The Genius' First Love - Chapter 151

Published at 9th of June 2019 04:25:07 PM
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Chapter 151
Sam and Huzey easily blend into each other's like and so they had a great time in the horse field, doing small talks while riding the horses .

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Not far, Ziggy came in holding pieces of documents with him . He went specifically to look for his friends, Xhemin and Huzey whom he expected to have gone horse riding and his expectation didn't failed him, only that instead of finding Xhemin with Huzey, he ended up finding Sam with the latter .

He frowned upon the view of his bodyguard enjoying the prince's company and seeing her with him reminded him of the scene he had witnessed in the hospital few weeks back . Now, he kind of notice Sam's face that was flushing red, either because of the heat of the sun or because the girl was blushing because of Huzey's presence .

"I didn't know that this bodyguard of mine was such a flirt" Ziggy grimaced upon the thought he had with himself . His eyes were with the two horse riders, specially digging on Sam's face which was full of smiles . He had never seen her smile that brightly not until today and that fact alone annoyed him . How come the girl didn't smile at him like that?

He was her boss, wasn't he not worthy enough to be given a smile like that? Does he need to pay her more so she can at least give him the same benefit she was giving his best friend?


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"Does Ziggy still give you a hard time?" Huzey asked Sam as they were chatting .

"Sometimes" She admitted "But I can handle his tantrums anyway . I'm kind of used to it now to be honest"

"I'm really sorry for how Ziggy treats you" Huzey apologized . He had always reminded Ziggy to be a little gentler to his bodyguard yet Ziggy seemed to have been not listening at all . "He had no problems dealing with girls but with boys he does . As you can see apart from you and me, Ziggy had no other male friends"

Huzey words almost made Sam choked . Of course, Xhemin and Huzey didn't suspect Sam's gender and identity till now . That's the least of their concern at the moment . However, knowing that the prince looked and treated her as a man made Sam feel a little dejected . It's kind of frustrating to know that Huzey can only treat her with only a brotherly vibe because the prince had no idea of what she really is—a girl .

"Why is that?" Sam inquired, hoping he could understand her boss a little . To be honest, she wanted to have a ceased fire with her boss because seemed that every day that passed his treatment with her aggravates terribly .

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"They couldn't handle him" Huzey grinned at the thought . Of course, no one candle the famous Ziggorioh Montreal, how can anyone handle a live smart ass gorilla?

"They sure don't" Sam agreed with sarcasm . Hell yeah, her boss was such a pain in everybody's ass . "By the way, why does it seem that the little missus was upset?"

"You noticed?" Huzey was a bit shocked with Sam's query .

"Well, she had not been more of herself lately" She explained " I mean, she seems fine but she didn't have the same energy as the one she had previously . Very odd"

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Huzey sighed deep as a gloomy aura covered him . This didn't go unnoticed in Sam's observant nature . Truth was that, Sam already had an idea why Xhemin was acting weird these days . She suspected it has something to do with his brother and that was what she wanted to confirm with the prince .

"Well, I guess I don't have an answer for you" Huzey confessed and opted to keep the conversation hanging . Of course he didn't want to spill everything to a bodyguard "It's something only people who are in love can tell"

"Only people who are in love can tell" Sam mimicked "You mean you haven't been in love before?"

Both of them, Sam and Huzey were shocked with the former's question . Sam burst out the question without thinking and Huzey didn't expect such query from her .

"Well… . " Huzey answered after a long pause . He didn't really know what to answer to Sam at the moment but he doesn't want her to feel awkward with what seemed like an innocent question . "How can one tell?"

Huzey opted to left the question hanging without making Sam feel bad and right after he said those words, he gave the girl another smile which left Sam loss for words . She thought of how thoughtful and witty the prince was which made him more admirable . In her entire life, aside from her brother, she had never adored and respected another man, and Huzey was worthy of it all . Perhaps, it wasn't only his craft that she fell for, she had also fell for the artist's soul .

"Dear prince… there's something I want to tell you…" Sam spoke .

With all that she had for the prince, Sam thought he deserved to know the truth that she was a girl . She couldn't go on dealing and mingling with him while hiding her true skin . She wanted to become friends with him and friendship requires honesty . Perhaps she can start out by telling that she was a girl, there's no point of hiding the fact anyway . Also, she didn't meant to hide her gender, it just came out convenient with her plan and now, there's no use to hide it .

"Huh? What is it Sam? " Sam got Huzey's attention and the latter turned to her, anticipating her confession . "If it is something about Ziggy…"

"No it is not something about the young Sire…" She cuts him off and lowered her gaze .

"Well… I just want to tell you that… . " She added out hesitantly and was still in the process of storing some strength to tell the fact "I want to tell you that the youngest sire was right…I am indeed…"

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