The Genius' First Love - Chapter 18

Published at 27th of December 2018 03:29:06 PM
Chapter 18

"Is that you Xhem?"

Dug . dug . dug . dug . dug .

A familiar silhouette emerged from the darkness .

The beast .

He was topless .

Topless . I swallowed every liquid in my mouth and blinked a couple of times!

The heck!

He was standing in front of me . His pale skin was glowing in the darkness making his gorgeous body visible . I stared helplessly at his well-defined abdominal muscles . Six packets just below his chest . Jeeez! Why does this beast love to flaunt his body that much?

He was brushing his wet hair with his hands . From the looks of it, I can tell he went for an early swimming . I remembered there was a swimming area nearby the dorm, I think that's where he comes from .

The place was still clouded with darkness, but I can clearly see his gorgeous body— my stomach did a backflip in an instant .

"Xhemin?" He called me again, making me snapped back to reality .

"Morning" The only thing I managed to reply . I tried not to notice that because he was topless, his biceps were visible and that it was making me uncomfortable because he was so hot…damn hot!

I even reached out for my jaw and pretended to wipe up some sweats in that part of my face, because it dropped, and I was having hard time putting it back without support .

I saw him leaned on the wall a meter away from me . We were both facing the university streets now, the streets where the boys and I trailed into when we had our morning jog .

I felt shivers rising on me . I couldn't help but close my eyes .

"Tired?" He asked breaking the awkward silence between us . Was he looking at me? I didn't dare to spare him a glance . I was too preoccupied with complicated feelings right now I was afraid it will explode if I will see his face again and his abs too!

"Sort of…" I answered politely, feeling my cheeks warm up a little at the thought of the beast and me being, you know . Together and alone— just now .

I saw him smiled at the corner of my eyes for reasons that I don't know . Was the sight of me sweating that entertaining to him? Ehhh . . . . I hope he didn't notice my uneasiness .

A cool breeze blew making the morning more fresh and natural—but why I do feel so hot?

At this moment, my mind was full of bizarre things . I planned to put out a conversation to make him stay longer yet I couldn't make up my mind . Well, I couldn't even start a conversation .

"Do you believe in love at first sight?" He asked . His tone was so serious it made me more uneasy . Why would he asked such question?

"No . . . " After a minute of pondering I responded . I seemed very calm with my words but to be honest, every part of my body was shaking .

" Why not?" he continued . Can't he think of some other topics? The one we have now, feels so awkward .

" . . . For me it takes you to know a person deeper to love him— for what he is . Love at first sight seemed to be just an admiration of an outward looks…" I spoke maturely and professionally trying to imitate my literature instructor .

I answered perfectly right?

"How about if they are both destined together? Is it possible for them to feel love at first glance?" He continued asking me questions . I wondered if he was picking on me again . However, he seemed very serious so I tried to be casual as much as possible, even though his muscles, his voice, and everything else about him was distracting me .

He turned toward my side . I was still looking at the same streets but he was now looking at me, while one of his shoulder was leaning on the wall .

"Errr… . The truth is I don't know . I don't really know anything about that kind of stuff…" I answered the safest answer I could think of .

"Really?" he asked as if he couldn't believe what I was saying .

"Yeah… how would I? I'm just sixteen, I've never fallen in love yet" Except with you . Of course I did not say the last statement .

"Really?" he asked again .

I gave him a glance and nod, hoping I can convinced him and end the discussion . I don't know until when I can endure such .

He smiled—a wide smile flashed across his face . His hazel eyes glinted at me, almost taking my breathe away, as always, with their brilliance .

"Then how come you told me yesterday that you think you are in love with me?"

I was taken aback with his question . Oh yeah, I did told him I love him yesterday! I was cursing myself now .

"Errr… . that one…" I cannot give him a good answer, so I ended up telling him about Sir Gem's 'how to know you are in love theory' .

