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Published at 2nd of July 2017 07:15:26 AM

Chapter 1

Author: 七沢またり

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Translator: Just a Dream


Chapter 1 : Stella of The Stardust



She raised her voice in spite of the pain that pierced her forehead . After that, something fell further into her head . The sound of “something” rolling on the floor reverberated .

When she raised her mood to open her heavy eyelids, a strange sight came into view .


Rope hanging from above, scattered chair, and two bodies with arms and legs hanging in the air without strength . That scene was so tragic that it was hard to describe, and excretions were scattered under it .

[Ukekeke! It is so smelly! For me to came to this hell and helped you, I am a role model of the Sacred Beast, right? ]

A damn bird that spreaded bright red feathers in a good mood while dancing crazily . Moving the thin legs bit by bit and jumped around the girl as if to provoke her .

“Hey, you”

[Ukeke! My name is not ‘Hey’! Well, Master, you should call my name! ]


[It’s cruel! Your memory should have returned! ]


[My name is Clevar! Master, don’t tell me that your body became like that, your brain also degenerated! Oh, maybe it was incomplete? Ukeke, It is troubling ]

“Hey, listen to my–”

[Ukeke, oioi Master, you are truly– guee]

She grabbed the noisy bird’s neck and pulled it forcibly . Clevar’s eyes turned white and its beak moved left and right . She intended to use the strength to the point until a step before it was sent to afterlife, but she could not get much more strength than she thought .

(… … I don’t understand the situation well for the moment . For now, I guess it is surely not likeable)

After lightly sighing , the strength in her hand loosen . She finally remembered who the bird was .

“Hey, Clevar . I haven’t seen you for a while and you became quite arrogant . Oh yeah, how about I look inside your head to celebrate our reunion? ”

[No, I will die! Even if you’re joking, that’s too much! I thought it was super troublesome, but I still came all the way here! ]

“So noisy . That aside, please explain this situation briefly . ”

[You act so highly despite becoming a little girl! Because it is Master that it is super irritating! ]

“Oh, it’s okay, once I pluck off those feathers and beak, this world will become quiet a little . It will hurt a little, but endure it . ”

She grabbed the feathers with the left hand, Clevar cried and struggled with tears .

[U, ukeke! It’s a just little joke! I will explain it right now! ]

“Clearly and concisely, I hate long stories . ”

She released Clevar and picked up “something” that rolling near her feet . It was an eerie sphere that emitted a purple light . The more she saw it, the more she got the ominous impression that she would be dragged deeper into it . But the girl felt nostalgic about it . She thought that it’s existence was only natural . Something important came into her body . her power raised . She felt as such .

[Um, from where i should explain?]

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“In the meantime, explain my present situation as far as you can tell”

[Ukeke, an idiotic little girl who survived alone even though involved in a family suicide . It was good to have made it in time! ]

“I see . That was fortunate”

She understood . There was a trace of tightened rope on her neck . It was fortunate that because she lost consciousness, they didn’t end her live, they assumed she had been dead .

Did her parents took their live as soon as they ascertain the death of their daughter? Unfortunately there was no way to make sure of it . She didn’t want to know though .

[Even if you survived, it is hell! The debt has been piled up that it is terrible! You have done it, Master! It is a worthwhile work . It is confirmed that you will only work for your entire lifetime!]

Clevar was applauding skillfully using its feathers . The red feathers danced around and fell down .

She threw the purple sphere to the good mood Clevar, it cried out and was clinging to the wall . She picked up the rolling sphere . Because it was sturdy it would never break . The remaining memories came from the sphere . It was violently rushing into her consciousness . The memory of the present and the past were mixed perfectly and became one .

(…, I see, the current situation is really like hell)

Her name is Stella Nordus . Daughter of sundry shop Glen . Age 10 years . Skimmed type, unhealthy, poor complexion, bad at social disposition . A plain girl with only silver hair as her special trait .

But, She did not care about such a thing . Stella was stunned .

“- I, I have lived in vain for ten years, has a sixth of my lifetime already been disgested?”

