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Chapter 27

The Evil Organization’s Recruitment Ad – Special Conquest – Ramone – Chapter 27

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I’m Just a Plain Old Villain


Foreword: This chapter frequently changes the point of view to which the events occur .


Niina was assigned to his Senpai, Komori Neito . He considered him to be one of a kind .

He didn’t look that strong, and there were some parts he was lacking . In his opinion, he was one of those “weak” individuals . It was quite hard to believe that he passed the entrance exam with his third rate appearance . Although he orders Tsurugi around, it seemed like he was pushing himself to do so .

While being that kind of man, He managed to defeat the Rock’s Organization’s Elite Dylan, as well as the high tech Beetle, even capturing the Harrison research facility .

At first, he thought that he was just a lucky guy . Niina was sure luck played a huge part in it . He surely possessed high amounts of luck . But he recently noticed that luck was just a small part of it . He noticed that Tsurugi wouldn’t just follow someone with only luck on their side . And then there’s the face he would make . A face of a true villain .

Maybe he was an incredible person .

On the other hand there was also something mysterious about him . Niina decided never to go out drinking with his fellow co-workers, but for some reason, he ended up accepting the invitation .

[You’re a weird person after all…]

He blurted out his thoughts subconsciously, which was weird .

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Neito gathered about fifty guys from the branch’s G . A . department in the afternoon . The branch was too small to accommodate them, so he rented an auditorium .

What does he plan on doing…?

Niina, along with Anice and Tsurugi, weren’t informed of the details .

[I’ll tell you guys if everything goes according to plan . ]

He smiled with that “weak” face of his and proceeded .   He was concerned about the plans, but Tsurugi, with all his battle experience, just replied [Understood] . He didn’t bother to ask more questions .

[Anice-san, what do you think Senpai is planning to do?]

Niina tried asking Anice .

[I dunno~ . But I’m sure he’s planning something sinister ♪]

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Thinking about it,  Anice-san is also weird .

Apparently, she’s the daughter of someone famous . Not to mention her beauty, she was about 5 year younger than me… She’s probably a high school student .

With her unrestrained brown eyes, she looks like a fairy . Apparently she’s too busy looking at Senpai .  I once asked her what she liked about him, and she replied “cuz he’s a really evil guy! ” in a cheerful tone .

[Mnn… it’s taking too long . Half an hour has already passed . ]

Niina and the others were waiting outside the auditorium .

[Niina, it’s the boss’ plan . I’m sure there’s an explanation to be given at the appropriate time . As a man, wouldn’t this get you more excited?]

[Hee~i] (TLN: simply means “Okay”, but with a carefree touch)

This guy is also weird . It’s like he would commit seppuku for his master… What are you? A modern samurai? Aren’t you supposed to come from the mafia? It’s like I’m the most normal person in this group…


Loud voice were heard inside the auditorium . It wasn’t the voice of a single individual .

The guys from the G . A . Department?

Niina clearly heard the cries outside the auditorium . It was a cry that made the air vibrate .

What the heck is going on?!

Those weren’t cries of fear . He once went to a movie, the cries heard within the auditorium were more like battle cries from soldiers who were going to battle .

After a while, the guys inside the auditorium started coming out . For some reason, everybody was in high spirits .

A few moments later, his Senpai, Komori Neito came out .

[A, sorry about that . For now, we’re done . ]

[Good work boss . ]

[Thanks . I feel bad for making you guys wait . Now, let’s proceed to the next phase of our plan…]

[Hmm? Senpai, what’s that? A collar?]

(TLN: more like a neck shackle to be precise . )

Niina noticed Neito wearing a gold-like collar on his neck when he went out of the auditorium .

[Aa, this collar? I’ll be wearing this for a month from now on, so don’t pay too much attention to it . ]

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[Haa~… . ] (TLN: slang for “yeah…”)

Niina was confused as ever .


(TLN: Back to Neito’s point of view . )

One week later, the guys from the G . A Department were proceeding to go near the area of the island “Sete” where the Santana were recently sighted . They stopped their vans and then began to wait .

(TLN: pronounced as Seh-Teh Island)

The island was connected by bridge from the main Okinawa Island . After the recent battle on the beaches, the Santana were last spotted on Sete Island .   The Santana lost one of their kind during that battle . Since the possibility of being attacked was high near the coastal areas, the Sete Island was deemed a danger zone and all entry was prohibited .

But, if you really want to, it was easy to get to Sete Island .

Other than them, only Neito and his group were on the island .

[Yo~ . I was waiting for you . ]

Neito, sitting on a bench of an abandoned shop, greeted his visitor .

[…Kukko…Kukk-…You…At that time…Strong one…]

It was one of the Santana, facing Neito with its scaly and muscular body .

[I’m strong? You seem to able to use lip service… Well, I’m just a plain old villain . ]


Neito seemed to be at ease during the conversation, but a few moments back, he was scared and was shaking shitless .

But when the time came, the shaking stopped .

