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Chapter 20

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The previous Princess Consort could not persuade him otherwise and thus their engagement was called off .

Tianci noticed Huangfu Xuan's savage expression and was so terrified that he immediately hid behind Hua Qiyue .

Hua Qiyue's face darkened . She deduced that the other man must be Prince Nan but he gazed detachedly out of the window to look at the beautiful sunlight .

Sunlight rippled across the pond's surface and the waters twinkled . The main hall's roof that was carved from lean bamboo was reflected in the water which made the scene seem strangely peaceful .

From the faint herbal scent that wafted in, Hua Qiyue deduced that the herb garden was in the backyard .

"Greetings Prince Nan and Prince Huangfu . I'm not here to look for your royal highness, but rather, I have come to visit Prince Nan . I would like to request Prince Nan to heal my son's throat . His throat has been damaged by poison which has robbed him of his speech . I hope that you would be able to grant my request . "

Hua Qiyue knelt down respectfully . She would do anything for Tianci .

Prince Nan suddenly looked at her and saw that her eyes were lowered . She looked earnest and sincere and it did not seem like she was putting on an act .

Huangfu Xuan's eyes widened and he stared at her disbelievingly .

This rude girl wasn't here to see him? He couldn't help but feel a twinge of jealousy at the thought of that .

"Humph! Hua Qiyue, you must have heard that Prince Nan and I are good friends and that we often meet at his residence to play chess and drink, right? Was this why you deliberately adopted that invalid kid…"

"Your Excellency, I sincerely hope that you would grant my request!"

Hua Qiyue said humbly as she interrupted Huanfu Xuan again .

Hua Qiyue pulled the uneasy Tianci to her side and looked at him tenderly as she said, "Tianci, please behave . Prince Nan would definitely be able to heal your throat . You must remain calm . "

Prince Nan's eyes narrowed slightly . He had heard about Hua Qiyue and was surprised to see that she seemed so different from the cowardly and weak woman that the rumors made out her to be .

Yun Shimo remained unmoved and said coldly, "Sorry, I'm not going to treat him . "

Hua Qiyue was stunned, then she held up the silk box that contained the Long Red and said, "Your Excellency, I'm willing to part with this divine herb, Long Red, in exchange for my son's health . "

Then, she opened the silk box and Prince Nan's expression immediately changed when he glanced at its contents .

It was the Long Red!

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This was a priceless and miraculous herb .

Hua Qiyue never spared Huangfu Xuan a glance at all . He was extremely astonished and looked first at Yun Shimo, then at Hua Qiyue, as though he had mistaken them for someone else .

Yun Shimo's expression turned grave when he saw what lay in the silk box . He took the silk box and carefully examined the Long Red .

The Long Red within the box resembled ginseng but it glowed with a holy and pure red light . The red light was as pure as the light bouncing off the pond which made it even more enchanting . It also gave off an aromatic and intoxicating fragrance that invigorated the spirits of those who smelled it and they would suddenly feel as though all the impurities in their bodies had been purged .

Huangfu Xuan stuck out his head to take a closer look and immediately exclaimed, "What…what is this? It is so beautiful and fragrant!"

The two pharmacy apprentices at the side could not hide their astonishment . This was a divine herb, which meant that not anyone could be in possession of it . It would be impossible for even someone such as a highly skilled Qi Artist or a master of a profound sect to be in possession of it .

Even the most famous Saint of Medicine in the Changjing Kingdom was not in possession of the Long Red either .

Yun Shimo's gaze remained calm . There was a hint of surprise but there was no trace of greed in his eyes . "Miss Hua, I will not see any patients today . My apologies; you may come back tomorrow . "

Hua Qiyue's heart sank at his words . This Long Red was clearly of the highest grade, why was he still not satisfied?

Tianci held her hand nervously and she gently patted his head .

"Your Excellency, why do you not wish to treat him?" Hua Qiyue wanted an explanation . "If you feel that this Long Red is not enough, I would be able to give you a few more . If you are after money, I have no problem with that as well . As long as you are willing to treat him, I will meet all your requests!"