[You should have other impression in front of the dead bodies of your parents . Even though your long awaited wish to become a human has come true, there is no meaning if you are like this!]

Clevar’s amazed voice could be heard .

“I don’t care about the man who tried to take me along to death because he jumped to obviously suspicious profit talks and failed . it is just stupid to feel any sympathy . ”

For a moment, a headache like lightning came but she ignored it .

[Ukeke! Cruel as usual! This devil! Witch! ]

“Cruel? We have been watching the world from the shadows all this time . Without any collateral, a long days that so boring, enough to make me crazy . ”

[But it really was only to watch over . ]

She ignored Clevar’s voice .

“There is no way that I am a devil or a witch . yeah, I’d like you to even call me a goddess . ”

[Poo! There is no goddess with such a bad personality! Ukeke, As expected of Master! Your sense doesn’t change at all! ]

The brainless bird spouting without reserve .

“Are you still needed to be disciplined? I will try to twist a bit more next time . ”

[I don’t need it! ]

“… … By the way, was your body always so small? Seems like it was bigger before . ”

Even though her memory was mixed, it was foggy in some place . It was in an important part that shouldn’t be forgotten . Now that she thought about it, was this bird so small? She thought it was certain that it was red and noisy . She still could not remember .

[It’s, It’s only your imagination! That aside, Master! What will you do with these corpses? Don’t tell me, you will spend time together whit it from now on . Even if it is Master, I cannot accept that . You must be crazy . ]

Crevar was taken aback while twisting its body . No matter what, that could not be .

“It is smelly and if I leave it as it is, it will gather maggots and become terrible . We have to contact someone and make them clean it up . ”

[Because it’s your family, you should clean it up yourself]

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“It is just corpses now . Moreover with this body, it’s impossible . This body is too weak . Even though it is my body, It is truly miserable . ”

[Certainly, it feels like you can die any time . ]

“I have to make sure that won’t happen . I’ll reflect on it for ten minutes later . ”

[It is not like you! By the way, what are you reflecting on? Oh, Is it about you didn’t say any gratitute words even once to me? ]

“It is not like that at all . The human life is only 60 years if it is is going well . My life has already been wasted for ten years, moreover this body has been raised to such a poor condition . It makes me want to die . Therefore, here I think I will firmly reflect on it and get my spirit back”

[So it’s like that]

“Is there something wrong?”

[Master, you are really a devil . You spit out such words in front of your parent’s corpse . Such a girl, I have never heard of it . As expected even i was shocked]

“I have not asked for your impression, I wonder if you will let me to take a break for a little while . I am tired from talking too much . ”

[Although it has been a long time, you are so cold! ]

Stella ignored it, she breathed out and fell down on the spot . When she took a deep breath, an offensive smell thrust into her nose . It was a smell of the dead . It was a smell that she was familiar with, but not with this body . Gastric juice welled up naturally . Somehow tears-like things also came out . Perhaps she felt a bit sad . If she was also dead together, what would happen to her . The soul was the same, but different memories had mixed up . She wondered if it could be called her . In the first place which was the real her?

(So to speak, it is the field of philosophy . Well, let’s leave it for now . )

She didn’t know very well so she put the answer on hold . It would be fine if the answer come out before she die .


10 minutes later . Stella stood up after having made a large strecth . First of all she must clean up the corpses . If this continue, the insects would spring up and the smell would become even more severe .

“Anyway, I must do something”

She grasped the purple sphere- the magic crystal strongly . With this, most things ought to be managed . She could live even by herself . The one that she should be careful was death due to illness, and the other was surprise attack . Resistance would also be difficult with this poor flesh .

With the noisy voice that came from the entrance of the store, there was a sound of the door being opened roughly .

“oioi oioi! Even though you carry a debt to the point until you are rotten, you have guts to close your store !! Today is not a sabbath! Hey Glenn, you are there, right?! Today I will make sure to make you pay along with the interests!! ”

“Don’t hide! Or we will beat you to death !!”