It’s always the same… Every time I work towards my goal, I eventually get cured of all the nervousness I feel…

[We were rudely interrupted by that hot blooded hero last time… Woah! Don’t attack me! I’m really scared here . I might die of shock… I know that you guys could kill me anytime, but before that, I have a proposal . ]


Meeting twice, an individual that wants to talk to them… That’s what the Santana are probably seeing in their point of view . They didn’t attack Neito, but they remained in a battle/attack stance .

[Thought so… I knew you guys won’t easily listen to what I had to say… so I brought you a gift . ]

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As soon as Neito ended his sentence, the vans opened and from its trunk, five men were tied and were lying inside .


The men were breathing . They were alive .

[You guys are collecting human souls right? Here, I’ll give them to you . It may not look like it, but I’m affiliated with one of the evil organizations in the world . It’s no trouble kidnapping a few humans . ]

Cold sweat ran through Neito’s back . But there was no way he would let go of his poker face .

[It’s not a bad deal right? I don’t know why, but Ramone is coming . You don’t even have the power to counter his possession of elemental spirits, do you? If that’s the case, no wonder Ramone has been able to fend off your attacks in the past years… He may be heading here now…]

[…Why…do such…thing . ]

[It’s simple . I don’t want to be killed by you guys . Don’t attack my friends . In exchange I’ll give living humans to you as gifts . ]


In an uninhabited island… the conversation continues between a vile beast and a merciless villain .

[It’s not such a bad deal right? You’re losing ways to abduct and acquire human souls of Ramone… And your numbers are constantly decreasing…]

[…Kukko…In return…that’s all…you ask? …]

[In return? Well, listen to what I have to say . No, just agree and it would be fine . Don’t get all tense up there… I don’t have to mention that you guys can kill me anytime when you want… Is there any demerit you would have when you listen to what I have to say? I’m sure there are none . ]

Neito decided to go with an [investigation] style of cross reference answer comparing . Hopefully, they should be able to understand what he is saying . Although they spoke in a broken tone, the words are still comprehensible .

“You are collecting souls in order to rebuild your [castle] as your stronghold right?”

(TLN: this is a question Neito asked the Santana, and below is the conclusion of their reply . )

He was right . The monolith was apparently their base . As it was discovered, they had to move out . But in order for them to establish a new base, they need raw energy from humans . Apparently, they already had large quantity of energy stored before their base was discovered . Nonetheless, they still needed one months’ worth of energy to fully support their construction of a new base .

“You can only increase your numbers to ten . Am I wrong?”

He was also right . The mysterious reason was that they needed to conserve themselves, so they couldn’t increase their numbers to more than ten . They had to breed, protect their race, construct their base then collect souls . If given the time, they could breed and increase their numbers to ten . The only way their numbers get deducted are when they fight Ramone .

[I see… I understand . I got the gist of it . Then there’s no need to expose yourselves in obtaining human souls . I’ll deliver them to you . If you don’t fight Ramone, you can increase your numbers right? Since you won’t suffer any casualties . ]

[…Who…Are you…?]

[I already told you before . I’m just a plain old villain . ]

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Neito silently laughed under his breath .

[There’s no demerit in accepting human gifts right? Ramone strives to protect the inhabitants of this island . We’re just a similar elements of evil that Ramone would want to defeat . I don’t want to fight with you guys . As fellow villains, let’s be friends . ]

This was the plan he formulating for the past week .

The Santana took a while to respond but,

[…Understood…We won’t…Attack…You…]

After replying, they took the souls of the abducted humans . The Santana proceeded to leave . Falling to the ground after their souls (their raw energy) were taken, they were in a state of coma .

After the Santana left, Tsurugi and Niina ran to him .

[Boss… why?]

[For now… everything went well . That was scary… I thought I was going to die… Niina, give me a blanket… I’m gonna cover myself up for a while . Urgh~, It’s damn cold…]

[You really have done it now Senpai… You sure have no mercy . ]

[Maybe your right…No…Mercy…]

Niina clearly understood what Neito had done . In order to save himself, he sold out other people’s lives to the Santana . That’s one thing a villain could only possibly do .

[Umm… what should we do to these guys…? Are we going to… even if we are villains… are we still going to…]

Niina was really concerned .

[Ah, we’ll bring those guys to the Metallica medical ward . I already made the arrangements . ]

[? Oh, is that so… I thought we were just going to dump them in the ocean… Huh? Medical ward?]

[What the heck are you saying? Dump them into the ocean? That’s an absurd thing to do there . That’s not evil . That action is just too pointless . ]

[?? Eh? But… pointless…huh?]

[Ah… it’s too damn cold… that was really scary . I never want to do it again…]

Neito knew what Niina really meant, but he had no time to explain .

For now,

I’ll make Ramone and the Santana kneel before me . Until then, I can’t expose my plans to anybody .

Wrapping himself up more in the blanket, he was still shaking quite a bit .
Neito still hasn’t lost his touch on being a villain .

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