The Genius' First Love - Chapter 32

Published at 27th of December 2018 03:28:30 PM
Chapter 32

"Hey lil' thug looks like I won't be buying you strawberries from now on" Ziggy approached Xhemin as soon as he reached the strawberry field .

"This is really good news Xhemin" Said Huzey while bending over a vine full of strawberry fruits . Indeed, healthy fruits were sprouting

"Little Miss I bet this will make up to the local news and then to the national news!" Ang who was overjoyed exclaimed . "You are the only person who was able to grow strawberries in this country!"

"Oh no! that couldn't be… you know our house rules . Anything that goes here in the ranch we should keep it a secret" Xhemin reminded Ang .

She too was thrilled about this victory of hers, but they needed to keep it to themselves for now . After what happened the last couple of weeks, Xhemin thought it would be best to keep a low profile .

"But this news is worthy of national attention Little Miss, it is a breakthrough in our agricultural industry" Ang mumbled with a crumpled face . His joy earlier was now replaced with dismay .

"I know… I know… but I am not done with my experiments yet" Xhemin tried to cheer him up . Apart from her, Ang had also exerted so much effort helping her with these plants "We will wait for the fruits to ripen and we still need to taste it"

"I see…" Ang understood as he let go of a tentative smile .

"For now, let's keep this a ranch thing only" Xhemin added . "Outsider should not know"

"Not a problem little Miss" Ang agreed to the little Miss' conclusion . Being with the Dugmoch's for long a long time, he understood that the grandfather and his granddaughter always wanted to make a low profile .

"Xhem, this looks cool" Ziggy uttered as he dropped to his knees to check on the vines . "I never did think you will be able to successfully grow these"

"Strawberries in Hampshire" Huzey squared his shoulders as he made such positive remark . "I told you, you can make it"

"You have so much confidence in me Señiorito!" Xhemin delightedly pronounced and run to give Huzey a kiss on the checks . She later bent over to give Ziggy his kiss too .

The three were so happy about the success of the strawberry experiment . They were still having fun in the field when Ellie, the Montreal's butler, came in .

"Youngest Sire, Señiorito, Little Miss," Ellie extended his greetings as he bowed to the three .

"Ellie!" Ziggy called onto him and added, "What brought you up here?"

"You of course!" Xhemin said with a thin laughter "Who else would Ellie check on here?"

"Well Ellie, I'm fine…I'm fine . . . don't force me again to stay in the villa… I want to stay here…" Ziggy tried to brush Ellie away without listening to him first . He was soo done with his family's appeal to make him stay in the Montreal's Villa .

"That is not what I am here for Youngest Sire" Ellie answered .

"What is it then?" Ziggy confused and slightly annoyed asked as he glanced at Ellie .

"Your father has decided that since there is a threat to your life, it would be better if you have a bodyguard . " Ellie said casually as if the news he just laid down was nothing serious .

With all the training and experience he had all these years as a butler, he developed a neutral tone to make it sound that everything he says was all orders from his superiors and that he had nothing to do with it .

" What?" Ziggy asked in surprise . His eyes grow wide as he aggressively runs his hands through his hair . "A bodyguard? Ellie, you know I don't like anyone babysitting me . Also, a bodyguard only makes me look like a fool? What will people say? That I the youngest Montreal cannot protect my own life?"

"Youngest Sire, I know that you are not comfortable having employees around you . The one that your father recommended is someone who can be your company . I assure you people will not see him as your bodyguard, he will just be like a companion or a friend" Ellie explained to his master patiently .

"I don't care!" Ziggy replied in an almost a scream . "I don't need any other friends…do you think I don't have enough friends? Tell my father I am not going to accept this"

"Youngest Sire . . . " Ellie continued . " . . . Due to the threat in your life, your father insisted you should have this companion"

"No!" He shouted back . How the heck did his father came up with this idea?

"He said if you reject this proposal, then he will be forced to let you stay in the capital until its safe"

"What?" Another news made Ziggy more irritated "How about school?"

"I am sorry youngest sire, but your life is more important than school" Ellie replied with the same tone he had been using . However, no matter how neutral his voice was, Ziggy's best friends understood that Director Montreal was blackmailing his son . This meant that the threat to the youngest sire's life was serious . His father was left with no choice but to hire someone to protect him .

"Ziggy…listen" Xhemin who already had a gasped of the situation started persuading him . "To have a companion is not bad"

"Your father is worried about you" Huzey spoke trying to help Xhemin convinced the Youngest Sire . "Don't anymore reject this one . It's for your safety"

"Fine . Ellie just made sure you find me someone that people will not suspect as my bodyguard . I don't want people to call me a weakling" Ziggy who listened to no one apart from his best friends and doctor Miles, agreed suddenly .

"Yes, youngest sire . Don't worry I've seen the person personally and he can easily conceal himself as your companion" Ellie felt relieved . Indeed, it was best to tell the youngest sire this proposal in front of his best friends . He always agree with them .

"Really and who is that?" Suddenly he got curious . Someone who can pretend as his companion and a friend? Meaning the same age bracket as him?

"Me" A familiar voice answered . A minute after, a young boy went forward and extended his greetings . "Hello, again youngest sire!"

"You!" Ziggy froze in an instant . He couldn't believe how fate mocked him today . This couldn't be!

"Hello, Señiorito and Little Miss" The young boy bowed down to Xhemin and Huzey politely as if he didn't hear Ziggy's call .

"You are Samuelle right?" Xhemin knew the boy . He was the boy who rescued Ziggy from the accident . "Hello Samuelle" She extended her arms to make a handshake .

"Little Miss, you can call me Sam" He said as he welcomed Xhemin's hands .

"Oh, that's better I guess… Sam" Xhemin answered with a smile .

"Ellie! How could you do this to me! That person cannot protect me! That person even molested me" Ziggy who just recently recovered from his shock started screaming .

" . . . … . "

Ellie and Samuelle froze . What was the young sire talking about?

" Cough . . cough . . cough . . " Xhemin aware of what was happening tried to shift everyone's attention to her .

Huzey suddenly grabbed the hysterical Ziggy and started dragging him away from the strawberry field .

"Ellie let me speak to the youngest sire first," Huzey said as he locked Ziggy in his arms .

"Of course, Señiorito" Ellie, not knowing how to react, replied in an instant .

"Let go of me Huzey! It's the truth! He molested me!" Ziggy tried to escape from Huzey's hands .

However, no matter what squeezed and flipped he did, Huzey was just too strong for him . He was dragged on like a little kid without zero chance of escaping .

"I'm sorry, the Youngest Sire is not well enough yet" Xhemin reasoned out to Ellie and Sam before following the two "Ellie, don't worry, we'll talk to him about Sam"

Xhemin ran away embarrassed by Ziggy the gorilla's sudden outburst . She followed the two and helped Huzey drag Ziggy away .