The Genius' First Love - Chapter 10

Published at 27th of December 2018 03:29:19 PM
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Chapter 10

"You look so beautiful Xhemin Lae"

"You look so beautiful Xhemin Lae"

"You look so beautiful Xhemin Lae"

"You look so beautiful Xhemin Lae"

"Okay fine, I know I'm pretty!"

I covered my face with my hands to wash away the emotions . His words echoed in my head over and over— it was giving me severe headache!

I looked through the glass window on my left and busied myself admiring the beautiful waves kissing the sand . The sky was clear and the sun was scorching outside .

I remembered those wonderful summers that me, Huzey and Ziggy spent on beach during our childhood years . How petty we had to grow up fast, our summers these days were spent on academic researches and trainings .

The team was on a seafood restaurant situated along the beach . This place was just few kilometers away from the university circle where we were staying . We were currently celebrating the success of Huzey and Ziggy's performance .

The view was so refreshing it made me forget my recent predicament .

"What are you thinking?" Huzey asked me when he noticed that I was lost in my own train of thoughts .

"Err . . nothing . . " His question crashed me back to reality . I turned to his side and realized there was only the two of us left sitting in the table right now . I wondered where Ziggy and coach went to .

"Not a convincing alibi . " He let go of the newspaper that he was holding and stared at me with suspicion . He squinted his eyes while scrutinizing my expression trying to figure out if I was lying or not . Huzey knew me very well, and this time he knew there was something bothering me that I wasn't telling him .

Huzey and I had been the best of friends, and there was nothing in this world we would not tell each other . This was the first time I felt hesitant to convey my thoughts to him . But the thing that was bothering me was quite complicated . Truth was I was dying to tell him yet, I didn't know how to tell him these things . How could I convey something that I myself was having hard time deciphering?

"Have you ever been in love?" I asked in my attempt to confess the things running my mind .

"Why are you in love?" He asked in a straight face .

"I don't know" I answered as I heaved a sigh . I looked at him with a tiredly gaze as I confessed my agony .

How can someone differentiate whether they are in love or if they are just having a system failure in their heart? The beast and I crossed the line earlier . We did something that we shouldn't have done . The last time I checked, he was my nemesis . From what happened this morning, I didn't know how to label him anymore .

"With that man?" He asked again .

I lowered my head as my face went red with embarrassment . I did not respond and Huzey knew by then that the answer to his recent question was a yes .

"Do you like him?" He asked again as he pulled out the newspaper again and flipped through the pages .

"I don't know"

"Do you like seeing him always?"

"I don't know"

"Does he makes you happy?"

"I don't know"

I was not lying to Huzey, everything between the beast and I confused me . I was feeling so helpless that I needed Huzey's confirmation or opinion over this thing . This was what I usually do whenever there was something that I couldn't figure out, I always sought his opinion . This time, I was dying for him to tell me what to do .

"So tell me Huzey am I in love?" I asked eagerly anticipating his answer . I looked at him eye to eye and even moved my face closer to him .

"I don't know"

He answered in a stoic expression as he flipped through the pages again . However, I saw his mouth curved an angle that he tried so much to contained . He grinned!


I managed to snatched the newspaper from his hand and hit his shoulders with it .

This man! He already knew that I was desperately seeking out his opinion yet managed to laugh over my predicament .

"What's that for?" He was still trying to hold his laughter when he retorted .

"You just repeated my answer!" I pouted in front of him showing my dismay .

"Sorry, last word syndrome!" He winked and looked at me with shining eyes . He managed to keep a straight face for a minute before he let loose with a loud guffaw .

Since his expression was a bit contagious, a little later, our table was filled with both of our laughter .

"What are you guys laughing about?" Coach and Ziggy appeared out from nowhere in front of us . Each of them pulled a chair and seated themselves .

"What is it?" Ziggy demanded eagerly as if he couldn't wait to join the fun . He reached out for the glass of water from the table and drank out from of it . I saw droplets of sweat from his head, I bet they took a stroll in the beach .

"Love" Huzey spoke without oddity in his voice, as if the thing he mentioned was an ordinary topic for us . I glared at him, feeling betrayed over such revelation!

