The Genius' First Love - Chapter 29

Published at 27th of December 2018 03:28:34 PM
Chapter 29

The night before… .

The moon was hanging brightly in the sky when Ziggy stepped out of the plane in Hampshire Domestic Airport . Hampshire was twenty hours away from the Capital if one travels by land, so he opted to travel by air for it would take him only an hour or two .

His best friend, Huzey already went home three hours ago by chopper and he couldn't join him because of a family dinner . That made him travel alone .

His family still wanted him to stay for a while in the capital but it seemed that he couldn't stay in that place for long, so he insisted on going home, making some excuses .

Even though the Montreal's ancestral house was in the capital, he did not grow up there, he grew up in Hampshire instead . He was only four years old when he got admitted in Rivendell Academy, so he had spent most of his childhood in Hampshire where the Academy was situated .

"Young Sire, where do you want to go?" A man on his forties asked Ziggy as soon as he stepped in the car that was waiting for him . It was Ellie, one of the Montreal's butler for many years and who had been Ziggy's personal attendant in Hampshire .

"Apartment please . . . " He answered as he seated himself comfortably . The Montreal's have a several properties in Hampshire as most of their vineyards were in there . However, this small apartment in the heart of Hampshire was what he considered home- apart from the Montarini Manor and Richmond ranch where he stayed all the time .

Twenty minutes after, they reached his apartment . Ziggy went directly up to his bedroom and took a shower . Being with the youngest sire for long, Ellie knew he didn't like any servants in his apartment so left him as soon as he knew he was safe .

When he realized that Ellie left, Ziggy became more comfortable . After shower, he took his MacBook and leaned on the suede headboard in his custom-made European oak bed .

While checking his emails, he thought of going to Montarini Manor to spend the night with his best friend Huzey . However, he realized it was past eleven in the evening already . He didn't to wake Huzey, he must be dead tired from his trip home .

He decided instead to spend the night in Richmond Ranch . He thought of sneaking into Xhemin's farm lab so not to wake Dr . Miles and her granddaughter, who might already be sleeping tightly now . He grinned as he thought how Xhemin will nag at him in the morning when she will found

out that he was sleeping in her lab again .

He dressed himself up and took his helmet sitting on one of the metal racks . He went down straight to the garage and grabbed his motorbike after he activated his apartment's security lock .

A minute after, he was already traversing the streets of Hampshire going to the Richmond ranch . The town where his apartment lies was still buzzing even if its already past eleven . He thought of driving faster but he suddenly remembered Xhem whining about how dangerous his driving was, so he brushed off the idea .

On his way, he passed through a local bar house . Since he was driving on the regular speed he can clearly hear the music vibrating from the inside of the bar matching the sparkling atmosphere in this side of the Hampshire . He drove past the bar but caught someone familiar that made him pulled his motorbike on one side of the streets .

'Was that Sabina?' He thought of the girl he recently dated . From where he stood, he saw the girls bronzed legs clearly sticking out of the A-line skirt like needles she wore . Her hands were flinging around a man's neck flirtatiously just outside the bar . Her face was all pink, she looked intoxicated already .

He tried to check the man's face, but he was standing on his back while gripping on Sabina's hips . He couldn't help but smirk . Who dared to trespass his property?

Unlike Xhem and Huzey who kept a low profile, Ziggy was ironically popular . He was the fave subject of the media since a very young age, so who among the country didn't know the youngest Montreal child?

Everybody knew him particularly here, in a little province of Hampshire whose resident's fancies celebrities and famous personalities much . With that, most of the girls in Hampshire threw themselves openly at him and whenever he picked one of them, the girl will be treated exclusively as his .

Knowing his title and power, nobody dared to touch even the hem of the ladies he dated with until he's done with them . Not until now .

" Sabby . . . " He called as he went closer to the pair . His voice was like scolding her as the veins at the back of his hands were bursting .