Hua Qiyue was willing to do anything in order to persuade Prince Nan to treat her son .

Yun Shimo's gaze remained extremely calm and he said coldly, "I will not treat him today!"

Hua Qiyue refused to give up and asked, "Your Excellency, would you be able to tell me why you refuse to treat him?"

Yun Shimo did not even bother to reply this time . He coldly put his teacup aside and rose to his feet to head into the inner hall .

Huangfu Xuan laughed heartily . "Hua Qiyue, how dare a lowly wretch like you even think of employing such tricks to seduce a handsome man? Ha Ha, you should just give up!"

Hua Qiyue did not have the time to care about that egomaniac . Prince Nan was known to be temperamental, so what if he still refused to treat Tianci tomorrow? She would have to make sure she achieved her goal today!

"Your Excellency, if you refuse to grant my request, I . . . I will destroy all the Long Reds I have!"

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Hua Qiyue shouted harshly . She didn't look like she was about to give up!

Prince Nan stopped in his tracks . Hua Qiyue had done her research before visiting and knew that Prince Nan treasured herbs as much as his life, just like the Saint of Medicine and could not bear to see useful herbs being wasted . She knew that this tactic had been effective . Clearly, strange tactics had to be employed when dealing with strange people . She would make sure that what he did not want most to happen would come to pass . This would then force him to bend obediently to her will!

Yun Shimo turned around and his eyes were extremely cold . It was as though there was an added layer of iciness to the cold and haughty Prince Nan, which made him even more unapproachable .

"Hua Qiyue, how dare you use it to threaten me!" Yun Shimo said angrily . After being a Prince for so many years, this was the first time someone had dared to threaten him in such a manner!

"If you refuse to treat him… I will destroy this Long Red right now!" Hua Qiyue said harshly as she held up the Long Red that gave off such an intoxicating glow .

Yun Shimo’s cold expression finally cracked as he asked, "How many more… do you have at home?"


Yun Shimo's expression changed again . Divine herbs were so precious in the mortal realm but she had six Long Reds!

"Hua Qiyue! I will remember this! You are the first person I'll make an exception for – after this matter is over, I'll make sure you pay for this!" Yun Shimo said coldly . Nonetheless, he ultimately agreed to accept Tianci as a patient .

Hua Qiyue heaved a small sigh of relief and quickly led Tianci to him .

Unexpectedly, Huangfu Xuan suddenly pointed at her and exclaimed, "Hey… you wretched woman! I forbid you to take another step forward!"

Hua Qiyue scowled and said, "Your Highness, please rest assured . I haven't got an iota of interest in you so could you please keep your distance from me as well . "

Huangfu Xuan was so angry that he could have thrown up blood .

The moment she drew near to Yun Shimo, she could detect a faint herbal scent .

This herbal scent as extremely fragrant .

Prince Nan stretched out his hand . His long, slender and fair fingers did not seem to be of this world . Was he… truly a pharmacist?

Tianci gripped her hand in terror and his eyes were filled with reluctance

Hua Qiyue tenderly caressed his head and soothed him with her actions .

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Tianci pursed his lips and as Hua Qiyue continued to look at him encouragingly, he slowly stretched out his hand apprehensively . Yun Shimo held his hand and his expression turned grave after he felt his pulse .

"This is a slow-acting poison that affects the blood . It would first rob one of speech, then attack the rest of his organs . Two years later, the infected person would become a pool of blood . This poison is known as Corrosive Water and it is not something a commoner would have in possession . "

After Prince Nan felt Tianci's pulse, he could immediately tell what was wrong with Tianci .

Huangfu Xuan's eyes widened . “I think… . only the Poison Master at the Imperial Court has this poison!”

Yun Shimo nodded . "Indeed, this poison could only be from the best Poison Master – Shui Qianruo . "

Shui Qianruo?

Hua Qiyue's face darkened and her eyes flashed coldly which made her gorgeous face look extremely cold .

