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Chapter 120

Chapter 120 Revenge

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"Hello, old chap, I have a favor to ask of you . Can you help me?" On the first call, Ran Jiangtian came straight to the point .


"We are best friends, aren't we? Just speak out . As long as I can help, I won't decline . " A cheerful laugh came from the phone . It was supposed to be a middle-aged man .


"It's about . . . " Ran Jiangtian roughly introduced the situation .


"Oh, Ran, I forgot to tell you that my wife will give birth these days . I am not in Qing County now . Maybe I can't help you . " After that, he immediately hung up .


"Hello . . . Hello . " When the telephone was hung up, Ran Jiangtian almost dropped the phone to the ground with rage . "Give fucking birth . Didn't your wife just have a baby a month ago? How could she have another?"


"Oh, uncle, I've told you they won't help . " Seeing Ran Jiangtian stood in an air of profound resignation, Wang Feng calmly said .


"I'll ask someone else . " With that, Ran Jiangtian tried to call another friend .


"Jiang, I'd like to ask you for help recently . I wonder if you have time . . . "


"Oh, yes, my sister and her family were hurt by the secretary's son . I want you to exert pressure on the secretary . I don't know . . . . "


Before he had finished, Ran Jiangtian suddenly took the phone away from his ear and scolded, "fuck!" because a busy signal had come from the phone .


When he called back, he could not get through for Jiang had turned off his phone .


"Motherfuckers . " Ran Jiangtian cursed loudly for he got a thorough understanding of what was the so-called best friend, that was when they got money to earn, they united, when one met with misfortune, the other all stood idly by .


Later, he made more calls one after another, and the result was obvious—no one helped at all .


"What? Are you abroad now?"


"What? Did your mother pass away?"


"What did you say? Your wife just died?"

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On the phone, he heard various kinds of stories for his so-called best friends invented innumerable excuses to evade . Ran Jiangtian had to put down the phone with a bitter smile .


What friends would be so cruel? No one was willing to help at a crucial moment, and some even trumped up excuses which were extremely illogical .


"Uncle, you don't need to help me with this . After all, the criminal is protected by the county party secretary . They can't do anything about it . Don't blame them . " Wang Feng paused and then continued, "I can deal with this myself . "


"So what's your plan? The criminal's father is the highest official . He rules the whole Qingxian County! People like us cannot crack down on them . " Ran Jiangtian shook his head for he did not believe what Wang Feng said at all .


Although the rich sometimes had a voice, Wang Feng was just a young lad . Even though he had some money, he could not be as rich as Croesus . Opposing against the county party Secretary was equal to digging his own grave .


His parents had already seriously wounded . Ran Jiangtian didn't want anything bad happened to Wang Feng .


"Wang Feng was my sister's only son . If he had an accident, how could she accept it?"


"Xiao Feng, since your parents are all right now, how about giving it up? You can live in another city . It's no big deal . " Ran Jiangtian dissuaded Wang Feng, worrying that he would act on impulse .


"No, I am nobody, but that doesn't mean that I am not a coward who saw his parents hurt by others but dared not do anything . He is supported by the county party secretary, but so what? He must pay the price he deserves for he hurt my parents!"


Wang Feng's words were so forceful that he left no room for negotiation .


"Well, you are too stubborn . Listen to me, just forget it . You can't win . " Ran Jiangtian said, heaving a sigh .


"Uncle, I don't blame you for not helping me, but if you want to stop me, save it . If you know me well, you will realize that you can't hold me back . " Wang Feng said and then hailed a taxi by the roadside .


"What are you going to do?" Seeing that Wang Feng was leaving, Ran Jiangtian grabbed him and asked aloud .


"Of course I'm going to avenge my parents . " Wang Feng gave a big but cold smile .


"Sir, please drive me to Tong Hu Street . " Wang Feng said and then handed one hundred yuan to the driver .


"Sure . " The driver smilingly stepped on the accelerator .

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"Xiao Feng, don't do anything stupid . " Seeing Wang Feng was about to do something irrational, Ran Jiangtian couldn't just let him court death, so he followed Wang Feng to the taxi .


"Uncle, don't persuade me . If you say one more word, I promise I'll kick you off . " Wang Feng said . Ran Jiangtian had to give an awkward smile but really dared not speak anymore .


Because he could see that if he spoke again, Wang Feng would absolutely kick him off regardless of their relationship .


He dared to beat the police . What else did he dare not do? He was audacious in the extreme .


Soon, the driver sent them to the Tong Hu Street and put them down .


"Keep the change . Well done . " Wang Feng pushed the door to get off the taxi, leaving the driver gaily laughing behind . The taxi drivers in such a small county earned around 100 yuan per day . Wang Feng's fare was about a dozen yuan, so he earned more than eighty yuan .


