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The General Who Hates Me - Chapter 368

Published at 29th of February 2020 02:10:09 PM

Chapter 368

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Keira became busy with being a full time mother for her twins and at the same time maintaining herself to bring her old shape back in place. After a month that she gave birth to the twins, Keira and Zach organized their dedication day with their close family, relatives and friends only as guests.

The couple smiled lovingly as Zach held Cayden while Keira held Stella in their arms as they seconded on the Preacher's prayer for their twins. 

"Dear Lord, we thank You for these precious gifts – these beautiful children whom we dedicate to you today. Behold, children are a gift that comes from You, the fruit of the womb is indeed a reward! Lord, we pray that You protect these innocent gifts that You have given us. We declare that the plans of the enemy to seek, kill and destroy these children shall not come to pass in Jesus' Name. These children are a blessing and will grow to be a blessing to those around them, Amen."

"Amen," everyone in the Liu Ancestral Mansion where the dedication day was held answered in chorus.

"Wow… Who would believe that we are now proud grandparents…" commented Mrs. Chan to her husband. As parents, there was nothing more rewarding than to see your child having a good life - with a good lifetime partner and children of their own- a happy family of her own.

Mr. Chan let out a long deep sigh of satisfaction and suddenly stood up for a toast. "To our twins! May they grow to be healthy and good kids without being too stubborn ones like their mother…" Everyone laughed at that jest while Keira pouted her lips on her father who gave her a loving wink before he continued, "but be the best of themselves like their mother of course…"

The event was celebrated well and everyone enjoyed their small groups. Of course Keira and Zach almost had everyone as the Godparents of her twins with couples that played a big part in their lives like Torin & Lyra, May and Riley, Drey and Cielo, Jeru and Thea, and  Xander and Yera.

Of course Lana was included though she was still single, with her was Cobra and the twins, Josh and Rizie.

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And as usual, Lana had again become the center of bantering, as a new hobby of keira whenever she would sit together with her closest friends, Lana's singledom would be the target. 

"Geez, why can't you accept the fact that I am happy being single? I don't want any headaches in my life…" Lana complained while rolling her eyes. Keira's lips twitched in disagreement and she was about to say something more to convince her friend once more that love is worth taking the risk, but she heard her twins crying so she immediately jumped off her seat to find her twins.

Mrs. Chan could not help but smile admiringly at her daughter who quickly checked on her twins. Keira and Zach went back inside the mansion because Keira needed to breastfeed her twins.

Zach could only sigh as he watched his wife breastfeed Cayden while he fed Stella with the feeding bottle filled with Keira's pumped breast milk stored in the refrigerator. Keira insisted that she fed the twins purely with breastmilk and not to alternate it with formula milk. So she alternately fed the twins with her breast and feeding bottle.

Keira laughed because of her husband's look at her. Zach noticed it so he quickly pursed his open mouth. He was living almost like a monk for months now and until now he would not dare touch his wife intimately because Keira was still recuperating from her normal delivery. Though he heard that a period of six weeks would be enough to be healed but still he would not compromise on his wife's health.

He saw Keira winked at him and whispered, "I will attend to you General once our twins are fully asleep."

Zach's shoulders dropped because he knew it would be in vain to wait for that opportunity. Why? Because their twins were always active and their mother barely had enough sleep. 

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Mostly Keira was too busy at night and slept in day like their twins. And he was a living witness that it was truly not easy to be a mother. Well it was easy to get a helper but Keira did not want to entrust their twins with a nanny. She wanted to take care of their babies herself completely.

So Zach, would never dare wake up his wife for his own physical needs, seeing how even a short nap was very important for his wife.

He gave Keira a reassuring smile and said, "Don't mind me… You still need to heal and the doctor said that it should be fourteen weeks at least."

Keira tried her best not to laugh but she couldn't keep it so she burst out in laughter saying, "I can still perform by other means to please my general. If there's a will, there's always a way…" then followed was a wink to her husband with her teasing by biting her lower lip down.

Zach blushed unconsciously and Keia found it so cute that her husband suddenly felt bashful with her bluntness. Because of that she was more eager to keep her promise. As soon as her twins were settled, she would definitely attend to him soon after.

When the twins were finally asleep, Zach settled Stella on her crib while Keira also put Cayden to his crib. Zach's mobile phone rang and he answered it in a while since it was from the headquarters. He went out of the room so he would not disturb the twins' sleep.

He got engaged a bit long since it was an important conversation and his decision was very crucial and important so he needed to know every single detail. After minutes on the phone, the call finally ended.

"I'm sorry it's from…" he said as he entered their bedroom but immediately paused seeing his wife Keira was in deep sleep on their couch where he left her. Zach shook his head, how could his wife comfortably sleep while sitting? He immediately carried Keira on the bed and cuddled her. 

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"You don't need to please me by any means my star… Because being with you like this is more than pleasing enough for me. I love you." Zach lovingly whispered as he gave his wife a gentle kiss.

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