"What! Cough…cough . . . cough…!" Ziggy almost fell from his seat .

"You okay Zigs?" I reached for the glass of water that he was holding, afraid he might accidentally let go of it .

"Why are you guys talking about love? Are you two having an affair behind my back?" He yelled as he pounded his chest with his hands .

"Why can't we talk about love? Is it forbidden?" Huzey answered as if nothing unusual was happening .

"And do we need to have an affair to talk about it?" I responded sarcastically .

"Who by the way is in love?" Coach asked suspiciously as he looked at the two of us . His eyes were demanding an immediate answer .

"He's gonna kill me if I tell you who" Huzey mercilessly exposed me .

"Huzey!" I yelled in rebellion . My best friend just betrayed me . I can't believe this!

"She's not only gonna kill you, she is also gonna throw your soul to hell too!" Ziggy threatened him as soon as he recovered from his incredulity .

The three bursted into laughter . I blushed red in humiliation . I was the victim again for today!

"Whoever laughs will face death tomorrow" I threatened them when I realized how pitiful I was at the moment . These three boys were teaming up against me .

"Hahahahaha" They laughed harder when they heard me .

"Whoever laughs will turn into an ugly ogre"

"Hahahahaha" They laughed harder than before . They even exaggerated it this time .

" If you guys won't stop laughing, I'll EAT YOUR SHARE OF THE LUNCH!"

Silence engulfed the place . No one dared to laugh . The food threat was effective!

"Are you going finish even the chicken bones?" Ziggy asked with a teary eye . He was like a child being bullied by someone bigger than him .

"Yes," My voice was firm and my expression was icy . I meant every bit of what I said .

"Even the sauce?" He asked again anxiously .

"That too" I nodded hastily while crossing my arms .

"Won't you spare even a drop of the drinks?"


"Are you going—"

"I'm going to eat everything in the table including the utensils!" I glared at them with a murderous look .

"Coach, she really is serious!" Ziggy grabbed coach shoulders as he yelled helplessly to him .

"Yes I know so be quiet now… . okay?" Coach encouraged him to be silent, afraid that one more cry from him will make the situation worst .

"I don't want to die in hunger . " Ziggy said sobbing in silence .

Few minutes after, the waiters served our food . The three boys had been so quiet in fear of my threat . They lowered their head and ate hurriedly as they could . They were careful and calculative of their actions making sure they won't make any sound . I ate my share quietly, enjoying the silence . A silent meal rarely happens when we ate out together .

We were almost finished eating when Huzey spoke again .

"So Xhem do you already have an answer to it?"

"To what?"

"If you are in love with Mr . Lagdameo or not?"

I looked at Huzey in a madman gaze . I wished I was Cyclops so he would die instantly in my stares . I really did think I successfully ended this topic earlier . Guess I was wrong!

"You can eat the plate if you want" He intentionally showed me his empty plate . So he dared to defy me because he was already full?


"Cough . . cough…cough . . " Ziggy faked a cough this time . He was amused of what Huzey did . His eyes were shining bright, saying 'it's payback time!' .

"Ziggy boy, I think you have a severe cough already . Do you want me to ship you to heaven right now?" I tried to threaten him again and gave him a sharp-laser look .

"No thanks! Why are you so mad? Huzey was just asking a friendly question and you are acting like a madman . Is that how a person who is in love acts?" He rolled his eyes at me .

"Ziggy . That's really how it works . Because when you are in love your heart beats faster than normal, giving you intense feelings . That's why Xhemin is so intense!" Coach said succinctly .

"Really?" The two boys turned their head to coach in unison . They look at him intently . Like me, the boys were stunned with coach's love expertise . How come he didn't teach these things to us?

"Coach, since it looks like you have some knowledge, why don't you tell us a bit about love?" Huzey suggested . I think these guys were doing everything to keep humiliating me . They were enjoying themselves over my chagrin .

"Right! So the academy's fee for you coach will be worth as well!" Ziggy said sarcastically .


Coach hit Ziggy's head without warning . I already had a feeling that coach will do that because of what Ziggy said .

"Coach! Don't do that to my precious brain!" Ziggy exclaimed helplessly .

"Are you telling me I'm not a good coach?" Coach glared at him .

