The Genius' First Love - Chapter 64

Published at 27th of December 2018 03:27:32 PM
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Chapter 64

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Xhemin didn't know how long she sat in the barn . She was watching one horse eating some hay and at the same time she was daydreaming while her head in her arms, resting on her knees . Her mind was whirling with what could she be possibly doing at this time of the day if she was in Hampshire and of course, she had some thoughts of the beast . Not some, many thoughts of him rather, that were filling all her daydreams .

Also, she was wondering what their lady boss looked like and who among the elite family she belonged to . It also crossed her mind that perhaps the lady boss was a foreigner and that was the reason why she didn't usually visit the mansion . There were a lot of questions in her mind that rose her curiosity at peak, for who have wouldn't have knick-knacks about a lady who possessed the fabled moonlight mirror?

Suddenly her alarm went off with a deafening blare and she unconsciously searched for it in her pocket, her mind barely woke up from her fantasy . She managed to grab it before the chime kicked in again, rising a volume level . She swiped it off, had a long yawn after and pushed some of her tangled hair at the back off her pretty face .

Her phone reads – vcall with the gorillas .

"SH*T" A loud curse let go from her mouth, almost as though inappropriate because she had the most innocent look, one could not even imagine that such naïve little girl knew how to curse that hard .

Almost as fast as a morning train, she ran to her bedroom in a blink of an eye, threw herself in the bed and tap 'join' the button that was flashing on her screen .

"Hey" she said and bit her lips .

"You're late again" Ziggy welcome her with glaring eyes, Xhemin's mouth went sticky in an instant . She could see the boy in his blue hospital gown sitting idly in a place that what seemed to be one of the offices in the hospital .

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"I'm not . I'm one minute early than the schedule time" She reasoned confidently .

"Excuses . I hate excuses"

Suddenly another small screen also opened up in her phone showing Huzey on his back, his face was pasted on the painting where his hands were stroking lightly, his messy bun that came pretty obvious in his back was tainted with paints . He didn't say a word which was rather usual .

"They are not excuses, they are facts . How's Sam by the way?" She continued .

"You didn't ask me how I was and yet you asked how Sam was" The boy rolled of bitterly . His eyes showed some glint of hate or probably guilt .

"You are doctor . You can treat yourself"

"Huzey what are you painting . Can I see?" Ziggy ignored her last sentence and went on to trouble the boy who was painting .

Huzey moved himself away from the canvass and the view of a red woman with fish tails become the highlight of their screens .

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"A mermaid" Xhemin said in fascination "A red haired mermaid . That's so pretty"

"What's so pretty with that? Look at that face" Ziggy mauled . He noticed that the mermaid Huzey was painting had a distorted face " . . Urrggggh . . I really can't understand the taste of girls" He added trying to lash out on Xhemin .

"Wait a minute" Ziggy cried out when he remembered something out from the image in the canvass "Isn't that the one the teacher saw in the Loch?" he dragged his eyes from the painting to Huzey and raised a questioning brow cockily .

"Was it?" Xhemin confirmed also looking at Huzey .

"Well yeah, I just thought of painting it based on how the teacher described it" Huzey spoke for the first time, his tone was smooth .

The moment Huzey spoke, Ziggy then had kept pestering the prince with questions and their conversation went on forever . Xhemin was just listening thoroughly with them, conversed when asked and laughed when she needed to . However, her complete focus was now shifted back to the identity of the lady boss and the mystery of the Moonlight Mirror .

"Huzey, if you are to guess, who among the country's aristocrat had the Moonlight Mirror?" The question came out of her mouth in an instant, replenished .

"Huh?" Ziggy can't help but raise a brow on the girl's inquiry because her question was so out of topic . "The Moonlight Mirror was long gone . It was stolen or— to be honest, nobody really knew where that weird mirror was" Ziggy answered forgetting the fact that the question was not for him .

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"Let me see" Huzey turned to her and reached out for his phone, a little later his face was already up close in the screen "The Lagdameo perhaps?"

She dragged her eyes from his lips and furrowed her brow "Ehhhh? Why did you even think of that?"

"Why not? Does the sound give you allergies? If I know you are just terribly missing that Lagdameo coach!" Ziggy exclaimed sounding a bit accusatory .

"I don't know…perhaps because the Moonlight Mirror was gone without a trace and they are the one who at most, has that capability" Huzey finally answered after a long thought as he lifted his shoulders .

"The Montreal's also have that ability, I guess also the Montarini's" She reminded him .

"True . But a Montreal and a Montarini is talking to you right now and I say to you little thug we don't have it" Ziggy rolled his eyes at the girl .

"fine…fine" She settled and gave Ziggy the bitchest look she could muster .

"Gawd!" Ziggy yelled and covered his mouth with one of his hands when he remembered something . "Don't tell me you are suddenly curious of the moonlight mirror because of the legend!"

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"Of course not!" The girl denied in an instant .

"Liar . You wanted to find the moonlight mirror to know who your soulmate is!" Ziggy concluded in disbelief .

The Legend of the Moonlight mirror was famous in the country . Old folks tell of an ancient ritual that was popular on young maidens before—the Midnight Mary .

It was said that when the clock set at twelve at midnight, one should recite the words 'Midnight Mary' three times facing the Moonlight Mirror and one's soul mate will appear . However, this sort of legend has a horrifying counterpart, it was also said that sometimes the mirror does not show one's soul mate but rather summons out a demon beast from hell .

According to rumors, many of the ladies who tried the Midnight Mary ritual died because they were able to summon a beast rather than their soul mate, that's why somebody hid the moonlight mirror and it was never found since then .

"I don't believe on such legend, mind you!" Xhemin disputed but her cheeks went red from the boy's accusation .

"We don't believe you" Ziggy said unconvinced .

Xhemin's lips went to a straight line after that .

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