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Chapter 603: 603

The Ashen Furnace city, which had experienced countless years already, seemed like it might finally meet its end today . This was because the city met with its most dangerous invader ever—Chaos War God Donatis .

The gigantic God was furious for an unknown reason . Every time that he sliced with his black greatsword, the entire city trembled as the land of the Chaos Abyss was unable to withstand his attacks .

The mighty aura around the furious War God tore apart even the gray sky . When the local residents found that Chaos War God Donatis was involved in a fight here, even the most vicious Demon Lords in the area tucked in their tails and pretended not to be at home .

“No matter who they are, they’re all dead meat!”

Donatis’s name was famed throughout the entire Chaos Abyss . Even the most idiotic of demons would still know who this famous Chaos Faction vanguard was .

Most residents here shut themselves in their homes, praying in despair that this battle would swiftly end . However, there were also many tiefling thieves, demon warriors, black knights, and so on who hurriedly ran out . Most of them were Donatis’s worshippers . They simply desired to watch the battle between the strong from front-row seats .

The nearby rooftops around the battlefield were filled with powerful individuals . Even the weakest would be Gold rank… As for why they were all powerful individuals, this was because the weak would instantly be killed by stray projectiles before they even got close to this battlefield .

“Haha, I actually got an opportunity to watch my God’s majestic form in battle!”

Most of Donatis’s worshippers were combat maniacs . A few years back, Donatis held a heroic spirit ceremony among his worshippers, having them kill each other, and picked the survivors as his heroic spirits and God Envoys . This made Donatis even more famous in the Chaos Abyss .

“Such a pity that we missed that opportunity . Otherwise, we could also have become part of the Chaos Abyss’s vanguard!”

Manic demon warriors were running around on the streets . They were filled with bloodthirst as they watched the mighty figure of the Chaos War God from afar . In their minds, no matter why Donatis was so surprisingly angry, his opponent would soon be sliced and diced into tiny pieces . They all felt that they would miss the show if they arrived too late .

Yet, a surprising scene suddenly happened…

A bolt of lightning streaked through the sky and struck Donatis right in the head . The next instant, the gigantic God was knocked into the ground, planted face-first into the ground . All the nearby houses were crushed into rubble, making dust and shattered stones fly everywhere .

Everyone who knew of Donatis was astonished to see him in such a humiliating fashion .

“Who could his enemy be?”


Obviously, Donatis wouldn’t do such a thing just for fun . Since he had fallen down in such humiliating fashion, this was evidence that his enemy was capable of resisting against him .

Still, Donatis was actually completely uninjured, although he did appear quite wretched . The next instant, he jumped back up onto his feet, and started laughing uproariously .

“Interesting! Amusing! Powerful warrior, you actually managed to accomplish the feat of knocking me over one time despite having the body of a mortal! This is truly wonderful! I will ask you once again . Are you willing to become part of my collection? We can travel through the endless dimensions together, enjoying eternal life and battles!”

The Chaos War God was delighted that he had been knocked down onto the ground . Although this seemed rather strange, everyone in all the dimensions knew that Donatis’s favorite hobby was collecting powerful warriors from all dimensions .

In the myths and legends about Donatis, he would often send his incarnations to arenas and battlefields and reward the most determined and unflinching warriors with astonishing rewards and honor . Also, he would personally punish cowards and those who ran from battle .

According to legends, his heroic spirit temple had countless powerful warriors . They would eternally fight against each other and improve their fighting techniques . The number and quality of his heroic spirits far surpassed that of any other Chaos Main God .

“…Um, the way you asked that was so terrible . My girlfriend is still next to me!”

On the battlefield, there were some Holy Knights who had collapsed on the ground . There were also some individuals who attracted a great deal of attention .

The person who laughingly refused the War God’s invitation was a red-haired young warrior . Lightning and flames flashed all around him . He stood in front of all his companions and blocked the windstorm the gigantic God kicked up when he fell .

Right behind him was a caped mage who wielded a wooden staff, a leather-armor-wearing magic thief who hid in the shadows and hadn’t shown their face, and a cute little girl with tremendous power over flames who appeared rather angry .

Donatis didn’t really want to fight anymore . This wasn’t because he felt he couldn’t win . This was because he admired their talent, feeling like they were all rare geniuses . He found the idea of killing them a tremendous pity .

Souls’ scents would easily reveal one’s true age . Donatis’s senses told him that none of his enemies were older than five hundred years old . The three mages plus the incredibly outstanding and durable warrior had actually managed to fight against him for more than ten minutes .

Furthermore, Donatis had already attacked more than ten times with his sword . Not only did the red-haired warrior not retreat, he even managed to knock down Donatis one time .

Even though Donatis wasn’t being serious yet, this accomplishment would still be more than enough to make the warrior famous in many dimensions .

“Power over both the elements of lightning and fire? With your abilities, you should have become famous long ago, yet I have never heard of you . Young warrior, tell me your name . I will ask you once again after your death if you are willing to become my child . ”

According to legends, Chaos War God Donatis would adopt the most outstanding warriors in his heroic spirit temple as his children . It would seem now that the rumors were real .

