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Chapter 128

After a while, House Master Baili nodded slightly and said, "Okay, I'm in! After all, Hua Qiyue is too arrogant . She offended First Prince and other people . With the help of great poisoner Shui Qianruo, even if we cannot kill Hua Qiyue, we can still inflict her heavily . "

"Yes, if she's hurt, we'll get the magic medicines . At that time, we can convict her of treason . . . Ha, ha, ha, that's perfect!" Liu Mo said and was immersed in his own imagination .

"I agree with it, too," House Master Xia said calmly .

Then only Ouyang Youche did not take a stand among them .

Others looked at Ouyang Youche who was dressed in white and was a seductive and handsome man . Now, he closed his mouth tightly and was weighing the pros and cons .

"Young master Ouyang, why are you still hesitating? For the past hundreds of years, we've shared sorrows, and we've advanced and faced with difficulties together . Since the other three families have already agreed, you have nothing to worry about, don't you?" Liu Mo smiled slightly and said .

Ouyang Youche smiled and said calmly, "Fine, I agree . "

Liu Mo was totally relieved when he heard this .

Liu Mo thought, "This is great since we Four Great Families cooperate with each other . Hua Qiyue, you'll definitely die this time . "

In Qifeng Palace, the Queen looked at the secret letter in her hand and laughed coldly, saying, "As I wish, Four Great Families finally cooperate with each other . I'll get what I want without any move . Nice!"

The only thing the Queen wanted to do was enthrone his son—First Prince .

She was afraid that First Prince would fell from power after being enthroned for only one or two years because First Prince was immature, featherbrained and arrogant . In fact, Queen Liu understood that the Emperor crowned her son Huangfu Changyu as First Prince because she was supported by Liu's family .

"Mother, this time . . . you'd better catch Hua Qiyue and let me deal with her!" First Prince said with his eyes shining as if he saw Hua Qiyue lying below him without wearing anything .

"Yu'er, how can you be so shortsighted? Hua Qiyue is a great Qi Artist, and you regard her as your plaything? Humph, she might as well be my Soul Puppet!"

Queen Liu laughed coldly and said unhappily .

First Prince freaked out, obviously, he had heard Soul Puppet before .

"Queen mother, do you . . . do you know those demons?"

"Chongxiao knows . "

Queen Liu said calmly, "But last time, Chongxiao was seriously injured after being beaten by Prince Nan, and he's still recovering now . . . Prince Nan is really a personage!"

The Queen sounded calm, but First Prince was frightened after hearing this . The calmer the Queen was, the more vicious means she would use . After all, First Prince was the son of the Queen, of course, he knew about the Queen .

However, if Four Great Families made a move, they would have a chance to kill Hua Qiyue, humph!

First Prince was smug inwardly . Hua Qiyue wasn't good at building up relationships . She owned so many magic medicines, but she didn't send some to Four Great Families . Look, everyone was angry with her and she had to die!

The way First Prince thought was really weird . Why would he share his personal thing with others? But in the world of "nothing but strength" and "powerhouse-oriented", this was the rule .

Soft morning sunlight, hot weather as well as a wisp of breeze which was as cool as spring water made people feel refreshing .

Hua Qiyue was lying on her side in the bed, while her Divine Sense was practicing in Mysterious World .

Hua Qiyue had to strengthen her practice, otherwise, if something happened suddenly, she would not be powerful enough to deal with it . Although for most Qi Artists, her cultivation was relatively good .

However, if she was besieged, what would she do?

"Miss? Miss? Are you up?" Lv Xin called in a low voice outside the room . All of a sudden, Hua Qiyue's Divine Sense came to reality . Nowadays, she had inhaled more and more anima energies and her Divine Sense could come and go freely .

Tianci had lived in the opposite guest room . After all, he was growing up and he might not grow up if he still slept in the same room with Hua Qiyue .

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Hua Qiyue woke up lazily and stretched, saying, "Come in . . . "

"Miss, a stranger sent this to you . It's a small stone and this is a welcome gift . It's an ordinary stone . Since this is your thing, we have to hand it to you . "

Saying this, Lv Xin put an envelope on the table .

Hua Qiyue got out of bed in curiosity and opened the envelope, only to see an ordinary stone rolling out of the envelope . Seeing this, Lv Xin covered her mouth to titter .

Hua Qiyue rolled her eyes at Lv Xin and thought, "Lv Xin must have seen it, so, she knows that this is an ordinary stone . "

However, there was a paper in the envelope . Hua Qiyue took it out, only to see several scribbled characters: Infanta, this stone is for you, by Shenglin .

"It's Eleventh Prince," Hua Qiyue thought and frowned . She immediately wondered why he sent her this . There must be something else he wanted to express, wasn't there?

Hua Qiyue held the stone and was appreciating it, but heard nothing . She shook her head and said, "I thought that Eleventh Prince's gift would be special, but this isn't as good as I thought . "

Lv Xin was still tittering . Youshui entered with a basin of water for Hua Qiyue to wash her face, saying, "Miss, what gift did Eleventh Prince give to you? Is it some wonderful information?"

Hua Qiyue was suddenly shocked by the word "wonderful" and immediately put the stone beside her ear, expecting to hear something .

She could hear nothing still, which was weird .