"Youngest Sire Ziggy?" She greeted him non-plussed, yet it seemed that she didn't care much being caught under the arms of another man, or perhaps her intoxication blurred her thoughts already "… oh hello there!"

Suddenly the man she was with turned to face Ziggy . The youngest sire clenched his fist as a pair of scintillating green eyes met his . The boy gave him a spurious smile as he brushed his soft feather-like black hair away from his brow . He was fine-looking and simply attractive .

"…and who is this man?" Ziggy asked demandingly .

"Hi . I'm Samuelle,"The boy answered in a striking voice . It added up to his exquisite characteristics . " … and you are?

The boy's last question crushed Ziggy's ego . This boy didn't know him? His annoyance of him increased further .

"And what do you think you are doing?"

"Doing what?" He replied enjoying the look on Ziggy's face as he clung his hands to Sabina's shoulder . He pulled her over to kiss her curls . The girl giggled childishly in his side in response . "Come again? . . . "

Ziggy's expression hardened . He was not dumb to realize that the boy was messing up with him . To where his confidence comes from? He didn't know . The only thing he knew was that this was the first time he met this boy, and the moment he laid eyes on him, he knew they were not and will

never be friends .

"Take off your hands from my woman" Ziggy commanded in a cold voice, he was threatening him .

"Your woman? then why is she in my arms?" He answered again, pressing the girl's body into his .

"Baby are you his? That's frustrating to know" He added as she gave Sabina a tender look .

"Not his babe…more like his flavor of the month . . . everybody knows there is no constant girl in youngest sire's life rather than the doctor's granddaughter" She replied bitterly .

For weeks, she was thrilled that the youngest sire took interest in her but in a short span of time, she realized that being his, was only a daydream .

"Oh . . . then you should stay with me . . . I can make you my flavor for a lifetime" The boy showered her with sweet words .

Sabina's face shone brightly at his words .

Ziggy almost puke in disgust to the pair's show-off . To be honest, Sabina was one of the pretty girls in Hampshire, but he was not really serious with her . So with the other girls, he dated .

However, he was more concern right now on this young boy's audacity to grab something that belongs to him . No one in this town would dare such .

His temper already reached to an end . He suddenly grabbed the man's helm in force, he was ready to punch his face . If he intended to mess up with him, then he was more than willing to give him what he wanted .

"Hey, young sire…relax…" The boy didn't show any signs of fear even when he almost choked under Ziggy's arms . He was more like exultant by his hostility .

The youngest sire was already breathing hard in anger . He raised a punch in the air heavily . However, before he could cast a blow, he was suddenly reminded about Xhemin and Huzey . His senses came back in an instant .

Surely, this scumbag was not worthy of his temper, not even with his attention . If Xhem will know about this, she will be mad- terribly mad . That's more frustrating than the recent situation, he thought .

Instead of punching the boy, he pushed him, freeing him from his hold . He subsequently turned his back on them . He went straight to his motorbike that was parked on the other side of the street .

He grabbed back his helmet that he took off earlier that was hanging on his motorbike's handlebar . He was about to wear it back when he heard some earsplitting thud just above him .

Something was falling above- right through his head!

The incident was so sudden it made him unable to move . He closed his eyes knowing he cannot escape the tragedy! He felt a sickening pain as some metals fell on his head but even before the whole thing crashed on his entire body someone grabbed him!

He felt his body lost balance together with the person who saved him, and they come rolling down on the street floor . He felt severe pain in his head, yet he was still aware of his surroundings, especially with the body that was pressing hard in his .

"Youngest Sire… are you alright?" The person asked . Their bodies wrapping against each other, both hurting .

Ziggy ached with severe pain, his face was covered with blood . Before unconsciousness enveloped him, he saw the face of the person who saved his life .

He blinked at the person in disbelief . He realized something when his body crushed to such person earlier . The blood continued trickling down his forehead .

"You are a woman…" Ziggy said before his consciousness sank into nothingness .