The Genius' First Love - Chapter 132

Published at 27th of April 2019 08:50:08 AM
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Chapter 132
Few minutes earlier…

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Ziggy realized that Huzey didn't left with Xhemin yet . The last thing he knew was that his best friend, Huzey, was caught up in the first dance that was not supposed to be for him . Not recognizing Xhemin as the girl in blue gown, he kind of thought that Huzey's sudden intervention was quiet suspicious yet didn't had a chance to confront him . Perhaps later at home, he can ask the prince what had made him danced with the beautiful stranger that appeared earlier with the second young miss . Something probably had happened leading the prince to tear down his history of being such an aloof guest, because earlier, Huzey's initiated the dance for the first time .

Did the prince fell hard with the girl in blue?

Like love at first sight?

Well, on the second thought, the girl was quiet mesmerizing . It wouldn't be a surprise if he caught the eye of the diamond prince .

But who was she anyway?

And where the heck was Xhemin was?

Knowing that Huzey was kind of enjoying himself in the dance floor, totally forgetting their predicament about the missing Xhemin, he took the initiative to find the girl himself . It was his fault anyway why she left in the first place .

Ziggy went out the great hall, rummaged through the vast garden and later, on every corner of the forest mansion, hoping he would somehow find her . Later and unintentionally, Ziggy passed by a certain room that caught his attention as melody of a piano echoed throughout the vast hallway he was traversing . The music was a classical one with a refrain that was light and airy .

The music kind of transported Ziggy to another place, probably in the moon or some parts of the universe where the stars shone so bright . It was so magical and captivating, Ziggy couldn't help but sneak into the room to make a glimpse of the person who was playing .

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There was a girl, young and fair, playing with the black and white keys of the grand piano that served as a highlight on that room . Her hair was swaying in the wind brought by the open glass doors that separated the marble floors of the living room from the cobble stones of the garden just right at the corner .

The girl was wearing a mask in her face yet Ziggy recognized her instantly—she was the third young miss that the Lagdameo coach had just introduced earlier in the party . What was she doing here all alone? Wasn't she supposed to be in the great hall entertaining guests?

Ziggy observed the girl's demeanour as she got caught up by her own music . The third young miss's mouth somewhat formed a wicked smile as a sorrowful tune eased in . Without warning, the fingers of her right hand traipsed up the key board . Lightly and very expertly .

So the girl can play well?

In just span of hours, he already knew two facts about the Lagdamoe's third young miss—she loves art and music .

Not bad .

Ziggy stayed a bit, enjoying the kind of tune the girl was playing—it goes from something emotional, to something mind numbing, then heart pounding . The deep dark tunes that she was playing resonated in the whole room that got Ziggy so caught up in the music, totally forgetting his search for Xhemin .

Long moments had passed and Dannah Samuelle finished up one whole set of music—it wasn't any particular classical music or so, she was actually playing a couple of different classical tunes mixed up in one song . Satisfied with her output, she smiled and rested her hands on her lap as she looked at the grand piano enthusiastically . However, in quick snapped, her attention was drawn to a gentleman in black who was leaning on the wall just right the door and who was giving her few claps .

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"You play beautifully, third young miss" Ziggy cheered as he gave the girl an overwhelmingly handsome playful smile .

Dannah frowned at first, surprised that a certain stranger had become a fan of her in just a few seconds . But when she recognized who it was under that mask of him, her insides panicked but she forced herself not to dwell on the thought that much or else the youngest sire will notice .

"It seemed that you don't only have keen eyes for art . You were also blessed with brilliant hands" Ziggy continued his compliments, hoping entirely he could have a good conversation with the only Lagdameo offspring that intrigued him . He was flashing him his level best smile, the one he had always used when trying to lure a couple of girls around Hampshire .

Dannah Samuelle didn't answer . Instead she lowered her head to avoid his eyes . It didn't take long for Ziggy to notice that she was a girl the last time around . Thus, she was anxious her roguish green eyes will give her off . Surely Ziggy will notice, it would only take the boy a closer look and he will immediately find out that she was Sam—his bodyguard .

"This place is off limits to guests" She trailed off, trying to sound a little different . Something not Sam-like tone that she used when acting out as Ziggy's body guard . Dannah had several trainings, and one of the thing she learned throughout such was to make up another voice that was different than her natural one .

"I'm sorry I didn't mean to pry" Ziggy apologized, but such apology didn't make up through his face . Instead it seemed like he did mind prying at all and do not have any kind of remorse for being an unintended audience of such a great performance .

Instead of backing off and leaving, Ziggy advanced toward the room . He didn't know what occurred to him, but something inside him wanted to see the face of the girl sitting in the piano . No one had ever seen the third young miss' face before and he kind of wondered how she looked . All these years, no one took notice of the Lagdameo third young miss, not until tonight .

"Please leave, I don't like strangers" Dannah tried again to dismiss him, although he knew he might not somehow listen .

"Then perhaps we could be friends…" Ziggy retorted in haste, playing his cool over the girl that captivated his attention for the night . He was eyeing every inch of her as he moved closer, removed his mask without hesitation before winking at her as he say" I'm good as friend you know, they say"

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Ziggy's abruptness and audacity made Dannah more anxious . She was trying so hard not be caught, nor show something in her that might raise a suspicion over the Montreal's youngest sire . But he knew Ziggy even for the short span of time they were together, and judging by the way he acted with her tonight, it seemed that he was already into her—he wanted to see her face . On what could have wanted him so, she didn't have any idea at all but she needed to leave right away before he would probably notice .

So instead of acknowledging Ziggy's proposition of friendship, Dannah stood with angst in the grand piano . The loud creak brought by the chair's fiction to the floor hinted that she didn't like his presence at all . Before Ziggy could talk his way through her, she needed to leave, so she turned her back on him impolitely and heeded out to the open glass doors in order to flee from him .

Dannah's hostility surprised Ziggy a bit . It was the first time that a certain girl didn't succumb to his charms . Most of the time, one smile from him can already make girls go tossing their panties in front of him . But this one didn't even flinched a bit .

Ziggy was ready to catch up with the girl who was leaving, but a call made both—Dannah and him turned their heads in surprise to the door where Ziggy once came

"Young sire" A valet, who looked all exhausted, gasped . The servant immediately realized Dannah was also there so he greeted her and bowed " third young miss"

As the 'third young miss' escaped the servants mouth, Ziggy realized the girl hadn't left yet so as his instinct hit him, he turned his head back to where she was and caught her eyes that surprised them both .

Green eyes .

She had green eyes .

She had green familiar eyes .

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And the look that sparkled on those eyes flashed a couple things—anxiousness, worry and shock .

Ziggy couldn't help but grimace upon seing Dannah's eyes . He wondered why she was anxious at all when the feelings that should be there was annoyance—annoyance for his constant prying .

Why was she anxious and why was she worried?

And God! He had seen that eyes before! He just can't tell where!

"Hey!" he called at her in a complicated and suspicious look but even before he can utter another word, the girl fled .

Ziggy was ready to chase her but the valet's words stopped him "Youngest Sire, Manager Song sent me look for you . It was about the Little Missus"

"What?" Another surprise caught Ziggy off hand .

"Please follow me" the valet requested as he cleared the way for Ziggy "He said it is verily important that you should be found immediately"

Ziggy hesitated a bit . He wanted to chase the third young miss but it seemed that he had another more important matter to attend to . So instead of asking further, he stepped out the room and followed the valet .

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