He was laughing hard at my story . Was it that funny? Really? I wanted to laugh with him but I was feeling humiliated already .

"So, you tried all of those with me?" He asked while laughing .

" Well…yeah . . " I answered in hesitation, feeling embarrassed .

"So that was the reason why you are acting weird yesterday?" he answered as if he was relieved of something .

He brushed his hair as he mellowed down from his laugh "I really did thought you were angry about…what I did the other day"

He was referring to the time we had an encounter outside Huzey's competition building . I looked at him intently, did he really think I was angry with that? Angry with his hug? With his sweet words?

What an irony because, I wasn't angry—I was so happy . The thought of it amused me but I tried to hid it from my face to avoid further embarrassment . Conversations like this— I need more training to be comfortable .

"Of course not" My head formed lines when I told him, but I answered calmly .

His smile grew bigger as rays of sunshine poured down his face . A minute after I found myself under his embrace . It was so instant I couldn't even react . He was taller than me, so my face fell in his hard chest .

Is there any part of this man that isn't hard?

Gosh! His warmth was killing me as it sent out mixture of emotions . His natural smell mesmerized me, giving me some dose of fantasy .

"My goodbye rites" I mumbled to myself few minutes after he locked me in his arms, I was filled with emotions now I couldn't control myself .

"Goodbye rites?" he asked when he heard me .

Opps! Again, my mouth failed me . Why do I have this outstanding reputation of being so careless of my own words?

" . . . Well this is what I call goodbye rites" I tried to explain as I bit my lips . I think there was no point in lying now, I already put my guard down . " It's like a sweet encounter before going on our separate ways"

"So you are Merriam now?" he was referring to a dictionary brand .

"I'm his mentor" I responded, proudly . I actually just made up those words . The 'goodbye rites' word .

"Bossy girl"

"You like bossy girls? right?" I asked with courage hoping I will get a positive response .

"I like you"

Dug-dug-dug-dug-dug .

What? Did I hear it right? I was not prepared for that . He likes me? I guess the positive response was a bit too much .

C'mon, don't kill me with this romance . He likes me . He likes me . He likes me!

For the first time in my life, I don't know what to say .

There was a huge silence between us . I bit my lips harder when I noticed that the ambience was becoming more intimate . I felt like this was the time we should share a kiss . I let go of a deep sigh as I prepared for the next event I was hopefully anticipating .

He carefully caressed my hair . A minute after he lifted my chin with his fingers, making me look at him . I melt under his gorgeous hazel eyes . His other hand travelled in my back to support it, while the other was still in my chin .

His eyes were so passionate . He looked at me, as if trying to memorize every angle of my face . I couldn't help but be conscious, yet I let him, I gave him the liberty to see through me .

He started to move his head, lowering it to mine . I suddenly felt the need to close my eyes as I felt his breathing closer to my face now .

I was anticipating this .

His kiss .

His warmth kiss before I leave him .

Just this kiss and I know I will endure our departure .

Just this one .

I slightly opened my lips to welcome his .

"Cough… . uhuhu…cough . . . " An intentional coughing break the current momentum .

I almost swallowed my tongue as everything I hoped for fell down in an instant .

The beast and I instinctively turned toward the two boys who were now staring at us with complicated looks . Huzey stood there taking a sip on his water bottle while Ziggy was wiping his sweats with his sports towel .

"Cough . . uhuhu…cough" Ziggy repeated his fake coughing . His second noise gave me a realization of what was happening .

I was caught under the arms of a topless man! Early in the morning!

I pushed the beast away in an instant making a gap between the two of us .

"You done?" I asked in panick . I asked them if they were done jogging .

How could I forget about the boys? They were just jogging around the dorm and they never missed waving at me when they pass this side . Of course they will caught us!

"I was wondering why your stamina was weak this morning, didn't thought you are just having excuses to go on a date . " Ziggy complained giving me a flushed face . From the tone of his voice, he was implying that I betrayed them

"No-no, it's not what you think!" I tried to explain waving both of my hands in front of them . I moved farther from the beast and stepped closer to the boys .

