The Genius' First Love - Chapter 117

Published at 12th of April 2019 08:55:10 AM
Chapter 117
Xhemin was wandering around the forest mansion's garden, trying to calm her nerves up with the chillness of the wind . The sound of the lively crowd and party was behind her, but she didn't trouble herself going back inside to just humiliate herself further .

By the way, did the beast recognized her?

She hoped he didn't .

She wasn't really in the mood to face him at this point .

She had too much for the night .

Xhemin found herself approaching the fountain that served as the main attraction of the garden and she stared open at the water bursting from the top and falling back to the earth with enthusiasm . She held a breath and seated herself in one of the garden benches .

This was a horrible night, and the ever—bully Ziggorioh Montreal managed to sell off her first elite party experience by just a loud laugh, what a shame!

By then she decided that no matter how luxurious and extravagant elite parties were, she would never wished to attend one again . The party was great and mesmerizing, feeding one's eyes with different types of sparkles and glamour . Yet, the people—the socialites to be exact were one dangerous crowd— they could break and make one easily by their gossips, judgement and even by just the way they looked another .

Feeling a little exhausted, she took off her mask, uncovering her pretty face . She tilted her head up and then gazed upon the galaxy above her as if the view had something in them that may eased out her unwanted feelings .

"Xhemin?" A familiar call pulled the girl back from her deep thoughts .

She instantly went to check the whole place and ended finding a familiar figure, smiling upon her widely . She was wearing a dark green gown that almost looked black under the dimmed garden, but it was sparkling, so were the diamonds that were tugged in pattern in her dark hair .

"Dian!" She shouted when she realized who it was . It was her, her one sweet friend who smiled and move with so much sophistication . She wasn't wearing a mask so Xhemin instantly recognized her .

"I never thought I'd find you here" She laughed as she moved to give her a kiss on the cheeks "I also never thought you'd like men's suit"

"Oh well, I'm just trying it out" She explained unenthusiastically "But it didn't turn out good"

"Oh, how bad" She exclaimed as she sat herself down at the same bench Xhemin was sitting . She was there earlier when the youngest Montreal sire laughed at the girl's clothing and so she knew what Xhemin was referring to . Dian just didn't expect it was her friend behind the mask "It is still a great party after all, you shouldn't have left"

"If it was a great party then why are you here?" She turned to her and raised a brow in question .

Dian was definitely one sweet girl, in contrast to the lady boss who showed up earlier with much confidence and strong aura . Dian always had smiles in her face, as if the word was beaming with all goodness and no negativity . From all the Lagdameo children, she was her best favorite .

"Fresh air . I just arrived her an hour before the party and the trip exhausted me" She explained "I kind of needed a fresh air to relax"

"Oh, I see" The look in Dian's face was pretty convincing, so Xhemin didn't doubted her explanation .

Soon, Xhemin realized Dian's eyes were all over her scrutinizing her from head to foot, and her face brightened as if a sudden thought just came in and amused her .

"What?" She asked, feeling conscious about Dian's actions .

"Actually, you look great in that suit" She complimented, and her eyes proved she wasn't lying at all . "the color suits you well"

"But not as great when you see a Lagdameo heir wearing the same" Xhemin protested reminding the latter what happened inside the party where she was almost eat up alive by the whole crowd because she had an innocent mistake of wearing something that looked identical to Darry's suit .

"Well…there's a truth in there" Dian concluded and later added "But you know what, I was always kind of wondering how'd you look on a night gown—a pretty blue night gown is perfect for you"

"Ehhh? Well perhaps in another party I'd consider that" She answered back wondering what Dian was thinking since the looked in her face suggested she was up to something .

"Hmmmm… . " Dian just answered her with a thinking moan . "…actually, why don't we go and enjoy the rest of the evening back in the party"

"Ehhh, I can't . I'd prefer to just stay here till my friends are done inside" She refused Dian's suggestion "You know, my suit is kind of not welcome back there"

"Hmm, I have an idea" Dian exclaimed as she grabbed Xhemin's arms and jerked her off away from the fountain .

"Hey Dian, I'm fine here really" She asserted while Dian was dragging her .

"Well, it's a shame if we both can't enjoy the masquerade ball . Also, since you're here then perhaps we can go partying the whole night!" The girl moaned, and there were sparkles in her hazel eyes showing off how excited she was .

Not wanting to offend Dian, Xhemin let the girl dragged her freely . Even with her high stilettos, Dian managed to lug Xhemin from the forest fountain to one of the rooms inside the forest mansion, undetected by any guest that were hanging around .

"Stand here" Dian instructed Xhemin as soon as she shut the door . Xhemin noticed that the room that they were in right now seemed like a dress shop . There were clothes hanging everywhere, and no, they were no ordinary clothes . The clothes that filled the room seemed that they had been threaded by money—expensively dazzling in beauty .

"Dian, where are we?" She asked in interest "I though you are gonna yanked me back to the party"

"I will but not until I'm done with you" She grinned as she went to look for something in the pile of clothes hung in front of them .

"What are you up to?" Xhemin can't help but asked her, confusion crossed in her brows again, this time lingering around longer than the last .

"Just trust me okay?" she husked . The excitement in her eyes as she looked at Xhemin was undeniable and that made Xhemin's stomach swirled in anxiousness .

This better be a good idea . Xhemin thought .