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The Genius' First Love - Chapter 69

Published at 27th of December 2018 03:27:24 PM

Chapter 69

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"…I have keys…" he added . " So either you open it or I'll open it up for you"

Holy shit!

Darryl waited patiently at the door with the wildest grin in his face . It was a mystery for him how his woman suddenly appeared on this property yet that was the least of his concern for tonight . He wanted to leave her alone and rest for the night, yet there was a strong force inside of him that pushed him to pester her tonight .

"Okay fine . I'll just use my keys" He said lastly and tried to find the door's keyhole . However, before the the keys made it through, a small clicking sound stopped him . The door moved slightly opening a space for him to enter .

Xhemin felt a little helpless with the situation . She had enough of what happened earlier, and she just wanted nothing but a good night sleep for tonight . But with the beast hanging around bossily in her room, will she ever had time to sleep?

Darryl entered without any invitation, and as soon as he stepped in, his demanding aura filled the entirety of the whole place . He looked at the girl in white standing before the door motionlessly . The room was dark but he could see enough to know her eyes were avoiding his .

Xhemin was still holding the sidings of the door, hoping his visitor will have a swift business and leave right away so she had the door ready to be shut when he steps out to leave . Unfortunately to her dismay, Darryl held onto the side of the door that she was holding and pushed it closed . Not satisfied, the beast had locked it himself .

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The sound of the door being locked woke up all the panicky nerves inside of her . Why did he lock the door? Now she is doomed, if the beast decides to eat her alive, no one will be there to save her .

Xhemin tried to pull a face despite her trembling nerves and faced the beast who was standing before him scrutinizing her demeanor . He was still wearing his tailcoat but his tie was no longer there while his inside shirt was buttoned up only until his chest revealing some of his sweating flesh .

"This is my room"

"So?" Darryl frowned at her . Although he had a pale skin, the wine he drank earlier brought some redness onto his gorgeous face .

She heaved a sigh before answering "You shouldn't be here…"

"Really?" He answered shortly that sounded sarcastic in Xhemin's ears . Just a little bit and she will surely lose all her patience with the annoying beast .

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Despite of having dreamed of seeing Darryl after a long time, she wanted nothing more than to run away from him right now . Knowing that they were alone in her room at past midnight with the door locked terrified her—not because Darryl is the infamous beast but because she knew how defenseless she is when it comes to him . The fact that he was a little drunk scared her more .

"Darryl" she said calmly, hoping he will just for one moment convinced him to go away and stop pestering her . "You can't just barge in to someone else room"

"This is my house, so technically I own this room" he answered thoughtfully .

"The owner of this property is a lady" She smirked at him implying that he can't fool him with his words "Are you that lady? Did you by any chance changed your gender or preference maybe?"

Darryl let go of a little laugh with her words but Xhemin can see a vein twitching on his forehead . "What a conclusion milady, you never changed" he said before moving away .

Suddenly his aura changed a little, changed into something beastly that scared Xhemin more . Although Darryl tried to laugh her words off, obviously it annoyed him .

Xhemin just stared at the beast that was heading towards the bed . In a split of second, she saw him removed his tailcoat and started unbuttoning his shirt until his half naked flesh was flashing unswerving in front of her .

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Xhemin's face turned red and at once her mind filled with so many raging nasty thoughts, she never thought she had . Why is he undressing? Was he planning something different tonight? Did the alcohol he drank hit him that bad that turned him into a vile beast?

Is she gonna lost it all tonight?

She took a deep breath and tried to speak but no words come out of her mouth . Her breathing just came in gradually telling of how nervous she was at the moment . She was not expecting any of this at all . Although, she had watched him half naked a couple of times, she doesn't think there will come a time she will be comfortable seeing them .

After stripping off his clothes, Darryl turned to face the girl who just recently swallowed every liquid in her mouth . She was looking at him with eyes wide open and he knew why .

"Your room is very hot" he said casually as if his naked flesh is not alarmingly sexy enough to tear off every girl's sanity .

"That…" She tried to tell off, but she swallowed all her words right through . Knowing she cannot compose herself, she went to open the window immediately very much hoping the coldness of the Woodbridge wind will ease all the tension away .

However together with the night wind, the brightness of the moon peaked though the window giving the room some light . And right at the moment, Darryl saw how Xhemin's body glistened over the moonlight and how her white thin silk nightgown shaped out all the curves in her tender body .

In a minute her innocent ink eyes peered through her hair that was dancing together with the wind . Her nightgown was low-cut showing her long legs that was shimmering right there and then, unconsciously inviting some tension that made Darryl broke into a good enough amount of sweat at the back of his neck . The verges and firmness of her breast came in pretty obvious only showing she was not wearing any brassiere at all .

The look on Darryl's face gave Xhemin a hint that something was off . Because his hazel eyes were fiery hot looking straight to her, she knew then that it was something to do with her . In a minute she became aware of how thin and short her nightgown is . And since she was about to sleep, she didn't mind wearing any brassiere at all and she just regretted that idea .

Darryl's stares made her very transparent . For the first time in her life, she felt something different . Like how one feel when seeing a rosebud bloom at dawn . It was something fleshly and natural . Even if it made her feel so fragile, at the same time it also made her feel like a woman .

Although Xhemin's nightgown was covering her flesh, she felt so naked under the beast's hazel eyes . She slowly embraced herself, covering her breast and tried to slip her hair at the back of her ears .

"Come" he heard him . His voice and his words only brought more of those feelings she felt inside . It was hoarse and entrancingly sexy .

"Huh?" She asked, trying to understand what he was implying .

"Come to bed with me" His last words almost broke Xhemin's sanity in a millisecond .