Oh man! The boys caught me again, how could the timing be so wrong this time!

I needed my kiss yet how can I have a kiss in front of the boys?

Also, how can I explain myself with the boys? They must have thought I traded being with them to date! Crap!

Aside from my failed kiss, the boys will surely be mad and will make me an outcast for a week!

"I was just resting here and he happen to pass by," I tried to continue explaining yet no matter what I say, I know I cannot changed what the boys were thinking .

I needed to exit . This was so embarrassing and at the same time frustrating . I was caught hugging a topless man . I cannot even look at the beast now, it felt like the way we acted earlier, though I hoped for it, wasn't right . It shouldn't have happened!

"If you are done, we should leave now" I suggested as I tried to reach for Ziggy's arms .

"We are done jogging, but we are not done watching you "Ziggy brushed me off . " Mr . Lagdameo is just half naked, looks like you are just starting . . "

"Ziggy!" I glared my eyes at him with my sharpest look . He withdrew in an instant and rushed to Huzey's arms . Huzey who was now locking the opening of his water bottle looked at him in a nonchalance way, unaffected of his sudden movement .

"Are we done Huzey? then we should leave! " Ziggy begged him, I think my sharp gaze frightened him .

Huzey glanced at him quietly as his eyebrows curled against each other . He later shifted his eyes on me .

"Are you guys done?" He was referring to the beast and I . I don't know what Huzey was thinking, but from the looks of it, he wasn't mad at all . I think he knew I was longing for the beast the whole night and didn't want to mess up the opportunity that I had .

"We aren't" The beast suddenly answered, giving the three of us a shock!

I was not able to open my mouth to question the beast . Because just then, his iron fingers close around my upper arm, and I suddenly find myself being dragged forcefully . The beast made me faced him .

He tore his gaze from the boys and stared down at me seconds after . Then he reached out and crushed me to his chest .

What is he going to do? Aren't we embarrassed enough in front of the boys already?

The next thing I knew, he stooped down low and pressed his mouth over to me .

He kissed me!

In front of the boys!

As if the boys didn't exist!

I was so stunned I didn't even managed to close my eyes . They grew bigger in shock as the beast made his kiss deeper .

"Hey both of you!" Ziggy shouted helplessly as he saw the beast kissed me without any hint of

embarrassment and consciousness in front of them . "Hey coach Darryl, that isn't—"

He stepped forward to stop the beast yet Huzey grabbed him .

"Huzey, look what he is doing to Xhem!" He reasoned out but Huzey didn't let him go . " Xhem, you promised Huzey and me that there will be no other man in the team!"

"You betrayed us!" Ziggy shouted a couple of times, but the beast ignored him .

Instead, he took my hand and put it around his neck . I didn't react, I was too weak to react . All I can do was be obedient to him . He got me drunk of so many emotions I couldn't even support my own weight . The beast was the one giving me support .

He kissed me for few minutes .

Minutes of nostalgia and bliss .

Minutes of enchantments, like I travelled in wonderland back and forth .

His kiss was so warm defeating the morning breeze . Every part of me is warm too—under his embrace, under his kiss!

He let go of the kiss, just as I was about to lose my breathe . He looked at me tenderly before he turned to the boys .

"Now we are done, you can take her" He said, as if nothing happened .

Ziggy was pouting and was faking a cry under Huzey's arms . Huzey was expressionless, I think he knew how important the goodbye rites to me was, so he chose to let me have it .

The beast turned to me for the last time . He gave me one short kiss on the lips and held my head to kiss me on the forehead, leaving a dot of hotness on that part .

"Take care" he said before he left .

Everything to me was surreal . I can't even believe it happened .

He told me he likes me .

He pulled me into his embrace .

He kissed me .

What else could I ask? I can even die now . Such a perfect goodbye rite!