The Genius' First Love - Chapter 94

Published at 28th of March 2019 06:19:39 AM
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Chapter 94

"I'm sorry I lied to you"

Darryl felt the sincerity of her voice and he was well aware of the guilt she must have been feeling . Precisely the reason why he was doubting whether to tell her or not, for he knew she would end up feeling guilty .

"You didn't lie to me…" Darryl comforted her, hating that it had come to this "I just didn't ask . How could you lie if I didn't specifically ask?"

"But still…" Xhemin's expression became wary .

"You were just being a good grandchild" He added proving his point "Also, If I were your grandfather, I will do the same thing…"

Xhemin's body stiffened . He knew Darryl hadn't meant to make her feel bad—more so aggravate her already hurting guilt . However, as soon as she heard the word grandfather from his mouth, she felt more guilt easing into her . Speaking about his grandfather's instructions not to let everyone knew about the Staw serum, she ended up ruining it again .

"Were you the one who promoted Dr . Cyan?" she asked, after minutes of sucking the guilty feeling .

"Yes…" he answered tonelessly, although her question sounded accusing "Don't get me wrong, I reviewed his credentials and I know his fit for the job . Also, the other night . I heard he mastered the cure already, so I want to take advantage of that"

"I don't' really mind" she settled apathetically but soon added with pride "I think he deserves it"

"Is that okay with you?"

"Yes . If comes a time that the serum needed to be developed, have it under Dr . Cyan's name" She instructed carefully as if what she was giving the doctor were just some cheap candy bars .

"You don't mind giving it away?" A little bewildered, Darryl asked . "I mean it's your creation, you can get a good deal with it"

"No, I don't . Dr . Cyan have mastered it already and he had all the opportunity to develop it . It will just go to waste with me"


"Please Darryl, I promised my grandpa I will have nothing to do with the Staw serum anymore"

Hearing her say his name sound splendid in Darryl's ears . It was more than enough to convince him to just to let it be as if her voice had some kind of power that can make him obey to whatever she wanted .

Darryl also thought of how easy it was for his woman to give something so important like a Staw serum, as if her creation was something like one can imitate easily .

And how lucky was this Dr . Cyan that she had specifically favored him to be the Staw serum's pretend maker .

"You trust him so much" He commented indistinctly as if he was not at all jealous of the girl's confidence with the doctor .

"His family had been loyal to us for years . It's my gift for them" She said with reverence and confidence to the Shun family which made Darryl realize that the girl had already made up her mind even before this conversation started .

"I was planning to give you a compensation for the cure and probably do a collaboration for its development" He laid down his plans instantaneously hoping the girl might be interested .

"Ask Dr . Cyan about it . As far as I'm concerned, he is the owner of the cure, not me" She answered .

"Okay . Anything about the cure I'll discussed it with Dr . Cyan excluding you entirely with the conversation" He signed and answered back ending the topic right then .

"By the way what do you mean when you said you heard it the other night? You mean you were at the barn?" She asked in surprised . Now everything came in clear . So that's how he learned about everything . "You were stalking me?"

"I was watching over you, you hard headed Missus . Didn't your grandpa told you to be good and there you are sneaking out of your room at midnight?" he chided on her which made Xhemin roll her eyes over him . Good thing he can't see her face .

"How did you know I sneak out? Did you go to my room?" She asked again now in a curious state .

"I'm not telling" he answered .

"Not fair!" She protested and decided to ask another question right after "Were you planning to pester me again that night?"

"I am not telling" He repeated .

"Hey Darryl Lemmeul Lagdameo, don't you have some decency in your skin? You knew how improper it is for a man to sneak out on a girl's bedroom? Even if the lady boss gives you an unlimited access in that house, you can't just barge into my room as long as you want!" Xhemin nagged with so much expression in her face not aware of how many sentences she let go in a span of seconds .

But despite so much words and her unending nagging, Darryl remained nonchalant at her back not even acknowledging even a single word . He remained silent and just continued to charge his horse to the direction they were trailing on .

His apathy annoyed Xhemin even more and she was forced to meet him head-on . Because Darryl was at her back, she turned her shoulders around to his side to meet his gaze .

"Are you even listening to me? Did you get what I said? Darryl, you-can't-go-to-my-room-anymore! Get that?" She said intentionally slowing the pace of her last words in order to prove her point .

But still he didn't say a word and just look upon her pretty face . His hazel eyes met hers and because she was nagging all throughout, she probably didn't notice that his pupils are dilated and he's looking at her so hard .

"Say yes . Say yes!" Insisted Xhemin when she realized that he was not talking "Ahh tssssk! You are so unbelievable . Why can't—"Just before she could complete her words Xhemin swallowed them right through .

Because Darryl the beast, suddenly captured her lips cutting all the words she wanted to say .