

The man on the ground also stopped screaming, fearing that his voice would attract Lin Qiaole's attention .

With just one stroke, Lin Qiaole turned those aggressive people into trembling quails, and they were too scared to even take action .

After hearing what Lin Qiaole said, everyone shuddered in their hearts . They were extremely nervous that the man would instruct her to "kill . "

No one would have the opportunity to escape as they were confronting a Spirit Wheel expert . Simply knowing that she was a Spirit Wheel expert made them scared out of their wits . There wasn't a need for her to take any action at all .

"Sir, if there is anything that I can do to serve you, I will always be there at your beck and call . I will certainly settle things for you properly," one of the men suddenly said .

"This person shall stay, as for the others…" Ren Baqian pointed at the man who talked and sighed halfway through his words . The first person who spoke was pretty impressive as his reaction was fast . Ren Baqian indeed lacked a lackey, and it didn't matter if the other people died or not . To him, as long as the majority of the commoners were alive, it would be alright . He completely didn't care if these experts were dead or alive .

Upon hearing half of Ren Baqian's words, the person who spoke up immediately heaved a sigh of relief .

"The night is long, and there are many people who are not in the mood to sleep . Now, the timing is just right . Let's play a finger-guessing game, and those who win can leave . As for those who lose, the scenery here is pretty good, and it is a pretty good place to be buried . There are mountains on one side and water on the other . In the future, you will not be lonely either," Ren Baqian said .

When they heard this, everyone was chilled to the bone . Not only did they encounter a Spirit Wheel expert, but there was another person who didn't follow conventional reasoning and completely relied on his own preferences . Regardless of who the person was, he or she would definitely be afraid of encountering such a person, particularly if such a person had a Spirit Wheel expert as a bodyguard .

"Sir, we were all blind . We beg you to let us live . In the future, as long as you have any instructions, we will definitely carry them out without question," the other Earth Wheel expert said as he restrained the fear he was feeling .

At the same time, he cursed those disciples who had already died . If it weren't for them, they would not have run into such a situation .

"I beg Sir to let us go . We were blind…" One by one, the others began to beg for mercy .

"Originally, I didn't want to create any trouble, but the bunch of you chased us . You can't blame me for that . I have already given all of you a chance…" Ren Baqian had only spoken halfway when a gust of wind blew past him . All of sudden, someone disappeared .

Lin Qiaole was missing .

"…" Ren Baqian looked to the side where Lin Qiaole had originally been standing . At this moment, that location was empty . He suddenly felt like he was going to break down .

That senseless girl actually left him alone and disappeared? Furthermore, she left him among the enemy…

Ren Baqian looked unmoved since he shouldn't panic in this situation . He couldn't make a fool out of himself just because of an ignorant blunder . In short, he could not let the other party find out the real situation .

He peeked at the people on the opposite side and saw an ominous glint emitting from one of the men who had just spoken .

This man was one of the two Earth Wheel experts .

The others were all getting restless, but they weren't planning to make a move against Ren Baqian . Instead, they had the intention to flee .

Just a moment ago, Ren Baqian was still thinking about how to deal with them . In the blink of an eye, the situation changed, and his Spirit Wheel expert had actually disappeared .

How could they not be tempted to escape when presented with such a golden opportunity?

The only thing that made everyone hesitate was that they did not not know exactly what the current situation was . Where did that Spirit Wheel expert go? If they fled and got caught, their ending would probably be even more miserable . Instead, should they grab the person in front of them?

Just when everyone was hesitating, Ren Baqian faintly said, "A person can be weak and can have low martial arts skills, but he or she must have a brain that functions well . All of your skills are low, plus you have lousy brains . It already was not easy to live until now . However, all of you want to continue living, but even if I don't kill all of you, you guys wouldn't live long .

Ren Baqian was thinking very hard as he spoke . At this time, it all depended on his eloquence to see if he could stall for time . If the other party found out that he had a guilty conscience, perhaps they would immediately take action . When Lin Qiaole returned, he would probably be in the hands of the enemy .

At that time, his life and death would be beyond his own control .

However, he couldn't force them too much . Otherwise, the other party might take a risk out of desperation, and he would end up being unlucky .

Currently, he could only hope that the other party doesn't get hold of the real situation . He had to use words to stall for more time .

"Sir, what do you mean by that?" What Ren Baqian said immediately attracted the attention of everyone . Those two Earth Wheel experts were originally restless, but upon hearing what he said, they were startled .

"Currently, Dayao is fighting a war outside, yet you all don't know where you stand . As far as I know, Dayao is no longer able to tolerate all of you and is planning to exterminate the entire Tianjing Basin . All of you, including your families, will die, but you guys don't have any sense of awareness yet . " Ren Baqian laughed sarcastically .

What Ren Baqian said frightened everyone, including the two Earth Wheel experts . They couldn't care less about anything else now .

One had to know that even though the remnant citizens of the Hao Nation and the aboriginals were from the same country, they were just like fire and water .

It would take the remnant citizens of the Hao Nation more than a day or two to get out of this basin . Since birth, all the Hao Nation descendants knew that the large area of land outside the basin previously belonged to them . However, they were trapped in this basin . Under such circumstances, the remnant citizens of the Hao Nation would naturally play some dirty tricks .

As long as Xi Wanya, the Protector General of the South, got ahold of any developments regarding such a situation, he would slaughter to the extent that there was enough blood to float pestles .

This aspect had made more people resentful, and some people worried that one day, the aboriginals would make their way in and kill everyone .

It was only due to such worry that they wanted to escape from this basin . They wanted to control their own lives .

At this moment, when they heard Ren Baqian talk about the things that they were most worried about, no one cared about anything else .

"How does Sir know about this?" one of the Earth Wheel experts promptly asked . He couldn't even be bothered to grab Ren Baqian and escape anymore . They knew that what Ren Baqian said involved the entire Tianjing Basin, which included their family members .

"This is the reason why I'm here," Ren Baqian said indifferently .

Everyone wanted to continue asking questions, but a figure suddenly fell among them . Lin Qiaole came back and stood there while carrying two people in her hands .

Seeing that Lin Qiaole had returned, Ren Baqian could finally heave a sigh of relief .

Even though less than two minutes had passed, these two minutes were sufficient for him to die umpteen times .

It wasn't time to talk about this, however .

"Who are they?"

"They were spying on us from the woods just now . " As Lin Qiaole threw the two people to the ground, it was revealed that their faces had been scratched . She even looked up at Ren Baqian with a hopeful face, as if she wanted to claim credit and ask for a reward .

Ren Baqian was full of resentment toward her .

You actually left me behind to catch the two of them?

You have to remember your identity . You are a bodyguard, bodyguard, bodyguard!

If it wasn't for the fact that there were outsiders here, he would have taught her a good lesson about what a bodyguard was .

"Dead Toad? Lin Yuan?" the several people from the Nine Blades Sect immediately cried out in surprise .

"You can still recognize him?" Ren Baqian lowered his head to take a look . The faces of the two men were practically beyond recognition .

Why did Lin Qiaole love to scratch people's faces so much?

"We have had a few dealings before . I can recognize him from his clothes as well as his build," that Earth Wheel expert replied . Once again, he quietly verified Lin Qiaole's strength from the fact that she could actually capture the two of them in such a short period of time . Undoubtedly, she was certainly a Spirit Wheel expert .

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