Sound of the commodity shelf being kicked and sound of unsold items scattered could be heard . Stella breathed out, she then stood up annoyingly .

“The debt is it, how much do I have?”

[Ukeke! It’s an amount that you can never pay even if it takes your entire lifetime! planning to make a big challenge once in a lifetime, but actually being deceived by the moneylender and the best friend who brought the talking! It was all on their palm! Ukeke, the world is not that sweet! ]

“So, how are those idiots going to collect the debt?”

[If Master is already alright, but it still seems impossible, you are going to be sold to human trader for now . They are connected behind the scenes, they will exploit you until die, after that they will just throw you away . Ukeke! ]

“Really, what a terrible story, it’s scary!”

[I cannot see you are looking scared at all]

“It’s nothing like that . Becoming a slave is so scary that my tears were about to come out”

[The weak one is thoroughly being exploited . In this damn town, that is natural! humans really are funny! ukekeke! ]

Clevar was in a good mood . In this Pebury Town, something like that was a natural story . The person who was deceived was in the wrong . The weak ones were exploited, the strong ones sipped the sweet juice . The weak ones would somehow struggle to go up, the strong ones would pin down their head . Every time gold and blood would flow, the life disappeared . Even then more people would still flow here .

In the west there was a coalition of the Star Church, while in the the east there was Horseed Empire army that came for expedition . The boundary between the two forces was this Pebury Town . The former feudal lord was turned into turmoil by the empire expedition and was murdered by his trusted retainer called Greggs . Greggs then seized the authority and completely put the town under his control, ruled the town to one’s own convenience . This town was a place that gathers mercenaries and merchants trying to compete for profit, and the damn insects that trying to sip a sweet juice .

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“In the meantime, there is no place to go even if I run away, it seems I have to deal with it . ”

[Let me tell you, it is impossible for you to use magic! That poor body will be blown away and become a wonderful thing! Ukeke! It may be impossible for your condition to become like before! ]

“I know that, it’s the price . I hate it, but I can not be depressed . Since this has happened, I have to live with all my might, it is the road that I chose by myself”

Stella lightly stretched her neck, then she headed to the store front while carrying the purple sphere – the magic crystal . This was a weapon and at the same time it was also her other self . No one can take it away from her .

“Hello, older brothers”

“Oh, Glenn and this damn brat . You still look like a dead person as usual . That aside, where is that miserable damn father of yours? Tell him to quickly come out and bring the money!”

“About that, It seems I can not do it . ”

“You bastard, are you looking down on Stock Company?! Do you want this dirty shop to be burned by fire!? There is no guest that come anyway!”

“Calm down older brother . I am not looking down or anything like that . Oh yeah, it will be faster for you to see directly, older brothers also busy, right?”

Stella began to guide them, the two men followed while clicking their tongue . Knife in the hand, appearance rough, they were not different with any of the robbers . It was this pebury town that became a place for these people to swagger . Some who had a place to go were escaped, others were accepting live tearfully while being exploited .

“What happened? If it’s a complaint like the other day i don’t want to hear it!”

“You don’t have to worry about that . Because he has a resolution in his face . Okay, this room . Well then, please!”

Stella took one step back to give the front . Then she grasped the magic crystal stealthily and concentrate .

“What a trouble! Hey, Glenn! we came to pick up the money as promised!”

“Hey, wait a minute, Beck – this smell . Glenn that bastard, don’t tell me!”

When the man fully opened the door in a panic, the dead bodies of the hanging parents appeared . It was only for a moment but there was a gap in their heart .

“- Magic Release”

A purple fog entered the men ‘s body from their back . They were not aware of it . Spitting abusive words as if to whip the dead .

“Oioi oi, they are in that condition, what should we do? We will be scolded by Mr . Mace again”

“Even if you say such thing there is no helping it, it’s not our fault . ”

“Brather Gard is pressing too much . That person, he doesn’t know the limit”

“Really, Glenn is also Glen, He is truly miserable for escaping to death . He should just die after pay back the money”

“That’s true, things that borrowed should be returned, even children understand it . But really, what should we do, Beck? we can not go home empty handed, we also have reputation”

“That’s right, in the meantime, how about we sell this damn brat?”