Since he was inviting Adam so many times, this was clearly also because his heroic spirit temple had been emptied due to the battle of Hell . He was now delighted to meet such an outstanding talent .

“Me? Okay, my name is Dick, Dick Cain from the Sabutuar district . ”

Perhaps this was the admiration that powerful warriors would have for each other . Or, perhaps he felt Donatis’s sincerity . Even the typical jokester Adam had such a serious expression as he told Donatis his name… Well, except that he unhesitatingly gave a fake name .

“The child of the Wind Gull? I never thought that you would be far stronger than the stories about you . ”

Donatis nodded as he stood up and slowly brought his sword forward . Now, he was about to become serious .

No matter how much he admired the warrior’s talent, he had no reason to retreat, as this warrior was trying to stop him . All he would have to do was kill the warrior and then use the warrior’s true name to summon the soul and create a heroic spirit body .

However, Donatis didn’t know that the enemy team’s mental communications were all abuzz .

“Why didn’t you tell him your real name? We don’t have any reason to conceal our identities, do we?”

“…Let’s be honest . He knows Roland, right? He knows Roland really well . How many people do you know that don’t grit their teeth in hatred and anger when Roland’s name comes up?”

Margaret thought for only a moment before she unhesitatingly shook her head . “Zero…”

“See! We should try and learn something after that bastard’s dragged us down so many times!”

Painful and bitter memories from the past flashed in Adam’s eyes . After suffering so many times due to Roland, even Adam had learned his lesson .

“That Dean or whoever is a real person, apparently? Aren’t you pushing him into a gigantic pitfall then? Does he owe you money, or did he attack you before?”

“No, he’s still far too lacking to attack me . He did cut Annie once with his sword while Annie was out adventuring…”

The next instant, Margaret and Little Red simultaneously exploded with loud interrogating questions in Adam’s mind .

“Why didn’t you say such a thing before!?”

“That bastard! I’ll roast him on a volcano for three hundred years!”

Adam could only smile helplessly . He knew this would be the result, which was why he hadn’t said anything .

“Hey, hey, hey, wouldn’t it be too unseemly for an adult to get involved in a fight between children? Both of you are still too immature . ”

“…Shut up . Once we deal with the big guy before us, we’ll go deal with that bastard who dared to cut Annie . I’m going to petrify him and stick him as a statue in some magma!”

However, Little Red recalled something else first .

“Wait a moment, Annie’s not weak at all . Neither does she like to cause trouble . Someone who could cut her wouldn’t possibly be her age . Why are you saying that it was a fight between children? The big guy in front of us probably wouldn’t know of anyone that young . ”

“Yeah, yeah, that brat is probably two hundred years old or so, and only at the peak of Saint rank . He actually attacked a fourteen-year-old little girl . So unseemly . However, I don’t think you’ll be able to enact your revenge . ”

“Why? He died?” Margaret inquired .

“What did Roland do?” Little Red asked .

From a certain standpoint, Little Red understood Roland better as she had messed around and acted ridiculously together with him more often .

Roland’s way of dealing with things was typically to find out information via side channels, and then make someone suffer so much that they would want to die .

“What happened to him? The story’s so pitiful, do you really want me to tell it? He was taken away by ‘Pride’ Omar for one full year of training . He was then tossed to Eaglestorm and trained for another half a year . In the end, he became mentally unstable, and his cognitive abilities were no different from a wild beast’s . He no longer wore any clothing, and jumped around between trees like a gorilla would . And then, Beifeng took him away…”

“That’s far more pitiful than being roasted in a volcano or petrified in a statue . ”

Dick Cain’s fate greatly pleased the two “mothers” present . However, someone else was finally unable to stand such a distraction on the battlefield .

“Hey, could we gossip later? That big guy is watching all of us . ”

The three gossipers turned around to see that Donatis was waiting like a gentleman for them to finish chatting . When he saw that everyone’s attention was back on him, he chuckled loudly .

“It would seem that your strategy conference is over? I hope that you have managed to come up with an amazing combat strategy!”

Warriors in the Chaos Abyss would desire to do battle . The Chaos War God desired a difficult battle that would satisfy him . To Donatis, nothing could possibly compare to a battle that could bring him new glory and scars .

Donatis was strong, while his opponents were weak compared to him . If the weak desired to defeat the strong, they would naturally need tactics and strategy, and to Donatis, not only would strategy be a part of power, even luck could be viewed as combat strength .

Since these were rare opponents that he valued for their talent, and the warrior might even become his adopted child in the future, it would be his responsibility as a War God to give his opponents more time so that they could show off their very best in battle .

After Donatis said this, what he saw was that the calm warrior he was fighting against suddenly paused in surprise . The red-haired warrior then nodded with a serious expression filled with appreciation and expectation as if he also looked forward to a glorious battle .

“…Please wait a moment longer, we still want to discuss for ten more minutes! We have disagreements over our strategy! I swear in the honor of my name, Dick Cain, that this will be a battle that you’ll never forget!”

“Okay, I’ll wait!”

And so, Donatis actually sat down… and started waiting!