The Genius' First Love - Chapter 116

Published at 12th of April 2019 08:55:11 AM
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Chapter 116
Xhemin's eyes scanned the crowd before her, then her eyes travelled from there to Darryl's hazel eyes and later watched Ziggy's expression . Even Huzey was caught off guard, only then to realize the fact that Darryl and Xhemin's clothes looked identical to each other, even their masked only showed a slight difference .

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"O Godness gracious!" Someone from the crowd hissed "Who's that one?"

Ziggy's reaction was unmannered . Great waves of laughter overtook him, and he couldn't help but laugh out loud upon the Xhemin's helpless eyes . In between his laughter he gasped for air before doubling over once again with the weight of hilarity .

Everyone one in the party stared at Xhemin as she attempted to stay calm and quiet, bit her lip and suppressed every desire to punch the laughing Ziggy at the moment .

How could Ziggy laugh over her chagrin? But she did remember the fact that if she messed up with Ziggy right now, Sam might be in trouble as everything she does will be blamed to Sam . Right now, of course, although her appearance did not look like one, every Montreal present knew she was Ziggy's bodyguard—at least that was what they expected .

"Little Miss?" Dannah Samuelle whispered to herself as she caught a view of the person behind Ziggy . She was with Xhemin for a while, so she easily recognized her . The fact that Xhemin was dressed up like a man confused her at first but judging upon the look, it seemed that Xhemin probably was disguising as her .

Unknown to Dannah Samuelle, Darryl caught the sound of her call and at the corner of his hazel eyes he studied his sister's expression . How did she know her?

He wanted to ask Dannah right then, but he was more concerned about the amusing fact that the girl was wearing the same shade of color with his attire . And why was she wearing a man's clothes?

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"What a shame! How dare he dressed up like the Lagdameo heir?" The bashing off started . Since Xhemin was wearing a man's suit, everyone did address her as boy .

"Oh Jeez! He looked awful, something that cannot be compared to the young master! How dare he comes in like that?"

"If I were him, I had changed instantly without everyone noticing . A shameful one . Who was that by the way?"

"Is he with the Montreal youngest sire?"

"Of course not! He was just following him all around . Must be a fan of him from a family not worthy to note!"

The crowd's bashing made Xhemin furious and so was Ziggy's laughter . She shouldn't have come! Also, Darryl was looking at her intensively, as if he was ready to eat her up alive .

Was he mad with her clothes too?

One 'f*ck you' for Ziggy .

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Another 'F*ck you' for Darryl .

What will she do right now aside from wanting to kick Ziggy's and Darryl's asses off?

Not able to redeem herself in seconds and not wanting to release her fury in the open crowd, Xhemin chose to walk out the room . She was in haste as if she wanted to evaporate right away!

"hey!" Ziggy called, following her but Huzey caught him by the hand .

"Everyone is watching can't you see?" Huzey chided, his eyes were intensely digging onto Ziggy as if he made a terrible act .

"What did I do?" He asked, taking careful not to make everyone noticed their exchanges .

"You begged for her to come here and you just laughed at her like that?" Huzey confronted him calmly, but his grip was tightly pressed on the Ziggy's arms "Act calm and do not follow her . Or everyone will know she was your companion"

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Realizing the mess he did and the fact that he might have hurt Xhemin's feelings, Ziggy flushed a worried face "I swear Huzey, the laugh was unintentional, I don't know what came to me"

"You're in a mess, don't you know that?"

More confused, the Montreal youngest sire asked "What are you talking about?

Huzey calmly dragged Ziggy to one of the side tables . On their way, a waiter offered the two some wine which Huzey did not refused .

Huzey drank a mouthful of it and started "If they will know that she was your bodyguard, they will suspect you made a show to mock the Lagdameo heir off—that you made your bodyguard dressed the same as Darryl to make him look cheap"

Ziggy's throat went dry with Huzey's statement .

"It didn't go well for you the last time you mock the boy out" Huzey reminded him .

Ziggy also drank his wine, a big gulped for him . How could he be that careless? But it was an honest mistake, he didn't think that his carelessness would get them to this kind of ruin .

"Bring Xhemin home . My siblings had seen us earlier anyway, so they already knew I brought my bodyguard" Ziggy requested Huzey "She's not needed here anymore"

"I can't leave you here all by yourself" Huzey answered back refusing Ziggy's proposition .

"Just hid her in the car . I'll mingle with the crowd first in order to not raise any suspicion" he explained .

Since Huzey was publicly known as an aloof artist, his sudden disappearance in the party will not make unnecessary notion . Unlike Ziggy who was known as a happy-go-lucky fella, his sudden absence will surely make a negative impression in L Empire's ball, especially that he had crossed the line before already .

Without waiting for Huzey's answer, Ziggy drank all the contents of his wine glass and stood up to jive into with the unsuspecting crowd . Good thing he was wearing a mask, it hid off the uneasiness of his expressions pretty well .

Huzey was left alone on the side table for few minutes, slowly drinking his wine before he made a move to find Xhemin .

Where did she went by the way?

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