Huangfu Xuan glanced at Hua Qiyue and was stunned by her expression .

Such an expression would have never crossed the face of the Hua Qiyue he knew .

"Let me first try to expel the poison from his body . If that doesn't work, I'll have to gradually expel it from his body . Come with me . " Yun Shimo said expressionlessly . This handsome man who was as cold as ice did not seem to bear any malicious intent .

Tianci turned to look at Hua Qiyue and when he saw her determined and encouraging gaze, he followed Yun Shimo into the inner hall .

Hua Qiyue was extremely anxious and could not stop pacing in the main hall . She never once looked at Huangfu Xuan .

Huangfu Xuan assumed that Hua Qiyue was acting and glanced at her from the corner of his eye . That woman was dressed in white robes and her face paled in comparison to flowers . Instead, she looked more like an immortal . Her beautiful brows were slightly knitted which made her look more beautiful than the moon . She seemed bright and pure with a hint of sorrow .

Huangfu Xuan felt a little irritated . This woman was treating him as if he didn't exist!

"Humph, the way you're acting like a Holy Mother is extremely detestable!" He said coldly .

Hua Qiyue did not wish to entertain him . She listened closely to the sounds from the inner hall but she could not hear anything but Huangfu Xuan's irritating voice .

"Hey! Hua Qiyue, I'm disgusted by your presence . Could you please head to the outer hall?"

Huangfu Xuan ordered her haughtily .

"Your Highness, I'm equally annoyed by your presence . Would you please shut up?" Hua Qiyue retorted rudely .

Huangfu Xuan's eyes widened . He pointed at Hua Qiyue and stuttered, "You… you… . You… . "

He was stuck at the word 'you' for ages . Then, Hua Qiyue scoffed . "I was slow-witted in the past and always looked like a half-wit . However, just as Grand Master Xuanji predicted, my senses have returned after I adopted Tianci . Rest assured, I won't have any delusional expectations of our relationship and neither do I have any interest in you . "

Hua Qiyue took two steps toward the inner hall, then stopped .

She could not interrupt Yun Shimo while he was treating her son and expelling his poison .

She was just about to step back when a sudden scream rang out from the inner hall . It was Tianci!

Tianci could no longer speak after being poisoned but he was still able to scream .

Hua Qiyue was extremely shocked and rushed into the inner hall . The two pharmacy apprentices were startled by her sudden reaction, not having expected her to rush inside .

"Miss Hua, please stop… you mustn't interfere with the treatment process…" They tried to stop her but it was too late . She was already inside .

Huangfu Xuan was full of pent-up rage and when he saw that there was a sudden turn of events, he quickly rushed inside as well .

After she entered the inner hall, she saw that there was a soft carpet laid out on the floor and Yun Shimo had pressed his hand against Tianci's head . They were shrouded by red Spiritual Qi which exuded scorching heat!

Tianci's face was scrunched up in pain, probably because it was too hot and his forehead was drenched in sweat . He struggled with all his might and kept screaming when he found that he was unable to break free from the Qi which trapped him firmly within .

Hua Qiyue was extremely worried for her son . After all, Tianci had been injured and all logic flew out of the window when she saw him suffering . She immediately rushed over in shock!

"Miss, please stop…" The pharmacy apprentices shouted behind her but Hua Qiyue had already come into contact with that Qi circle . The Qi circle then latched on to her body like a solid wall!

Tianci looked at Hua Qiyue, his eyes brimming with tears .

Yun Shimo's eyes were closed as he concentrated on treating Tianci . The two pharmacy apprentices were about to rush forward to pull her away when that red Qi circle suddenly disappeared with an audible poof . It transformed into a Qi current which then charged into her body!

Hua Qiyue toppled forward and Yun Shimo suddenly opened his eyes to see Hua Qiyue falling toward him with a loud exclamation…


There was a muffled thump as Hua Qiyue fell on top of Yun Shimo . Everyone behind them stared at them in dumbfounded astonishment!