The Genius' First Love - Chapter 49

Published at 27th of December 2018 03:27:53 PM

Chapter 49

"How about your parents? I'm sure they come visit the doctor and you often…" Madame Selina chose to change the topic knowing how it made Xhemin uncomfortable .

From the moment Xhemin came in their abode she was very interested on prying on Xhemin's parents but she ended up brushing the idea off, knowing it was somehow not their business to intrude into the doctor's privacy . However, it seemed that because she was desperate to change the topic to avoid embarrassing the child, she ended up asking upfront the questions she tried so much to contain to herself . Good thing the Professor was attending on a call, for surely, he would not be pleased .

Xhemin was puzzled about the Madam's question . Didn't the Shun couple know of her parents? However, she answered politely .

"You mean my mother? Well, she died giving birth to me" She answered .

Madame Selina looked the child with so much care and pity when she heard her words . How could fate be this hard to such a sweet child?

"I'm so sorry to hear that child, I didn't know . It was rude for me to ask"

"It's okay Madam . It was a long time ago, I don't even remember the thing" Xhemin answered, sounded unhurt about the idea of her mother's passing . She grew up knowing her mother died in childbirth, it was unfortunate, but there was really no point on dealing on the past . "I mean, I was too little to feel the hurt of her passing, and grandfather brought me up in a way that I could not ask anything else in this life . "

"You were brought up very well, your strength and optimism are something to be admired" The Madam become more pleased with the child's maturity . "The doctor loves you so dearly child, you are so lucky to have him .

Though it was an abstract for Madam Selina how this grandchild came into being, she knew however how she was important to the doctor .

"I am . Having grandpa is enough for me, also my friends keep me company all the time . " She retorted back smiling . Her smile was genuine, telling how true her words were .

"And your father? What does he do? I'm sure he must be as great as your grandfather too"

Selina already took the opportunity to know everything about the child . After all, she was already mesmerized of the child's likeness that she couldn't help but ask something more about her . Years back when they heard the news about the child's existence, Madam Selina was troubled . She was specifically troubled for her friend, Sarah—Dr . Miles wife—who died few years after the child came into being .

Dr . Miles and Sarah sired only one son, Dr . Melvin Dugmoch . He was a very excellent doctor like his father . He was to follow his footsteps, but he died very young, at the age of twenty-six . It was very unfortunate for the couple to outlive their only son, but that lineage calamity didn't stop nor slowed down the couple's pursuit for happiness and duty .

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After Dr . Melvin's death, the couple made sure Feather Health Care Corporation stood strong and consistent . With that, they were able to help other people, specially the needy and weak by giving them free medications and hospital access . Their purpose continued even until now—when Sarah died, and Dr . Miles withdrew from the limelight .

However, few years after Sarah's death— when everyone else thought that there was no more heir to Feather Health Care Corporation—this child came into existence . She was happy knowing there was hope for the doctor's lineage, but she was troubled for Sarah .

Since Dr . Melvin Dugmoch — Sarah and Dr . Miles only son— died twelve years after Xhemin's birth, it was safe to assume that Xhemin isn't Melvin's daughter . Therefore, she must come from another child of the Doctor, an illegitimate one . Although it was rather unlikely for the doctor to have an illicit relationship while Sarah was alive, Xhemin's existence however was something someone could not deny .

Good thing Sarah was already dead when Xhemin came into being, somehow, she wouldn't feel her husband's betrayal anymore .

"My father also died years ago . I believe you and professor Shun knew about that" Xhemin was a little bit mystified with the Madam's questions . How could she came asking about her parents when she and professor Shun knew about his father? Did she forget already?

"I'm afraid we didn't have the chance to get to know your father dear, but we are really looking forward to it" Madam Selina answered, still very gentle with her words

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"Really? But I thought father was professor Shun's favorite student" Xhemin said with her eyebrows crossed .

"Favorite student?" Madam Selina only knew one student professor Shun was very fond of "You mean Melvin? Dr . Melvin Dugmoch?"


"You are Melvin's child?"

"I am—" The Madam's horrified facial expression did not go unnoticed on Xhemin's eyes . "I mean my grandfather has only one child, so I'm sure you know him" She added trying to explain a little further .

The Madam's palms instantly went sweaty . She was completely unsure on how to react on the revelations that sprung before her .

What the child was saying was beyond possible, how can a dead man sire a child? Was her belief wrong after all?

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There was no way Melvin could be Xhemin's father . Did the great doctor made the child believe that Melvin was her father? Why? Is that how disgusted the doctor was of his illegitimate child that he couldn't bring to let her know the truth?

Madam Selina was hoping from the previous years that Dr . Miles' illegitimate child will take over Feather HealthCare Corporation, but it didn't happen . Was it because he doesn't really have an illegitimate child? Was Xhemin an adopted? She was fearing the latter but that was more likely to be true by now .

And there she was resenting silently for her friend Sarah when she was unsure about everything . Not even sure about the existence of Dr . Miles supposed illegitimate child .

If that was the case, then that explained why Dr . Dugmoch was hiding this child away, because there was no way an adopted can stepped into the Feather Health Care Corporation . Dr . Dugmoch's relatives will rather take it for their selves instead rather than giving it to someone not of their own blood .

And this child, didn't she know that she could not possibly be Melvin's child? Didn't she know she was possibly an adopted?

"Madam, I know you are feeling bad . I mean grandpa said you were also close to my father, so I understand your reaction . I know his death made you all sad, but my father's life was something my grandfather takes as a beautiful memory of the past . Maybe you can do the same"

"But Melvin died —"