The Genius' First Love - Chapter 67

Published at 27th of December 2018 03:27:27 PM
Chapter 67

The next thing she knew, his warm lips was already on hers, savouring her sweetness . His kiss brought her too many flickers of emotions and carried her mind to places far away she had no chance to even think of where they are—in the swimming pool and covered by a half-burnt blanket to be precise . She didn't have time to care, for his lips were far too consuming and daring .

Xhemin felt her pulse quickened and all the memories of him at the conference toured back to her head that reminded how the beast turned to be her man and how she became his . Everything was just too sudden, unlabelled, unexpected, something a hopeless romantic might not wish to happen in his own love story yet for Xhemin, it was something, probably a mistake, a mistake she wanted to commit again and again .

And there he was, his arms around her pressing her tightly, making sure she will not a have a chance to escape . He was kissing her for minutes that seemed like forever as if it wasn't midnight and as if they did not wake up almost everyone with the mess they just shaped out few minutes ago .

So footsteps flooded the whole place after the incident—while Darryl was stealing kisses, the curtains were the only thing hiding them from crowd that was approaching .

"Young Master?" Manager Song rushed out to the pool as soon as he came . "What happened?" He asked the servants who was already gathering themselves at the pool .

The call brought Xhemin back to reality and she realized that they were not alone anymore . She straightaway pushed Darryl afraid that they will be caught in their little sweet mischief, yet Darryl didn't yielded . He held her tighter and kissed her harder and it gave Xhemin some thoughts that the boy didn't really care about their unsuspecting audience .

"What happened to the young master?" Manager Song asked again when no one answered .

"Manager Song, I left the Young Master here to get him some more wine…" One of the valet answered, head down .

"Did he drank much tonight?" The manager pressed on .

"No! No! I didn't give him much!" The valet retorted with a worried face .

"Why were all the light's off? Turn on the lights!"

"Manager Song, the young master wanted to see the shimmering water in the moonlight mirror that's why we turn off all the lights" one of the maidservants explained " I just left him for a while to call for some valet to help me open the glass doors in full"

The lights instantly filled the place in the middle in everyone's chaos .

"What are you waiting for! Pull the young master out of the pool!" Manager Song cried out sparing no more time to waste . The Young Master and him just reached the mansion few hours ago and he was ready to plunged on his bed and have a good night sleep but then another trouble add up to his long misery .

Xhemin was already in panicky when she felt the curtains above them move . She knew how big of a scandal it will be when the young master will be caught kissing a vet's assistant . But how could she even sway the boy who didn't want to let go and how could she even go against her own emotions? If she was to decide on it, she will never want it to end .

But then was she ready for all the consequences?

Xhemin pushed Darryl as hard as she can, charging all attempts to escape from the beast's arms and his consuming lips . The long curtain was almost pulled up, but she was nowhere near success . The beast just didn't care at all and he was far too strong for her .

Xhemin didn't want to be seen kissing with the young master in her soaked night gown, in midnight and under the cover of drapes, so she thought hard how to escape him . She came up with an idea, it was crazy but she had no choice .

So as the curtain was almost lift out the pool, she bit Darryl's lips hard—soo hard that it distracted Darryl away, giving her a chance to breakout from him .

"Aww!" Darryl reacted reaching out for his lips . He didn't surely expect that move from her . But was not his woman full of unexpected surprises? That probably was one of the things he liked about her, she was too bewildering .

Xhemin breathed hard as she could, she was literally catching her breathe . His kisses almost took of all the air from her but she was glad it ended before everyone noticed .

Nobody must have seen it right?

"Young Master are okay?" Manager Song asked . " Aren't you the doctor's grandchild?" he added in surprised when he noticed that the Young master was not alone .

Everyone gape open and all their jaws dropped at the sight of the two young heirs in the pool . For one minute, everyone was not sure what to think off . They looked at each other but didn't say a word .

Xhemin realized that apart from Manager Song, the crowd that gathered in the pool were all maidservants and valets . She sighed a great relief . At least Dr . Cyan was not around, for she would have a hard time explaining to her supposed boss what she was doing here .

"Help the girl" Darryl directed ignoring Manager's Song question . He dragged himself away from the pool with a dashing aura that assured everyone that he was totally fine even though his clothes were all wet and his lips was wounded .

Two of the valets assisted the Little Missus out of the pool and a maidservant covered her with dry towels . She was soaking wet but even how cold the water was, she was pretty sure all her insides were raging hot .

"Thank you" She whispered slowly to the servants who assisted her .

Although they were not caught kissing in the pool, the view of them together still made her felt embarrassed, apart from it, Darryl was still caressing his lips that rose everyone's interest . The suspicious stares of the crowd around her only made her feel worst . The only thing she wanted now was to run back to her room, sleep and probably not to wake up tomorrow .

God Xhemin, how stupid can you be?

"Please excuse me" She said with her eyes low . She held the towel around her tight and started to walk fast away from the crowd, she cannot endure any more minute of humiliation . But she was really thankful no one noticed their kiss because that was one hell of a trouble .

"hey . . " Darryl called when she made few quick steps away .


She can't help but cursed when she heard him . She pretended not to have heard anything and just walk past the big hall .

"Stop right there!" he commanded that made Xhemin halted her steps instantly . What was it that he wanted? He sounded so scary when he called so Xhemin didn't dare to move . It gave her some chills as droplets of water fell from her wet dress straight to the floor .

She closed her eyes and held a deep breath before she turned to him .


As soon as Xhemin said those words, Darryl rushed to her side with a devilish grin and his hazel eyes glowed with so much craving telling her that he was no done with her!

He tilted her chin up and scrutinized every inch of her pretty face . He was disturbingly so close to her .

Holy Moly cow!

"You owe me two kisses remember?" The beast said and then his lips—that grinning, infuriating, perfect lips—came down over hers again .

So Xhemin died and went to heaven after that while everyone's eyes bulged out in shock!