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Chapter 4

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My heart . My heart was about to explode! It felt like the whole surrounding was so hot I couldn't help but close my eyes to suppress my feelings . Was he going to kiss me for real this time?

Dug-dug-dug-dug-dug .

I waited for his lips to land on mine .

"Hahahaha," I heard him giggled with mockery .

I slowly opened my eyes and frowned when I saw the smiles all over his face . He nearly choked from laughing .

"What are you laughing at?" I bit my lips as my face turned red . Why was he laughing so sudden? Was he picking on me again? I saw how he combed his hair with his hands and started to shake his head as if he couldn't believe something .

"You did close your eyes . Do you really think that I would really kiss you?" He wiped his nose with his hand as he let go of another laugh . He was delighted over my chagrin . "Tsk, stupid girl . "

I clumped my face with my two hands to hide away my blush . This person is really a beast! How could he play around me like that?

He decided to withdraw his face away from mine . However, somebody behind his back accidentally pushed him back to me .


My eyes grew big as his lips fell perfectly to mine . Different mixed emotions gushed all over me as my first kiss departed from my lips!

'Oh no! My first kiss!' I screamed loudly in my head . I regained my senses in an instant and swiftly pushed him away . The blush I tried to hide grew more pronounced all over my face .

"SH*T!" He managed to curse as soon as he realized what happened .

His eyes were full of things I cannot describe . He immediately turned his back to see who pushed him . I sat there motionless trying to compose myself over the incident . I bit my lips out of shame . What just happened?

"Oops sorry! I didn't mean to push you- Darryl?" The boy's brows knitted as he called his name . He was probably the same age as the person who just took my first kiss . He was holding a tray of food and a beautiful Mexican looking girl was standing beside him . Both of them were stunned upon seeing Darryl .

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"Darryl…" The girl called him tenderly . She had long, golden curls and high cheekbones . She was wearing the same uniform as Dian wore earlier . Her long eyelashes were covering her glimmering eyes . She was stunningly beautiful .

"Hey dude, it's you! I'm sorry I didn't saw you . Why you bending there anyway?" He said as he made a glimpse behind the beast's back . He saw me . His eyebrows curled in confusion as his mouth gaped open .

"So you are bending over a girl?" He gave the beast with a weird look and went to extend his hands to me as he put his food down . "Hi there, I'm Miguel . "

I smiled anxiously and reached out for his hand .

"That's nothing . . . " Darryl said coldly as he spoke to the girl who was looking at me intently .

A gloomy and cold light flashed across his beastly, gorgeous face . His mood had change suddenly in front of the girl . He went from being a jerk into a fine gentleman . If earlier he looked like a gorgeous ruthless beast, now he was like a well groomed prince who was very calculative of his actions . He seemed anxious about something I didn't know . He even looked away trying to escape the Mexican girl's gaze .

Was that his girlfriend? If not, I'm pretty sure they had something between them . It was very obvious from their gestures .

"Who is she?" She asked him as she shifted her gaze from me to him . She didn't bother to acknowledge my presence like Miguel did . It was as if I'm not worthy of any attention at all .

"She is nothing, Collet" He retorted back at her . Collet, so that's her name?

There was something really off between the two of them . What was it? I wasn't exactly sure, but I knew it had some romance involved in it .

Is this girl really his girlfriend? Or an ex probably or a prospective girlfriend? I was dying to know . How did a scumbag managed to hook up with such a beautiful being? I was really surprised to know he had some flirty side .

Was he also flirting with me just few minutes ago?

I scrutinized the gorgeous beast intently, trying to study his every move . I concluded something as the pair in front of me exchanged gazes .

I bet this Mexican girl over here was his love interest and a few minutes ago, she saw him flirting with another girl—that's me . So at the moment, the beast was very anxious because he didn't know how to explain everything to her . Well that explained the small sweats that were dripping on his delicate face .

I laughed at the back of my head . Seeing the scumbag's weird worried face entertained me well . I chuckled at the sight of them . Even Miguel, who was now sitting beside me, chose to keep quiet and didn't make any move to disturb the pair .

I let go of another chuckle upon the thought that this was a very awkward moment for that scumbag . Seems like I just got my revenge today! The heavens were so good to me; they let me have my revenge effortlessly . My eyes were shining bright upon my victory . I looked at the pair and laughed silently again .

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Lightbulb! A brilliant idea just popped up in my head! An instant plan was formed to make my revenge sweeter than ever . I composed myself and breathed hard before I executed my plan .

I stood up from my chair angrily and it startled the three of them . They glanced at me with curiosity .

"What did you just said?" I ran toward the gorgeous beast who was now a few meters away from me .

He frowned, unable to gasp what was happening . Confusion and uncertainty clouded the beast's hazel eyes, but I ignored his gaze .

"What did you just said? " I repeated angrily . "You said, 'it's nothing' right? So I am nothing, you mean?" I glared at him and intentionally raised my voice to make my drama more convincing .

