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The Genius' First Love - Chapter 105

Published at 31st of March 2019 06:25:01 AM

Chapter 105

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"What did you just say?" Xhemin asked, breaking the silence that settled in, her face reflected the frustration she had over the servant's news .

"Miss, we had been instructed to bring you home to Professor's Shun farmhouse" the valet answered politely . "The car is waiting at the entrance"

Days had rolled down fast, so fast that the time Xhemin and the beast spent in the forest stream was already three weeks past behind . So much things happened after that; like Dr . Cyan's official promotion being the Senior operations manager, Dr . Halsey transfer to the capital and the suppression of the staw diseases because of Xhemin's prescription . Darryl made a contract with Dr . Cyan, the latter being the patentee of the cure and L Empire being the developer .

Xhemin on the other hand was given an access to the herb garden which was located quite a far from the forest mansion . She had stayed there for several weeks busying herself with her research and studies and for the past three weeks that she spent there, she didn't have the chance to get back to the mansion nor was she visited by the beast or Dr . Cyan .

She didn't mind the solitude anyway since she had to cope up with her research . Also, there were also laborers in the herb garden and few botanists who had been her constant company . This week was supposed to be the week that she will finished her whole research and she was planning to get back to the forest mansion to assist Dr . Cyan further and probably spent some time with Darryl .

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However, to her dismay, two valets came this morning telling her that she needed to go home now—as in right at this instant .

"But why?" She asked again in shock "I mean why so sudden?"

"I'm so sorry miss" the valet apologized, "but we are just following the young master's orders and we are not really in the place to question any instruction that was given to us" the valet hitched a shrug .

"I need to get something in the forest mansion before I go home" She reasoned, hoping the servants will allow her plea .

"All your things are already in the car Miss . Dr . Cyan had already packed it up for you . He made sure you left nothing" the valet answered .

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"Dr . Cyan knew this?" She gazed at the thought . From what the situation looked like—it seemed that she was not allowed to enter the forest mansion anymore . Even Dr . Cyan himself was asked to prepare her things so she won't have a reason to step there anymore . Did Darryl really order this? Did the beast ban her from the mansion? But why?

Just few weeks ago, they were fine, and she was hoping they could still spend more time together but why does it seemed like the beast doesn't want to see her anymore?

The memory of what happened three weeks ago flashed before her eyes, however, instead of smiling upon the thought, the situation right now made her anxious . What exactly had happened? Did she do something wrong that had made him upset?

Why does it seemed like the beast was pushing her away? Since she came here in the herb garden, the beast never once visited her and now all of the sudden he wanted her to leave—like leave immediately without even saying goodbye?

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"I need to go the forest mansion right now, please" She insisted . She wanted to ask the beast, she wanted to see him, she wanted to know the reason why she was being pushed away .

"I'm sorry Miss, but we were instructed clearly to bring you home immediately" the valet denied her request politely "Please don't let this be hard for us"

Xhemin looked at the two men in front of her . She opened her mouth to argue the point but just decided to close it anyway . She can do nothing to change the servant's

mind since they were just following orders—and a disloyalty on their part means a goodbye to their job . So, she thought of something else, something that she can to in order to know what really was going on . She needed to see the beast right now . She needed an explanation for what seemed like a rude treatment she was experiencing at the time .

"Okay . I'll go and dressed up . Wait for me here" She instructed as she paced to the other side of the room where her bedroom was, seemingly annoyed over the fact of going-home-without-goodbye dilemma .

The valet breath a sign of relief after that exhausting conversation with the girl . She was totally insisting on an impossible proposition since they were specifically instructed not to let the girl stepped in the mansion . They stood there for few minutes, waiting for the girl patiently yet after quite some time they noticed that Xhemin was unreasonably delaying herself in her bedroom .

"She's not here!" one of the valets shouted when he went to check on the girl .

"What are you talking about? We both saw her enter the room" In panic, the other valet went inside and rummage every corner of the girl's bedroom . "She could just be around somewhere, go asked the herb garden's laborers .

Soon, every person in the herb garden went on looking for the girl but they could not find her anywhere .

"She took of one of the horses" One laborer said when he realized that one horse was missing in the yard .

"Where do you think she went to?" One valet asked, kind of anxious about the fact that their little pretty task went off missing .

"The forest mansion of course! You idiot!" His companion answered, "Let's go and chase her before everyone sees her in there!"

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