Along the way, Wang Feng kept a poker face . Although Ran Jiangtian was worried, he dared not say a word, because he now felt short of breath .


Wang Feng was a master of External Strength . If his breath completely emitted, ordinary people really could not bear the atmosphere .


When he came to the grocery store owned by his parents, Wang Feng suddenly became furious, because the door had already been smashed, and the products inside were scattered all over . A note "No Entry" was posted on the wall next to the door .


The mess drew a large crowd, staring it and gossiping .


When they saw Wang Feng here, some elders who knew him surrounded him and asked with concern, "Xiao Feng, how are your parents doing now? We are worried about them . "


"Haha, thank you for your concern . Surgery goes well and they are about to wake up . " Looking at the familiar faces he had seen since childhood, Wang Feng's revenge desire slightly disappeared, so he answered with a smile .


These people were always kind to him as he grew up, so no matter how much he wanted to kill the criminals now, he couldn't be disrespectful to them .


"How could those bastards be so cruel? Fortunately, your parents are all right . Otherwise, I would rather risk my life to fight with them than sit by and do nothing . " An elder man said, angrily poking his crutch on the ground .


"Yes, God bless you . It's good to see they are all right, I'll go to the hospital and see them later . " An old lady said with a kind face .


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"Uncle Qin, I wonder if you know where those bastards live?" At this time, Wang Feng pulled an old man's arm and softly asked .


"Kid, they belong to the underworld organization . Don't provoke them!" The old man was startled by Wang Feng's words .


"Uncle Qin, I just want to negotiate with them about compensation, and I'll go with my uncle . Why should we afraid of them?" Wang Feng answered with ease .


"Oh, yes, since these bastards hurt your parents, they do need to compensate you . Well, they live in a house at the end of this street . There is a tree in front of the door . You can see it when you go there . " Uncle Qin pointed out the direction to Wang Feng .


"Uncle Qin, thank you . " Wang Feng said and then turned away . Behind him, Ran Jiangtian rushed up and said, "Xiao Feng, do we need a knife with us?"


"Knife?" Wang Feng was stunned when he heard his uncle's words .


"Yeah, since those bastards dare to chop your parents, maybe they will chop us too . It's better to take a knife with us . Although killing people is against the law, we can't let them kill us either . " Ran Jiangtian said and grabbed Wang Feng .


"They are just several hooligans . I don't need to take them seriously . And it's not necessary to kill people with a knife . You have to believe in my ability . " After that, Wang Feng broke free from Ran Jiangtian's hand and walked to the end of the street .


Within five minutes, they found the house mentioned by Uncle Qin .


There were very few people living around . Probably because of those gangsters, no one dared to live here .


However, it satisfied Wang Feng for he could free from troubles of being watched by neighbors .


In front of the door, a hooligan arrogantly smoked, constantly flirting with women passing by their door, even the middle-aged women .


"Jerk . " Seeing this hooligan, Wang Feng walked directly towards him with the expression of disdain .


"Well? What do you do? Get out of my face . " Seeing Wang Feng and Ran Jiangtian, the little bastard yelled .




Wang Feng didn't bother to talk with this bastard but immediately kicked him almost ten meters away, and the bastard didn't get up again .

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Although Ran Jiangtian knew how powerful Wang Feng was, watching Wang Feng kick an adult so far was still incredible for him .


"Let's go . " Wang Feng went straight into the courtyard without looking at the little gangster who had fainted on the ground .


The courtyard was very quiet . With X-ray vision, Wang Feng saw seven or eight men lying on the ground in the room, and there were several gorgeous women who were almost naked among them .


How dared they indulged in merry-making after hurting people! They really didn't think about the consequences .


He kicked the door into pieces, and the loud noise woke up everyone in the room .


The women were holding the quilt tightly with fear for they thought that police had come to catch them, while the men slowly stood up and sullenly looked at Wang Feng and Ran Jiangtian .


"What the fuck are you?" One of the hooligans asked and pulled out a knife under the mattress .


"Well, I'm here to avenge my family . " Looking at the knife in the hooligan's hand, Wang Feng's expression remained unchanged and he said coldly .


"Fuck, how dare you to come here, everyone, kill them!"


Seven or eight men, all armed with knives at the moment, were rushing to Wang Feng and Ran Jiangtian .


As soon as Wang Feng pushed his uncle out of the door with all his strength, he turned himself into a shadow . Several bastards couldn't see where he actually was .




After a sound of bones breaking, a hooligan immediately fell on the ground, groaning loudly in pain .


Bang! Bang! Bang!


Just like targets, Wang Feng beat those rough hooligans, who had shown aggressive postures, on the ground one after another in less than a half minute .