The Genius' First Love - Chapter 57

Published at 27th of December 2018 03:27:43 PM

Chapter 57

It was a quiet night and Dr . Cyan, for some insane reason, managed to be awake even past midnight . He was brooding until then how it was possible for Xhemin's horse to be alive until today . Few days ago, at the mansion, when he saw the unfamiliar horse, he knew it was going to die after a day or two . Summer was infected by rare disease, he caught it from the other horses they were breeding in the mansion .

Staw disease as what his seniors call them was the name of it and for few weeks now, they were in the quandary of finding the cure for it . They had done a great deal and extent to make the cure, but everything was a complete failure . Even until now, the dilemma in the mansion had never ceased and sooner, all the horses they breed will eventually die . There was no hope, not until he saw a healthy Summer in the barn today . How did the horse survive the fatal disease?

Well, there was one way to find out . He must check onto Summer again, the way he did in the mansion . He must see whether that horse did survive the Staw disease or it was just lucky to live for few more days . However, he cannot scare the little miss by telling her that her horse was sick, also he can't share with her the details of Staw disease because it was a classified information in his job that he was bound not to tell . That was why he decided to check on Summer at night, when everyone was sleeping so that no one would know .

Tucking his scarf tighter around his neck and trying to ignore the stinging cold wind against his body, Dr . Cyan went outdoor to the barn, holding a flashlight on his right hand and a vet kit on his left .

The barn was dark and unwelcoming but Dr . Cyan flew in ignoring all the guilt he felt—guilt for not asking permission to the little miss and guilt over his adverse audacity . The door cracked a little when he pushed it open and the light from the moon outside peeked into the darkness of the barn giving it some beam .

Without hesitation, Dr . Cyan went unto Summer's pen but something pinned his feet onto the cold cemented floor! He was unable to move as his body quivered . He saw something! Something was in there!

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"Who's there?" He whispered, but not one answered . His legs started to shake . Why did the barn seem haunted now?

He made few steps and went closer to Summer's pen but just as he took one step, a thin can came rolling in— engulfing the place with its tiny spinning sound!

His heart almost jumped out of his chest! What's with this place?

He instantly charged the flashlight to where the thin came from and he was welcomed with big glowing eyes! The kind of eyes that you see in ghost movies; big, scary and haunting!

" . . . " he wanted to shout but for some reason no sound came out from his mouth . No matter how much he pushed, all the voice in him seemed to have been gone because of fright!

Since he was too petrified to scream, he tried running but that too, was a complete failure . His legs seemed too heavy now, and his body froze, he couldn't move at all!

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So all he did was to cry secretly in there .

However, after few minutes of being totally wreck in terror, he realized that the big scary eyes he saw belonged to a horse, one of the horses in the barn to be precise . Because he directed a flash light toward the horse, it was only natural for its eyes to glow with such light . Heck! How could he— a doctor, be so afraid of a horse's eyes?

He held a deep sighed and waited for his nerves to calm down . When he felt his body relaxed a bit, he started heading off again to Summer's pen .

"Supernatural! How the heck would I be afraid of a supernatural? It doesn't exist!" he mused to himself while walking .

But then, there was something he saw that made him swallow a big gulp of saliva!

"Is that… is that…" his legs fell numb and his hands shook tremendously "…a white lady!" the words barely come out of his mouth .

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For the second time again, Doctor Cyan froze from where he stood .

In the dark, he saw an entity all covered in white with so much hair falling from its head . It was on Summer's pen, standing just beside the horse . It didn't move toward him, it just remained motionless beside Summer .

He wanted to scream— like a big all-out scream but just like few seconds ago, it seemed that something was stuck in his mouth he cannot make a word . The hairs at the back of his neck erected in panic and his body froze in solid!

For few minutes, he just stood there fearing that his soul will be taken by the white lady in front of him . He was too afraid to move, so even if he was dreading the view, he could do nothing but just watch it .

"Take more of the Staw serum so you will completely be healthy buddy" He heard a faint voice whispering . His eyes bulge anxiously, did the white lady just talked?

"It tastes nice doesn't it? I made taste like strawberries" She said again to Doctor Cyan's terror!

This was the first time he encountered such entity and just in a span of few minutes he realized that there were a lot of things about them that were not portrayed well in movies . First, they were more terrifying in real life and second, a white lady talks—and their voice was kind of angelic and friendly, not horrifying and haunting just like how movies showed them .

So, the white lady in the barn was a friendly one? Was that the reason she did not attacked him?

"Buddy you must finish it all, it will help you recover fast . Don't worry I made this myself, it's a Staw serum to cure your Staw disease" the white lady said again and for the first time the Doctor saw it caressing the horse's head .

Just right then, Dr . Cyan realized that the voice was familiar and the figure of the woman attending a horse become rather quite visible in the darkness now than before . He must have gone real afraid earlier that he was not able to absorb everything well .

The word Staw disease and Staw serum came ringing in his head like a teapot on its boiling point!

"Little Miss? Is that you?" he called with so much hope in his eyes .