Hua Qiyue didn't give up because she once read from an old book that there was a kind of spiritual stone which could store messages .

But the old book didn't say how to use it . So, Hua Qiyue put the stone down again .

"Miss, perhaps, Eleventh Prince was kidding, wasn't he?" Lv Xin said and comforted her at once when she found Hua Qiyue disappointed .

"Emm, you may leave now . I'll figure it out when I calm down," Hua Qiyue said with a long face . This was the first time that she had met such an intractable and special thing .

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The two maidservants left the room . It was so quiet in the room that the twitter of the birds outside the room could be heard . Hua Qiyue was so boring and she tapped the stone, only to hear a deep and low voice .

"Hua Qiyue . . . "

Hua Qiyue was frightened and thought, "Is this really the spirit stone which can transmit the sound?"

"Queen Liu has asked Liu's family to cooperate with Four Great Families to gather all the Qi Artists to kill you . They're now training the Qi Artists to get united for this . . . "

All of a sudden, Hua Qiyue's facial expression became serious and her eyes gleamed with malice .

That was great since Queen Liu made a move, then she should waste no time .

Hua Qiyue waited until the record disappeared and she knocked the stone again, and the stone started to speak again .

She knocked again until the stone stopped talking and she heard her own voice .

"Emm . . . it's almost the same with what the book says, that is to say, the record can only be heard once and cannot be heard for twice . But the stone is really good, maybe it can preserve the evidence?" Hua Qiyue thought and frowned, slightly smiling . Suddenly, she felt light-hearted .

So, she knocked the stone again and recorded another speech .

After that, Hua Qiyue put the stone back to the envelope and handed it to Lv Xin, saying, "Lv Xin, you hand this to Caiqing and ask her to return it to Eleventh Prince . "

Lv Xin was astonished and looked at her with eyes wide open, saying, "Miss, although the stone sent by Eleventh Prince is a little ugly, it's not the token of love, why do you want to return it? You've offended First Prince, and now you'll offend Eleventh Prince, isn't that bad?"

Hua Qiyue smiled calmly and said, "Don't worry, do what I tell you . "

Lv Xin was still hesitating, so, Hua Qiyue had to ask Caiqing to do this because this thing was very important . Hua Qiyue was afraid that Lv Xin didn't send this "letter" to Eleventh Prince because she was worried that Hua Qiyue would offend Eleventh Prince, and that would be troublesome .

After sending the letter, Hua Qiyue and Tianci had breakfast . And then, the newly-recruited Qi Artist accompanied Tianci to go to school .

Although Hua Qiyue was curious about the light ball on his body, she still hired the bodyguard to protect him because she knew that it was the light of protection .

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After breakfast, Hua Qiyue entered Mysterious World . Tianpi had already recovered after taking the Magic Core to cultivate .

"Master, something will happen this time," Hua Qiyue directly told Tianpi the thing between Queen Liu and Liu's family as soon as she entered .

Tianpi was drinking his wine and listening, snorting and saying, "That will be a big joke if my apprentice is killed by several lackeys . "

Hua Qiyue sighed slightly and said, "Master, you're not outside . Although compared with most Qi Artists, I'm quite good, if those Qi Artists besiege me together, what do you think will happen?"

The look in Tianpi's eyes became slightly cold . Of course, he knew the result . If Hua Qiyue didn't improve herself, she probably had less chance to win .

After all, on the Tianyuan Continent, the Qi Artists above the high level of Dragon Diagram were rare, but it didn't mean there was no such Qi Artists . Four Great Families in the capital owned many mysterious Qi Artists who were specially allowed to use the resources of Four Great Families to practice .

While Four Great Families once summoned them, they would also spare no effort to finish the tasks that these families handed to them .

"I know that you're not strong enough . They will make a move on you in at most one or two months, right? So, I'll have to teach you some Qi skills, such as the excellent footwork and final hit like Mourning Steps . If you're not at the high level of Qi Art, you have to use spirit weapon, divine weapon, and final hit to make yourself stronger . Some Qi Artists are several levels lower than their enemies, but if their divine weapon and final hit are several levels more powerful than the enemies', they'll have more chances to win and they won't suffer too much . "

Tianpi said and raised his index finger to slightly touch his head . Suddenly, a red light emitted from his head and dropped on his palm .

All of a sudden, the red light became several scrolls .

"These are my unique skills . After all, learning more unique skills is better than taking spirit medicine . And it's hard for you to advance through levels no matter how many spirit medicines you take," Tianpi said and handed those scrolls to Hua Qiyue .

Hua Qiyue was very glad and thanked Tianpi at once . She opened the first scroll, only to see several characters shining on the scroll: Curse to Make Spirit die .

Hua Qiyue was overwhelmed by these characters which were so powerful . And Hua Qiyue came to reality after she was in a trance for a long while .

"Read it and feel it . You will be familiar with it in several days with your talent . "

Tianpi said lazily and enjoyed his big roast chicken . Hua Qiyue glanced at the rest two scrolls which also wrote the unique skills, but these skills would consume a large number of anima energies, so, they wouldn't be used unless it's emergency .

Imprint of Mountain and River and Keep away from Sea of Fire were two skills collected by Tianpi and he was very satisfied with them .