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The Genius' First Love - Chapter 46

Published at 27th of December 2018 03:27:58 PM

Chapter 46

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"Who are you? Where did you came from?" One of the men asked her .

"I'm sorry for intruding but I was lost in the woods and saw this mansion" Xhemin stood up and brushed the dirt from her trousers . The dog was then dancing humorously in front of her wanting to play .

"From what direction did you come from?" The man asked her again .

"There!" Xhemin pointed to the direction where she once was .

"Serge check on section C's security and have them explain why this girl pass through their area unnoticed" The man instructed his subordinate .

"Yes sir" One of the man's comrades answered and left in an instant .

"Miss, you intruded a private property . You are not supposed to be here" The man faced Xhemin and scrutinized the girl from head to foot .

"I guess so, if not then, you guys wouldn't be here with guns" Xhemin said sarcastically . She noticed that the men were not that welcoming . Their faces looked as if her intrusion cost them a lot . She wondered how private this area was that it had to be in the middle of a forest and with armed securities .

"I'm sorry again . I was with few people earlier, we were looking for a horse— my horse" Xhemin tallied further, hoping the men in front of her understood the situation . She refused to conclude, but obviously, these men wanted her to spend the night in the forest alone than stay here .

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"You aren't from this town, are you?" The man asked again . He thought that if the girl was from this town then she should have known that this property was off limits .

"Yes, I am a guest . A student I mean of a Professor who lives in this town" She answered .

"Professor Archer Shun you mean?"

"How did you know?"

"He's the only professor in this town who have weird students who come and visit him . " The man answered .

Xhemin's face grimaced at the man's words . What did he mean when he said weird?

"Sir, section C explained that they saw few laborers on the field earlier . But they all chased them away already . It was impossible someone had slipped in because every single security were on guard" A man came with an explanation, but his face was a little hesitant knowing such was not enough to justify the mistake .

The same person looked at Xhemin from head to foot . One glance of her and you could tell that she was harmless and fragile . So, how did this girl pass through their securities? With all the alarms and securities, they had on that area, it was indeed impossible no one noticed her .

"I'm not lying, if you want—go and ask the laborers you chased out . I was with them earlier and I guess I got separated away from them because you chased them away" Xhemin felt the need to defend herself knowing that the men were suspicious of her .

"How did you come to this place?" The man with whom she had the former conversations asked again . Xhemin thought he might be their leader because aside from the fact that the other men answered and obeyed him, his uniform was also a little different from the others although they are made up of the same shade of clothing .

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"I followed the light" Xhemin answered . Of course, she knew why the security didn't notice her . She was trailing up above the trees, even if they have several men on guard in the ground, they of course wouldn't notice her up in the trees intruding the area . But she specifically didn't reveal this information to the guards because it might increase their suspicion with her . What is this place anyway?

"Check's whose fault it is and fire the person . Or if you can't find one, fire them all" said the leader .

Xhemin's eyebrows drew closer when she heard what he said . Fire them all?

The man noticed her indifference and said "As I said Miss, this is a private property and we maintained a high standard of security here . We cannot tolerate such mistake"

"And me? What will happen to me?" Xhemin dared to asked .

"I need to detain you, until I can verify whether what you said are true"

What? She went here to find some help and now they were going to detain her? If only she knew then she shouldn't have come to this place . This place looked harmless from up above, she didn't expect it to be this chaotic down here .

"Standard procedures" The man added .

"I understand—" Xhemin halted her words . Suddenly, she heard something familiar from nearby . She instinctively looked around .

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"What is it?" The man who noticed her change of spirit questioned .

"My horse! I think my horse is here! Did you notice some horse here Mister?"

"We have hundreds of horses in this property Miss" he revealed . He wanted to believe that the girl was harmless but there was something about the situation that made him not lose his guard .

The men guarding the section where the girl pointed to are the best in his team . However, the girl easily avoided them all . Whether she was lying or not was still not clear at all . Then just right now, she heard some horses that were in the property . Truth was that —they indeed house hundreds of horses—but they are few kilometers from the mansion, so it was impossible to hear them neighs with such distance . But the girl heard them .

"Can I at least check them?" Xhemin's eyes were full of worry . She was pretty sure she heard Summer nearby .

"I'm afraid you don't have the privilege"

"Please— "

"I'm sorry but I can't allow that" The head security cut her off instantly . "Have someone call the professor and detain this girl momentarily . If proved wrong, then call the authorities" He instructed as he turned his head to one of his subordinates .

The men brought Xhemin to their station and she was detained in one room . Their head specifically instructed them not to trust the girl's look and to be careful .

Xhemin thought their actions were too much but she just rolled her eyes to them . Maybe that was how things were . Anyhow she didn't find the men dangerous apart from their unusual indifference to her . That was why she acted politely to them and just remained passive in order not to scare them off .

She was stuck in the room for few hours . She was a little bored, but she thought it was better to be staying in the room than outside in the woodland . Also, the securities feed her with a decent meal and kept her warm . That was enough accommodation provided the situation she was in .

"Where is the Little Missus?" She heard Professor Shun from the outside after being bored for like 'forever' . When the securities let her out, the professor went on to her with so much relief in his face .

"Little Missus, I'm very sorry for what happened . Where you scared?" Professor asked her tenderly, like she was a frail little child . "Why did you need to detain her alone? Can't you see she's just a girl?"

"Oh, this professor…" The head security was having hard time explaining . Judging through the professor's actions, it seemed indeed that the girl was a harmless fragile child . " . . it's a standard procedure" he added .

However, he kind of realized that he was indeed too much . It was just that earlier, he felt odd about the girl . He thought she was a wolf hiding in a lamb skin .

"Professor, I'm fine . I just wanted to go home" She said slowly, acting like she was scared . Totally scared .

"Alright let's head home then" The professor said and started heading toward the door with the Little Miss .

"Professor, wait! Just a moment" Xhemin said and turned to the head security "Mister please, if ever you come across a black Appaloosa horse with patterns like a snow throughout his body… Please… Please it's mine . His name is Summer" she begged .

The head security who was looking at the Little Miss dazed over her pretty face . Her eyes were like a pool of ink that was dragging him away through its beauty . He didn't manage to answer but he nodded in response . The girl then left the station and mounted the ford the Professor drove in earlier .

It was a long night in the mansion . The Little Missus' intrusion caused some ruckus that cost few of their employees their jobs . For the first time, the security team of the mansion was in a serious mess just because of a fragile little harmless girl .

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