"Of course I was just kidding! What I meant to say really is that, why don't you teach us these kinds of things aside from the strategies in the competition . I think that will also help us too" He explained like a puppy in front of him while caressing his head .

"Coach I agree . I think that's better so that we won't be like Xhem . She seems to be having a hard time, look at those dark circles under her eyes!" Huzey now turned to me and pointed to my face . I covered my face immediately trying to avoid their scrutiny .

"Okay fine . Listen to me it's like this!"

The boys leaned closer to coach as if they were discussing a secret strategy of the competition . They were acting as if the matter was of high importance . Who were these boys fooling too? I knew they were just trying to annoy me .

I opted to ignore them and faced the window where the beach was . I intentionally sat sideways to convey that I was not interested in joining their silly conversation . Not at all!

"This is how you will know if you are in love . " Coach heightened his voice . He was intentionally doing it so I would hear his explanation . I refused to give in and focused on looking at the beach .

"How?" Ziggy leaned further .

"Don't put your mouth near me, I can smell your foul breathing . I knew you didn't clean your teeth earlier"

"That smell—was the smell of the most expensive mouthwash in town today!"


"Yes, now tell us hurriedly!"

"Okay . First, you will know you are in love with the person when you cannot stand his gaze"

"Slowly coach, I'll write it down!" Huzey who was joining the fun, intentionally took a paper and pen from his bag and wrote it down . Huzey was a serious type of person, but throughout the years of being with silly people like Ziggy and I, he kind of learned how to join the fun .

"For how long?"

"Ten seconds is the minimum . So if you are in front of that person, look at him in the eye and try counting from one to ten . If you can't stand his gaze before the count of ten, then it means you are possibly in love with him!"

"Noted" Huzey responded and scribbled something on a piece of paper .

"Second . You will feel an electrifying feeling whenever you touch that person!"

"You mean you will be electrified? I didn't know love can kill!" Ziggy thought for a moment .

"Silly child . I'm talking of a different electricity . It's something that you feel running through your veins"

"Okay . Noted" That's Huzey again .

"Third . If that person calls your name, your heart will jump!"

"Is it possible for a heart to jump?"

"Yeah I think! . . okay coach this is noted"

"Fourth . Whether you close or open your eyes, you will continually see his face"

"The fifth and the last . If you will not be able to see that person, you will surely cry out of loneliness . That's it bow! " Coach exclaimed and crossed his arms confidently as if he was someone expert in this field .

I continually ignored them, but since we were on the same table, I heard every single word they shared to each other . After coach's last words, the boys suddenly become quiet . I wondered what were they doing . I wanted to continue ignoring them but suddenly, I felt sharp gazes behind my back . I turned my head to look at them .

Errrrr! My senses did not fail me . They were indeed looking at me intently . They were like big gorillas eyeing a helpless banana in front of them!

"What now?" I uttered innocently .

"Have you tried looking him in the eyes?" Coach started the inquiry .

"Were you able to stand it?" Ziggy said as his eyebrows curled into each other .

"Did you feel an electric feeling when you touch his abs that night?"-Coach .

"Tell me how does a hurt jump?" - Huzey .

"Are you imagining his face when you are watching the ocean's view? - Ziggy .

"Are you about to cry because you haven't seen him for the last couple of days? - Huzey .

"Can you guys stop these nonsense!" I rose from my seat angrily .

These boys were really something! I clenched my fist and walk out . I knew these boys will not stop bombarding me with questions so I decided to escape their inquiries .

I ran towards the exit as fast as I can . I was really annoyed right at the moment, I can't stand them anymore . My head hurts so much and they were making it worst!

"Guard! Don't make that girl run away!" Ziggy shouted when I reached the exit .

Suddenly a huge man blocked me with his arms crossed . His built was so big and his face frightened me . I halted in an instant in fear .

"What is it this time?" I turned my back to our table and asked them, gnashing my teeth in fury .

"We forget to tell that the meal is on you since we don't have cash!" Coach responded with a sneer and he looked away .

Ziggy was beside him whistling while looking at the ceiling while Huzey was pretending to be reading the newspaper again .


I lowered my head out of frustration . I really can't figure out why I had been a part of this team!