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Chapter 167

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Li Murou said, “Old Zhou, I never asked you for anything so please, help me out just this once?”

Zhou Yuhuai couldn’t understand. “But why do you want her to participate in the program? What’s the reason?”

Li Murou said, “As you know, I grew up in the Lu family and I’ve been childhood friends with Lu Ting. Lu Ting likes her, so I’m sort of helping her out, as repayment for the kindness the Lu family showed me.”

The man on the other end of the phone was silent for a moment before he said, “Murou, other people may not be willing to receive your kindness. You like Lu Ting, don’t you? Why are you helping someone else now? You think it’s worth it?”

Li Murou’s voice was firm. “It’s worth it for me.”

After a moment of silence, Zhou Yuhuai said, “Fine. I don’t mind you asking me to invite her to the show, but what about you? May I know when the beautiful Miss Li has time to become my guest?”

“What about this?” Everything was already in the palm of her hands. It didn’t deviate from her expectations at all. After a slight pause, she continued, “If you can give lIn Yueqi a chance, I’ll agree to be your guest!”

“Alright, it’s a deal then.”

Early the next morning, Zhou Yuhuai contacted Lin Yueqi’s assistant cum agent to communicate with her about the documentary.

Xiao Ke was obviously surprised when she received Zhou Yuhuai’s call. The internationally renowned documentary director actually asked Lin Yueqi to be his guest? Isn’t this a bit unbelievable?

The documentary was going to be simulcast on several foreign ace TV stations and several of the celebrity guests who have been on the show are internationally known Hollywood actors. Ordinary actors would have to either be extreme sports enthusiasts or have some other outstanding features if they wanted to participate in this program.

But inviting Lin Yueqi on the next episode? The recording for this documentary is a grueling task but pays well. Any ordinary star that gats on there can easily become popular all over the world if they do well, no problem.

Xiao Ke hurriedly revealed this good news to Lin Yueqi.

Lin Yueqi, who was still curled up in bed, wasn’t surprised at all when she received a call from Xiao Ke. Instead, she asked, “So, what benefits will I get from participating…”

“Lose weight! You’ll be famous all over the world! This isn’t a domestic reality TV show, this is a great opportunity for you to get global fans!”

Xiao Ke told her about the general pattern of the documentary and also cited several actors who came back from the show losing five to ten kilos of weight.

Lin Yueqi turned over to see Lu Ting’s sleeping face.

Last night, Lu Ting slept with her, each of them with their own covers. Neither of them invaded each other’s private space.

While talking, she plugged up Lu Ting’s nose with her fingers. “How’s something that good possible? Will the recording be tiring? Africa…The sun will burn me alive. I don’t really want to go.”

Xiao Ke could almost die with how pissed she was at her. “Do you know how much money you’ll get out of this project?!”

“How much?”

“One month, seventy million!”

Lin Yueqi’s hand shook and her finger shot straight up into Lu Ting’s nostril. Probably having done so too hard, it woke the man up. He glared at her coldly, clear anger suppressed in his eyes.

Lin Yueqi pulled her hand back and sat up, saying while wiping her hand on Lu Ting’s pajamas, “I’m going, I’m going! Seventy million dollars in a month? I’m gonna be rich!”

Her act of sticking her finger up someone’s nose and then wiping her hand on them successfully stirred someone awake.

A certain big boss ground his teeth. “Lin Yueqi!”

“Ah~” Lin Yueqi hung up and smiled at him. “Honey, you’re awake? Why don’t you take another nap? I’ll go and change my clothes.”

She lifted her blanket and was just about to get up, but as soon as her feet touched the ground, her collar was hooked by the man who then pulled her back.