"Hey!" He exclaimed trying to warn me about something as he looked from side to side . His face was so anxious over my sudden attack that made me almost spill a big laugh . However, I tried my best to exaggerate my anger and suppress my laughter . I guess people know how good I am when it comes to acting, right?

"So I'm just nothing?" I barked at him loudly than before .

"What are you—"


A loud thud engulfed the whole place . I slapped the beast in the face before he could complete his words . I hit him really hard . This might be my only chance of slapping him, so I gave my all .

The beast touched the side of his face where my hand fell . His gaze was quaking in fury, but he was still confused over what was happening .

"Is she your girlfriend?" Collet's voice grew hoarse, carrying a hint of rage that she tried so hard to contain .

'Oh yeah, just assume that I am his girlfriend so this drama won't go to waste . ' I mused to myself .

My goal that time was not only to shame the beast in front of the woman he likes, but also to pretend that he and I had something to turn off the girl . That way, I could have my revenge through his heartbreak . I laughed like a witch in my thoughts .

"This is a joke!" The girl exclaimed in incredulity as she stared smugly at me . She looked at me from head to foot with disdain .

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'Oh yes this is joke, but I will make it real in front of all of you . That way, this beast will realize that I am not a good nemesis at all' .

"You are such a womanizer! You jerk! This beautiful girl suddenly appeared from somewhere and you already threw me off? Is that how addicted you are with pretty girls?" I intentionally wet my eyes to make it appear that I was about to cry while pointing a finger to the beast .

"Dude, so this girl is your woman?" Miguel managed to ask with slight hesitance . He asked in fear that his question will be answered with a yes .

"Is Mr . Lagdameo really a womanizer? Is that her girlfriend really? I thought he is single?" I heard someone from a table nearby .

"That's not likely him . Who is that girl? I can't recognize her uniform," another voice from somewhere .

"This can't be! Mr . Lagdameo is single! He is single, who the hell is that girl? She is probably from a school not worthy of any attention!"

Wait . Why did I hear other people's voices? The last time I checked, the people involved in my drama were only three—that beast, that Mexican girl, and this Miguel guy over here . Why were there other people around?

My face fell upon the realization that we were in the canteen . Of course there were people around! How could I miss the fact the we were in a crowded place?

'O my Xhemin Lae! What have you done this time?! Run now! Run now!' I screamed in my thoughts .

I cursed myself a hundred times before thinking again what to do to escape the crowd . I composed myself and started faking again . I couldn't dare to stand any minute under the scrutiny of almost everyone in the room . Also why was he so popular?

"Let's just break up! I don't want you anymore! Adios!" Those were the last words I managed to utter before hastily heading out .

I needed to evaporate right away . Where was the exit? There . I lowered my head trying to escape everybody's gaze . I gripped the ends of my uniform as I hurried myself to the exit . Why was I in uniform? I should've changed earlier when I had the chance . I hoped that no one will recognize from which school my uniform belonged to or else I will definitely be in the news tomorrow!

"Hey!" I was a few meters from the exit when I heard his call from behind . I sped up as soon as I realized that he was following me .

"Gosh-!" I yelled when I felt his hands over my wrist . I struggled to free myself, but his grip was too strong . He was in front of me now .

I panicked over the thought that he might expose to everyone that I was faking it . He would definitely criticize how good my acting was that I manage to fool everyone in the canteen .

Phew! Oh my! What should I do?

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My body trembled as he tightened his grip on my wrist . I didn't dare to look at him . The only thing I wanted at that time was to evaporate . Evaporate in everybody's eyes!

"Wait listen . . . " There was no anger in his voice . He said such words with gentleness . Gentleness eh? Impossible! Maybe I heard wrong .

"No, I will not listen! Let go of me! I don't want to be with you anymore!" I yelled once more . I cut every opportunity that he had to speak . I couldn't let him speak . I couldn't let him reveal to everyone what I just did!

"Just please list—"

"I said no! I don't want to! I don't want to!" I was almost in tears . I've made hundreds of silliness in my life, but this one was something I wish I hadn't done .

I gave everything I have into charging towards escape, but still failed . I was so desperate and frustrated that I dared to punch him on his chest over and over . The canteen was full of my screams . I could tell that everybody in the room halted from taking their bites and chose to be an audience over my peerless drama . They were now waiting for the next scene .

"C'mon let me explain!" He struggled to stop all my punches over his chest .

" I said, 'No!' Hey! WHAT THE-"

Silence was all over the place .

I shivered . I couldn't move . What was he doing?

I heard everyone in the room gasped as they witness what he did .

"It's so romantic!" I heard someone from the crowd .

Dug-dug-dug-dug-dug .

My heart was so loud as I stood motionless in his embrace . Was I dreaming? I didn't know what to do and what to feel . I didn't even know how to respond to him who was currently…




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