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Published at 29th of July 2017 11:53:30 AM

Chapter 4

I want to amaze the world


The next day, Xuan Cao woke up early because she was working for the whole night, when she walked into the room, she was surprised that Yu Ling Long was already sitting in front of the dressing table .

“Miss, why did you woke up so early?” Xuan Cao carried a heavy barrel of water with much effort inside the room, when she looked up she saw an unimaginable scene .

Her slender willow-leaf shaped brows were tightly wrinkled together, her black crystal-transparent eyes were staring tightly onto the mirror, holding a comb that was missing a piece on her hand, cruelly stroking her neat long hair, it was as if she had deep grudges with her hair .

Yu Ling Long was troubled, why did people from ancient ages would want to keep their hair long? How many years would it take to finish combing her hair? She was starting to miss the neat short hair she once had in her past life .

“Miss, let me help you . ” Xuan Cao tried to take away the comb as if she was stealing it, worrying that if this goes on, her Miss would likely become bald .

It was too strange, Miss had always cherish her long hair, using much time to carefully comb her hair each and everyday, why would she suddenly be so rude to her hair?

When Yu Ling Long let go of her hand, she felt helpless but also cooperated Xuan Cao, she shifted her attention onto the dressing table in front of her .

In this times, glass mirrors had not been invented yet, it was lucky enough for them to be able to use a smooth bronze mirror that was able to reflect light, but the mirror in front of them was obviously a defective mirror . The uneven-surfaced mirror could only reflect a blurred silhouette, cracks were starting to appear on the table, when she pulled the drawer, the drawer was also missing the bottom .

Not only the dressing table, looking around, the furniture in the room wasn’t less, but they were all dilapidated, the table was missing half of a leg, bricks were piled up to reluctantly support and hold the table in place, a few stools were also shaky and unstable, the holes on the window was obviously filled by Xuan Cao by gluing papers onto it . Not to mention yesterday’s bed that could make noises if her breath was slightly larger, it seemed like it was ready to collapse anytime, what’s up with all these crap!?

Which part of it looked like a big Miss’ boudoir, it was simply just a broken warehouse .

Yu Ling Long let of a cold sigh, it was no wonder that she would live in a place like this, General Yu was outside battling in war, everything that happens in Yu Courtyard would be settled by Madam Mu herself with nobody to go against it, helplessly entering the courtyard was already despicable enough, not to mention she is also only a illegitimate daughter, of course Madam Mu wouldn’t be kind to her . Have you seen anyone loving a daughter born from a mistress?

Even so, Madam Mu’s actions was completely unacceptable, wouldn’t she feel afraid if rumors started spreading and ruining General Yu’s reputation?

But she completed her purpose, the past Yu Ling Long had been tortured until death . Unfortunately for Madam Mu, God toyed her, swapping the weak-natured Yu Ling Long’s soul with a sturdy-natured soul .

Yu Ling Long smiled slightly, a blurry silhouette appeared on the mirror but her bright smile was still uncoverable .

Isn’t all she has to do is start from scratch? She had already died once, she wouldn’t possibly fail to overcome even this little problem?

“What’s the time now?” Yu Ling Long asked Xuan Cao who was carefully combing her hair .

“It’s almost time, you should be hungry by now right Miss?” Xuan Cao asked softly while observing her countenance .

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Yu Ling Long was injured yesterday, she couldn’t have a good night sleep yesterday too, it should be normal for her to feel hungry by now .

“Do not worry Miss, food will be sent to each room soon, nobody is in the kitchen, I shall go and find something for you to eat . ” Said Xuan Cao while purposely using a soft tone .

Having stolen much food for days, Xuan Cao was getting more experienced with it, she was very familiar with the best timing to go and steal from the kitchen .

After listening what Xuan Cao said, a trace of cold light flashed in front of Yu Ling Long’s eyes .

Must she keep on relying on stolen food in order to live on? Perhaps the past Yu Ling Long wouldn’t mind, but now, she absolutely couldn’t tolerate living this inferior life .

Seeing Xuan Cao piercing a stick onto her hair, Yu Ling Long stood up .

“Let’s go . ”

“Where would you want to go, Miss?” Xuan Cao was surprised, asking her subconsciously .

In the past, they had always hide inside the room in this hour, because it would be the time where every room was served breakfast, the people in the courtyard would be busy running around serving food, if they collided with some lady with a big reputation, they would have to starve again .

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That’s right, even Yu Ling Long was called Miss, inside Yu Courtyard, she couldn’t even compare to a slave .

Yu Ling Long said: “What are you afraid of, would there even be anyone out there daring to bully us?”

Before finishing, she had put her foot outside of the room and walked away quickly, Xuan Cao wouldn’t dare to neglect her, she followed tightly behind her back, she wanted to convince her, but she dare not to do so .

Although the Yu Ling Long now had never said any rude words and done any rude actions, she had an aura that was filled with anger and hatred from the start, making people to feel fear .

She was using the map inside her mind, circling around the courtyard, running to her destination .

“Miss, that place is somewhere we mustn’t go!” looking at Miss’ firm footsteps while heading towards the courtyard where Madam Mu is living, Xuan Cao couldn’t hold it and she finally tried to convince Miss . That is where Madam Mu lives, usually they would just go around it, worrying that they would disturb Madam Mu, it was also time for breakfast, if Miss went straight in, it would be more dangerous than touching a tiger’s butt bare-handedly .

It was as if she did not hear Xuan Cao’s warning, Yu Ling Long’s footsteps hasn’t even stopped the slightest, heading straight to the path that crossed Madam Mu’s yard, only then she would stop her footsteps .

“Miss……” Xuancao being alarmed began looking around their surroundings, worrying that they would be noticed by other people, but she did not dare to stretch her hand and pull Yu Ling Long, it was a very hard choice .

What does Miss intend to do!? If anyone saw them both standing here being a nuisance, they would either get a beating or get scolded .

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Yu Ling Long also looked around her surroundings, but her look was opposite of what Xuan Cao had, Xuan Cao was scared of attracting attention, for her, she couldn’t stand not seeing anyone .

Wanting to build a reputation, to overturn the weak impression that the past Yu Ling Long left, she must amaze and stun everyone . This was also the reason why she had chose to start from Madam Mu!

God did not disappoint her, only after a while, somewhere quite far came footsteps .

Xuan Cao no longer cared identities, she stretched her hand out and pulled Yu Ling Long’s sleeves, trying hard to pull her to hide in the back of the tree .

“Miss, someone is coming, we need to go and hide there!”

Xuan Cao was really scared, although she followed Miss into the courtyard for not long, but they had suffered too much, making her fear everyone in the Yu Courtyard . More importantly, she wouldn’t want Miss to suffer the same destiny as her! She needs to know that these people wouldn’t even bat an eye to this misbegotten Fourth Miss, in the past where miss was slightly slow when giving way to a big lady, she was then pushed cruelly into the mud pit, even her knees became swollen .

Thinking of what happened before, Xuan Cao tried even harder to pull Yu Ling Long, but even though she had gave her full effort to pull her, it doesn’t seem to budge Yu Ling Long one bit .

The footsteps, it was getting closer, so close that the ladies’ laugh was clear .

Yu Ling Long closed her eyes slightly, her clear eyes were giving people a cold feeling .

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