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Chapter 55

A side story not involving our MC

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The global management department of Metallica was getting busier . There was the issue with integrating Crimson into Metallica and reviewing worldwide reports from their sources, but two cases stood out among them .

One was the integration of Crimson technology to Metallica’s modified humans to increase both company’s military strength . The second one was finalizing the plan for when Metallica would enter America . Both of which, were no easy task .

What Komori Neito achieved in America was described as a miracle . He was able to take over Crimson, and made it possible to integrate the company into Metallica . The one who placed in charge of such important affairs was Ikeno Reiji, now the new current head of the global management department .

After heading a research team on Purgatory Island, he was promoted to lab head and further accelerated the development of modified humans . His position now was the result of his successes in his field .

If was a regular human, he would tackle his tasks with hard work and dedication, but being him, he approached his tasks in a logical, smart and efficient way .

He still applied those principles of his today .

[Okay, send these samples to the research lab . We need to integrate Crimson’s flying technology to our modified humans . I want a report on the prototype of this matter in a month . I already made preparations for mass production so don’t worry . ]

Sitting in the department head’s chair, he kept relaying orders .

[How’s L . A . ? Good, then I’ll send in some men . While Crimson is recovering, smaller organizations are surely going to make a move . We need to take of them before they become an issue . ]

His subordinates responded accordingly and moved precisely to his orders . Everybody was a handpicked elite .

[…Good . That’s it for today . ]

After reviewing, he sent his subordinates home . Ikeno was not stupid enough to overwork his subordinates . As long as they finished their tasks, he allowed them to go home . Ikeno himself also needed to attend a meeting of executives .

His work today was perfect . Born with high intelligence and charisma, he always did his work perfectly . He didn’t like to lose to anybody .

Ikeno stood up and went to the meeting room . The executive meeting was second in importance to the M meeting . The topics they were going to discuss would then be brought up for the M meeting members to decide upon .

Everybody in the executive meeting had their own principle to excel and try to replace the current president, but today Komori was absent .

Ikeno thought to himself .

Komori got promoted into an executive a little bit ahead of me, but the consequence of that is he was being assigned abroad .

I see . It’s a big deal for him to take over Crimson . No doubt he used some kind of brutal method to achieve his goal again . It may be unpleasant, but I’ll have to recognize his achievement . In the end, he helped expand Metallica .

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Yet being away from the main office at this moment was fatal for him . Even if he was an executive, if he isn’t here, he had no chance to voice out his opinions .

In the end he’ll remain in America . It wouldn’t come to a surprise if he were to be officially assigned as the head of Crimson in America .

I’m different .

Komori has been rising up via his achievements in battle at the special region and in America . I’ve been rising within the company through perfect execution of my tasks .

Our gap is huge .

Ikeno had no desire to change the world like Komori . He just wanted to excel and be better than anybody else . He just wanted to be himself and remain as he is, no matter how the world changes .

The most powerful person that could do such thing was Metallica’s president .

I’ll stand on that stage . You may be exceptional Komori, but I don’t plan on giving you the seat of the president without a fight .

Ikeno strengthened his resolve and went into his first executive meeting .

The meeting went on smoothly . Ikeno himself voiced out his opinions, and got a chance to speak to the other executives .

Even in front of General Raz and Professor H, Ikeno proposed the plan to for how Metallica will enter America and move and take over the South American region . He made them approve the plan and the budget proposed by the global management department into the M meeting .

It was an obvious result . There were no flaws on his proposed plan, even he volunteered to go to the front lines if they demanded it . He didn’t allow anybody to object .

When the meeting was about to end, the consultant Hamet, who was quiet the entire meeting proposed an idea . Professor H, who was nervous the whole time, agreed with the idea . Ikeno was taken back by the proposed idea .

Komori Neito was being promoted to executive director . Being promoted to executive director means he was the fifth most important person within the company . He was now given the right to attend the M meeting .

The decision to approve this idea required half of the executive board to give a “yes”, but with General Raz and Professor H, giving their approval the matter was decided . General Raz favored Komori from the start so it was expected that the idea would get approved nonetheless . He was taken back why Professor H agreed . Ikeno wasn’t able to overturn their decision .

Komori’s achievements were certainly great but…

[…What’s going on…?]

Ikeno didn’t understand what Komori was setting up . He didn’t understand what he was trying to do with Metallica .


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[Hou, those ladies sure know how to fight . ]

Tsurugi F . Gardner muttered as he entered the dark sorcerer Jamie Rockaway’s barrier .

The “barrier” covered a section of ruined building in the Akihabara district . There were no people around . In this place, Jamie Rockaway had been operating and brought trouble to the people . There were already a hundred casualties which he had caused .

