The Genius' First Love - Chapter 22

Published at 27th of December 2018 03:28:56 PM

Chapter 22

The Chan Group of Companies Memorial Day started off with an offering . People arrayed in white and black suits gathered in circle in the company's memory square located in the heart of CGC corporate garden . The memory square was flooded with bouquet of flowers, the most dominant of them all were white lilies . Today they were commemorating the death of CGC's founder and owner, Aviona Leigh Chan and her daughter who died tragically years ago .

On the center front of the memory square stood Martin Chan the current chairman and chief executive of CGC who was looking gloomy and desolate over the death anniversary of his wife and daughter . In the business industry today and by the way the CGC had constantly hitting up the top, he was regarded as one of the charismatic and influential businessmen . But for many good others, he was just a lucky man who happen to be in the right place at the right time . That was because his wealth and control over CGC was brought by his first wife's endeavors and his dead daughter's legitime which he automatically inherited when they died .

Standing beside Martin was his present wife Salsa Chan and his daughter with her, Collet Chan who migrated to this country when Martin's first wife died . Of course, their arrival didn't escape the socialite's suspicion and gossips . Not only that they arrive a month after Aviona died, their daughter Collet, happened to be two-year-old already at their emergence; even older than Martin's dead child, which suggested that she was conceived during the lifetime of Martin's first wife . Surely, Salsa was Martin's mistress overseas which he impregnated . Martin married Salsa overtime which made Collet's status as a legitimate heir of Chan Group of Companies .

"The Montreal's give their respects chairman" One of the senior assistants approach Martin without hesitation knowing he brought to him an important guests .

Martin made a move to welcome the guests . Being in the industry for long, he knew exactly who to make deal with . The Montreal's, although not as powerful as the Lagdameo's- their ultimate competitor, nevertheless were one of the significant families in this country . Their local and international winery had maintained exceptional status in the wine business industry for many decades . Their children too, the famous Montreal siblings were favorably adored in their generation like celebrities, their influence was not something a businessman should deal lightly .

"I thank you for coming" He shook hands to Zhanglou Montreal, the head of the household and prepared for the exchange of bows . It was customary that after the offering, the guest should give respects, but because it was the CGC that was hosting the event, it was impliedly understood that only families of great status can have a chance to give respects . The rest would not dare, it was enough though that they were given an invitation .

Meters away from the center aisle where the host family was welcoming guest, the Lagdameo's positioned themselves whose presence did not escaped the eyes of every attendees of the memorial . Even the Lagdameo's and Chan's were great rivals, they maintained a casual relationship, as if they were not plotting against each other .

The crowd were eyeing specially the youngblood who stood beside his father confidently and emotionless . His gorgeous hazel eyes were blank that made him very intimidating and mysterious, yet his handsome and sturdy looks captured much interest in the crowd . His accomplishments spoke much about him that he was adored and feared even before people laid eyes on him .

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"Darryl, why don't you join the Chan on welcoming guest?" His father words sent raging fire in his lungs, yet he appeared unflustered . So, this was the reason why his father wants him to come? He didn't clearly want to come, yet in their agreement two years ago, it was specifically agreed that he could live on his own but that once there were business events in L Empire that needed his attendance he must come . So basically, his attendance today was to be credited to their agreement and not on his own will .

Everyone who heard Manuelle's words stood still, wondering if what they heard was true . To stand beside a host to welcome guest only means such person was part of the family . Does this mean the Lagdameo heir is now part of the Chan household? Was that the reason why the Lagdameo heir attended the event today for the first time, to show everyone that he is already a part of the Chan family? Every adult and elders who attended the event was amazed knowing that such connection of the two family would cause a major shift in the business industry- the merger of L Empire and CGC .

The youngsters who attended the event, all they felt is envy towards the two heirs, who had been known to be so close since they were children and is now going to end up in a fairytale union . Heaven knew there were many young female hearts that instantly shattered at such news .

"Darryl go on…" His mother who stood beside him whispered . His mother's voice was begging . It was like telling him to obey his father just this once . His public display of disobedience will stir up a big scandal in case . So, he opted to go, not wanting to shame his mother and sister who was beside him . Anyways, what his father wanted was easy and doing such does mean he had an outstanding

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obligation to marry anyone . He will just let him have this pleasure today .

Collet who was saw Darryl move toward them blushed in an instant . Surely Darryl will not let them be embarrassed . Hope flushed in her heart like a fire not wanting to set-off . Today, everyone will label Darryl as her man, and she hoped for the day he will be legally hers .

As soon as Darryl approached the Chans, Collet wrapped her fingers around his arms and smiled beautifully . Even Martin and his wife were pleased with the boy's gesture knowing that such was good for business . To have the Lagdameo's legendary heir be a part of their family will make their power and influence stable and consistent .

Darryl remained impassive on everyone's reaction in his involuntary demeanor . He stood calmly together with the Chan's, but his composure fell when he saw someone familiar glaring at him in front .

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What is he doing in here? Is that really him?

A boy with curly hair- which was combed light but nicely, gave the beast his sharpest glare . His black mandarin suit made his presence sophisticated- hiding his childish and humorous behavior .

Ziggy who was standing behind his father pressed his lips together, narrowed his eyes and rolled them when he saw the beast looking at him intently . Since he was at his father's back, no one did notice his childish unruly behavior except the beast whose eyes were fixated on him . He knew his surname was Lagdameo but didn't thought he was the legendary Lagdameo heir everyone was fussing about .

Was his school really San Sebastian High? What a shame!

He told Xhemin that he is better than this man, yet she favored this rascal much- let's see if she will continually favor him if she will know he betrayed her in front of one of her best friend's eyes .