The Genius' First Love - Chapter 96

Published at 28th of March 2019 06:19:37 AM
Chapter 96

"Ouch!" She cried a little as she tried to find the thing that hit her . After a minute, another small round thing hit her arms and just then she realized that it was Darryl throwing her some small stones .

"Hey!" She called unto his ungentleness . But truth was Darryl was only letting the stones fly without much force in order not cause much pain on her .

"Psss… . You started it . . . " He said as he was aiming another one at her . She avoided his next hit, yet the stone sprung into the water making small splashes that was making her wet .

"I said stop it!" She commanded, now annoyed .

"Na-ah!" Darryl said shaking his head trying to irritate her more .

"Why are you so mean to me now?" She asked sulking, biting her lips and making puppy eyes .

"That tactic doesn't work to me" He answered with a smirk referring to her made up "puppy look . " He picked up another stone and was about to make another hit .

"The water doesn't hurt but your stone paybacks do stings! Also, you are slowly making me wet!" She exclaimed as she raised her arms in attempt to shield herself from his incoming throw .

However, after a minute it seemed that nothing hit her, so she went on to looked at the face of the boy and found him froze slightly at her sight . His eyes were into her and his face was unreadable as if surprised .

But right after, Darryl made a smirk and later an evil grin shaped out from his lips as his hazel eyes shone brightly at her .

"What now?" She asked glaring .

"What did you say?" He asked as the slight grin on his face grew wider now .

"The payback stings?" She asked in question wondering what the boy was talking about . The look on the boy's façade scares her a bit .

"Not that one" He shook his head .

"The water doesn't hurt?"

"The last thing you said" He pointed out .

Xhemin wondered what the boy was talking about yet as she went over her last statement, she blushed when she realized the things she said .

Oh crap!

"I mean you are slowly making my clothes wet" She gulped, very much ashamed of such nasty words .

"Really?" He teased and his voice was annoyingly steady . "So, I'm slowly making you wet?"

Xhemin's face was bright red now .

"That was an honest mistake Darryl . Don't overthink and don't ever dream about it…" She retorted trying to hide away her blush . Him provoking her over such an innocent mistake was making her truly hate the boy at the moment .

Oh God, here we are again!

Darryl is being that annoying beast again!

Suddenly Darryl rose up from the bough where he was sitting and slowly advanced toward the stream . He picked up his own shoes before he joined her totally in the water never minding that his own down clothes soaked in the stream . The sound of his steps against the water was like a sound of sea mammal ever slowly hounding for some little prey to eat . It was slowly, making sure he had all the advances he needed to secure his haunt and hell yeah threatening .

Just then, sweat beaded on Xhemin's forehead, damping her hair . Even the hairs at the back of her neck were standing in fear .

The beast has woken up . That's for sure . And that made Xhemin's nerves squeeze a bit .

"You asked me earlier if I went to your room the other night…" Darryl said to her as he was nearing toward the girl who for some reasons froze at the same spot .

And also for some other reasons his voice becomes enthrallingly and seductively sexy .

Xhemin gulped . Not once but a couple of times . What's with the beast now?

He seemed to be so gentle earlier when he rescued her from the stable master's fury yet now, his once mellow aura sudden become rough— devilishly raging hot!

The hell!

Xhemin stepped backward as Darryl stepped further into her, yet the beast's steps were bigger than hers rendering her escape plan impossible .

"So? You said you ain't gonna tell a word" She retold trying to distract herself from the fact that Darryl the beast was making her scary, scary for something she did not know . Perhaps scary of the fact that she was kind of uncertain about what will Darryl make out of her . The boy had so much effect on her that she can turn her into— if not a fool then a madman in a split of seconds .

"Well I want to answer it now" He lay off teasingly . "I did went to your room that night"

"Well, so what if you did?" She responded unsteadily .

"Are you not gonna asked me why I did?" He insinuated in a way that he wanted to make her ask for it . Or at least be curious about it .

"I'm not anymore interested" She shoved him off, trying to shut the conversation out . She knew, by the way he was acting, there was something, something beastly that's gonna happen .

"You should" Darryl answered back, his hazel eyes matched the mischief of his smiles . "That's because I brought you something from the trip"

"What is it?" She asked in curiosity, though she fought very hard to make her voice sound neutral as if she was not at all interested but was just forced to ask .

But even before she ended the words, Xhemin gulped . She didn't know why but the cold stream in her feet suddenly was becoming hot . She looked at him intensely which she regretted afterwards because his gorgeous hazel eyes hypnotized her that she can't take her eyes off him anymore . There was a blood rush to her face and she was awfully nervous .

Darryl caught her hand after a second and everything in Xhemin started to tense up .

If his eyes were violently naughty, his grip on her was even more .

He saw Darryl pulling something in his pocket with his other free hand . "It's right here actually . Do you want to know what it is?"

Xhemin froze her breathe . And hell no, she don't want to hear any of it!

Now Darryl's voice was almost like a whisper and his lips finds its way to her ears .

"It's the condom that you want"

Hearing the word almost made Xhemin fainted .