Tsurugi’s comment was about the fight between the Jamie and the heroes from the Rocks Organization . Jamie were equipped with a green robe worn by high ranking magicians .

Using the mysterious art of “Magic”, Jamie fought with the two heroes of “Wings” . The heroes’ identity was well known in public . They were two girls who had a fan base .

In Tsurugi’s eyes, the two didn’t look like they were equipped for battle . With their bright costume and dyed hair, they were fighting the forces of evil .

(Shall we say they dressed as Magical Girls…? Sailor Moon outfits and stuff)

But their abilities were real . They too used magic . With their shining bracelets and necklaces, they stood equal with the Jamie’s equipment .

[What should we do? Shall we wait until the Wings defeat Jamie?]

A group of people approached Tsurugi from behind .

[Humph, don’t be stupid . “We will eliminate all forces of evil in the country” that’s the will of our Boss before he left . They’re already weakened . I don’t need to transform . ]

Tsurugi unsheathe his katana .

[Well, if you say so . ]

[It would be stupid if we were wiped out here . ]

[But will that fellows really prove useful to us?]

The ones standing behind him weren’t Tsurugi’s subordinates . He may be commanding them, but their real master was in America, Komori Neito .

They were formerly from the Okinawa branch, Sales Department and the Research Department that at one point saw Neito fight and saw the “evil’ he had and decided to follow him .

Tsurugi was currently the head of the Sales Department in accordance to his Boss’ will .

[Enough talking… let’s move out . ]

Raising his katana, he slowly made his way to Jamie .

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Jamie noticed Tsurugi’s approach and called out to him

[W-?! Who are you! Do you want to die?!]

[Run away Old Man! This is a dangerous place! We’ll take care of it so run away!!]

The short haired girl called out to him as she would, being a hero . She may look naïve but she had a kind heart .

Tsurugi didn’t back down . The group following his followed his lead . He kept walking forward, meeting Jamie in the eye .

Tsurugi declared himself and their intention .

[My name is Tsurugi . Subordinate of the man of evil, Komori Neito . I bear no grudge against you, but for our objective, you’re going have to die here . ]

Jamie and the Wings took a step back .

[Komori!?… That, Metallica…?!]

The girl with glasses was shocked .

[I have heard of him… No… no way!]

[Prepare yourselves…]

Tsurugi rushed forward . Even without the modification, Tsurugi already had strong muscles to begin with, even without the transformation, he was able to cover a huge distance easily .

His subordinates followed his lead . They raised their guns and shot at Jamie .


Jamie used his magic to raise an ice dome, blocking out every bullet . But Tsurugi was already I the air . He had won at point .

[Take this!]

Using a strike from above, he sliced the ice dome .


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The sound echoed as his sword hit the ice . A few seconds later, the dome cracked and was cut open .

As Jamie was casting another spell, Tsurugi hit him with a knee and a strike from his katana .

[I’m using the back of my sword… don’t worry . ]

Tsurugi pierced to Jamie’s defenses and defeated him .

His subordinates carried Jamie’s body in a stretcher . Having a high level magician by their side, it would boost their military capability greatly .

[No way… in just one strike…]

[Why?! Why did Metallica come and save us?!]

The Wings were taken back and confused by what happened in front of them . They were girls, was one of the reason, but mostly, Tsurugi reasoned out they were no more than C-class heroes .

[… Who knows…? You girls better go home and stop playing hero . There are really bad people in this world you know?]

Saying those words, Tsurugi walked away . He had no business with them .

He didn’t even bother to look back . He knew those girls wouldn’t attack them after what they saw . Furthermore, it was just a case of “evil being defeated by a stronger force of evil” . They didn’t pose any threat to civilians . Jamie Rockaway was already taken care of, so why should they try to attack Metallica which did nothing to them?

Of course, if they decided to fight, Tsurugi was prepared to retaliate . It may be a hard fight, but he didn’t care .

In the end the Wings didn’t come after them .

His job was now done .   He was informed that his Boss was coming home the other day .

[This is the seventh one huh…? I want to take care of every villain before the Boss arrives but…]

He didn’t expect his Boss to take over Crimson in less than six months . Tsurugi himself wasn’t able to crush a minor organization and their gangs with the given time . They still held a strong influence over the regions .

“Take out as many as possible” was his orders but he was dissatisfied with his progress .

His return was too sudden . He didn’t know how he did it, but it probably something to do with the “evil” he had in him .

[… Well, as expected of you Boss . ]

Tsurugi felt his sense of obligation to his Boss even grew stronger .

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