The Genius' First Love - Chapter 106

Published at 31st of March 2019 06:24:59 AM
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Chapter 106: 106

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Xhemin's ebony hair flowed behind her in the breeze as she pushed the horse faster and faster and the ground that she was trailing into rose towards a bun-shaped knoll which overlooked the forest mansion, she slowed down to a halt .

From where she was, she could see the entirety of the property and for some reason the façade looked rather unusual . She surveyed the scene, took it all in and noticed everything… from the perfection of the mansion's architectural design, its finest gardens and to the barns that hosted several horses etc .

It didn't take long for the girl to notice that it seemed that the servants were occupied with a couple of things, more like they were in the middle of some party preparations . Waiters and waitresses can be seen, and servants spread out everywhere in the mansions—all in their patterned exquisite uniforms .

Xhemin stared along the valley, spotted luxurious cars, and frowned . How very odd . Those vehicles were parked up in the forest mansion's front yard, quite few in numbers .

Xhemin went further into the mansion, halted her horse and tied it off somewhere then went to see a glimpse of what exactly was happening . Of course, she didn't make herself noticeable because aside from securities that suddenly popped out from nowhere every now and then, she also noticed earlier that the mansion's guests were no ordinary people .

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Their outfits and miens suggested that they were from the upper class . Unsure of her conclusions, she thought of making herself invisible as possible from everyone's sight because one single mistake will make her break another rules her granddad created .

Soon, Xhemin found out were the gathering was hosted—it was in the great hall where the moonlight mirror was placed and although the guest and the party was confined to that particular area, Xhemin can see all the activity inside through the glass windows that were intentionally kept open . It was a lovely gathering, and although she cannot hear what people were chattering inside or what music was playing, she could tell everyone was enjoying the party .

The beast must be in there, she thought .

And Dr . Cyan maybe .

But why was everyone suddenly gone partying in the middle of the day?

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Xhemin frowned from where she stood . She was on a shady bushy spot that gave her a great view of what's happening on the great hall while being unnoticed by everyone .

"I guess I'm on a wrong timing . The beast is surely busy at this time" She whispered to herself, feeling sorry for the fact that she had to go home now without any chance of saying goodbye . No goodbye rites this time surely . However, she thought that it was the beast himself who ordered the valets to bring her home .

Does it mean he does not want her to be a part of this celebration?

Whatever these people were celebrating, she can't be a part of it—at least for Darryl's opinion .

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But why?

Xhemin wanted to ignore the feelings that suddenly came pinching in her heart . She thought there's really no reason for her to be upset or something . She was just Dr . Cyan's assistant and her status does not come with it an assurance of being acknowledged more so being invited to a party—like the one that was flashing grandiosely in front of her eyes .

Knowing that everyone was busy with the party and no one might be available to entertain her ordeal or care about her goodbye rites, Xhemin thought of leaving . She was ready to turn and head back to the herb garden when she noticed the crowd that once were diversely occupied with their own business, now flocked in circle as if a show was about to be given . The girl's curiosity put her feet back to her previous spot and waited for the incoming event .

Now having all the guest together in one corner, Xhemin found it easier to scrutinized them . He saw Dr . Cyan and few of the lab's veterinarian striving in one corner with their dashing clothes, so with the rest of the forest mansion's staff . They were all waiting for something, their eyes were all expectant and smiles were all over their faces telling off how the great the party had been .

Soon, a familiar figure emerged and stepped in before the crowd . Darryl walked straight to the center, his gorgeous face held forward in a steady gaze, and it had an air of authority that was palpable . He was all in white, that dynamically separated him from the rest who wore dark colored suits . From a far, Xhemin can't still help but admire his alluring looks—his white suits made him looked like an angel, probably the most perfect angel with a devilish face .

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Darryl turned his back from the window where Xhemin was having a view to face the expectant crowd before him . His back was as ever gorgeous with his appealing façade but in no time, the beast was joined by someone—someone that had kept Xhemin's eyes fixated to what occurred before her .

A woman appeared in the room and went to Darryl's arms in a span of minutes . Her hands fell perfectly in Darryl's welcoming arms as if they were perfectly made for it . Xhemin didn't had much time to study her face because when she went forward, she immediately turned her back to Xhemin and face the crowd that was welcoming her with absolute warmth and claps .

She was also all in white, matching Darryl's suits and she was adored with fine pearl jewelries . She was right there, only few inches from the beast, but the beast's aura did not overpower her, instead she shone with an understated glamour and sharpness . Her demeanors as well as the glow she had with her only shows that she was no lesser than the Lagdameo heir, in fact, she was his fit—his perfect match .

She was wearing a backless gown and her hair was tucked off sophisticatedly in a bun . Her soft, ivory shoulders were exposed and so Xhemin could see her perfectly toned they were . Her back was flaunting before Xhemin stunningly and Darryl's hands touched her bare skin without any hesitation—only showing how confident was the beast about her beautiful body and how familiar was the girl with the beast's touches .

From the looked of it, Xhemin could tell the two knew each other—intimately .

Xhemin's mouth went dry and a nausea swirled unrestrained in her empty stomach . Her thoughts swam with half-formed regrets—she shouldn't have come .

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