“It’s decided then . Such a kid similar to a corpse, we can only get a small amount of money though . Really, if she has more meat, she can be sold to a pervert!”

“Hehe, that’s not wrong . Well then, damn brat, we will take you to a good place from now – wh, what, my body is, strange”

The man that trying to approach was struggling with only the upper body . It was very funny, Stella reflexively leaked a smile . Even though it was human, it was behaving like a doll . Really amusing .

“What is this, what’s going on, my legs, cannot move! No, my arms also heavy!”

“Damn it! What happened !!”

The men had expression of agony . Stella looked at them enjoyably .

“Good job with a long and boring story . You two, your head seems to be bad, but I will endure it this time . because I need a labor force anyway . In addition, that appereance alone was amusing”

“You bastard, have you done something?”

“I don’t feel the need to tell you”

“Don’t joke around! Who do you think I am! I am the Stock Company’s -”

“Oh well . Anyway, I wonder if you will work for me from now on . If you become a good child I will give you a reward . ”

Stella spoke highly with folded arms .

“Who are you speaking to, you damn brat!”

He twisted only the upper body, desperately yelled at Stella behind . After Stella lightly laughed, she took away the knife the man had in his hand . After swinging it several times, she nodded . It was unshapely, but there was no problem for cutting off the vital points . If it was only like this she could handle it .

“With this body, I can not use much strength . it seems okay if i aim it properly, but it will be troublesome to have four corpses to deal with, so why don’t you obey me obediently?”

“Shut up! Damn, why is my body not moving?!”

“Oh, it’s not only the head that bad, the attitude is bad as well”

After Stella Intentionally shakes her head, she then turned to the front to look at the two men . The rebellious eyes did not change . As she thought, her power had fell down . If she tried to blow them away in this situation, she would die as well . It was called rampaging . Even though she had power and knowledge, there was no meaning unless she could master it . It must be regained from now on .

In that case, let’s try to handle these guys in a human-like method .

She aimed the knife to the shoulder of the man on the right side, then thrust it as if scooping it from below . Grinding and twisting it, giving pain to the maximum .

“U, uaaaaaaaaaargh!”

“I took your freedom with my power . You acted so highly, but the moment you saw the corpse, you were shaking a little, weren’t you?”

“You bastard, it’s hurt!”

“It depends on me whether I will let you live or kill you . Let me ask you once again, are you willing to work for my shake? If you say ‘no’, I will cut your throat”

“Who wants to-”

“Then I don’t need you, I hate wasting time . ”

She brandished the knife to the man’s throat without hesitation . Blood squirted and dyed the room red, Stella’s white clothe too, also the corpses of her parents . The man on the left was looking at it with his eyes rounded . The man who had his throat cut off, blew away the blood bubbles, his life ended while standing still . She release the curse, and the body collapsed .

“Hi, Hiiiiii !!”

“So what will you do? If i am not wrong, you are called Beck, right? I hope you are a little smarter than him”

When Stella laughed while wiping the blood attached to the knife, the man called Beck nodded his head while falling into tears .

“Oh, thank you . You seem a bit smart . fu fu, as i thought humans are good, unlike us, they can think flexibly, it is really worthwhile to take hardship to become a human”

[Ukekeke! You sure are saying something good with that bloody appereance! But it matches you perfectly! ]

“Fu fu, thank you for the praise . Well then, what am i going to do and how can I live from now on . My life begins here today . There is only 50 years left, but I must enjoy my life, boredom is unrelated”

Stella sat down while stroking Beck’s hair, smilling happily with bloodstained face .


Author’s note:
I was rehabilitated, I was writing . Thank you very much .
Human being 50 years, Stella is greedy so 60 years .


Translator’s Note:
Hello, it is my first time translating, sorry if it is bad . Let me know if there is any mistake .

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