The Godking’s Legacy - Chapter 16-3

Published at 21st of September 2018 12:30:15 PM
Chapter 16-3

“Lucia…? Are your arms really okay?” Ilya pinched Lucia’s bare bicep, causing her to twitch and growl . Lucia had … brutalized the guard captain, stripped him and his subordinates of everything, and left them for dead . Then she entered the restaurant that she wanted to eat in and ordered a private room that could fit a hundred people . The room was already reserved for someone, but the restaurant decided to yield to Lucia after seeing the broken bodies lying outside their front gates . And once all of our sect brothers and sisters entered the room, Lucia had us switch out of the Bloody Bull Sect robes into our Shadow Devil Sect ones . Her plan isn’t going to fool anyone…, but she’s extremely sure no one will figure it out . I wonder where her baseless confidence comes from . People have the tendency to project themselves on others—maybe Lucia thinks people won’t recognize us because she wouldn’t if she were exposed to her own plot .

“I can’t believe that bastard cut my arms off,” Lucia muttered and sniffed her arms, sniffing each one twice . “Only I can cut other people’s arms off! They’re not allowed to cut off mine! It hurt a lot, damnit . ”

“Maybe you should consider that and, you know, stop cutting people’s arms off?” Ilya asked, raising an eyebrow . I don’t agree with Ilya on many topics, but this is one where she has my full support . The fewer arms Lucia removes, the less reputation she’ll receive . Immortals may be searching for Lucia because of her lineage . Immortals! They’re people who’ve transcended their lifespans, able to live forever—as long as they’re not killed . Immortals can be killed? It rarely happens, but yes, they can . They just won’t die of old age . Yes, yes, the name isn’t very fitting, but it is what it is .

“Eh… . ” Lucia’s forehead wrinkled . She was about to say something, but a strong aroma of roasted meat permeated the room . The door swung open as a line of waiters entered, each carrying platters filled with dishes on both hands . It didn’t take long for the plates to be equally distributed between all of us, and it took equally as long for Lucia to finish her first plate . Then she stole the food off of my plate, but I didn’t mind . The less impurities I ingested, the quicker I’d catch up to Lucia . …I shouldn’t kid myself; I’ll never catch up to her .


“Softie?” Lucia asked . She stared at me with a haunch of meat held by both her hands . Her head was tilted to the side, and a smear of grease covered her lips . “Are you upset I stole your food?”

“No?” Did I look upset? I’m very good at controlling my facial expressions when I’m not nervous or embarrassed . Lucia shouldn’t have seen anything wrong with me .

“But the heart devil inside of you is growing,” Lucia said . “It’s because I stole your food, isn’t it?”

“It isn’t . ” A heart devil made of insecurities… . Who would’ve thought that the chosen of the Shadow Devil Sect would someday be so insecure about her own abilities that she’d develop a heart devil? It’s quite ironic, isn’t it? Every passing day, I’m sprinting forward in my cultivation with all my might, but Lucia’s back keeps getting further and further away . The day where her back disappears completely isn’t too far from now, huh? She’s part squirrel…, part mythical beast . I’m, I’m just a regular person blessed with a little bit of beauty .

“Oi, oi . ” Heat spread across my lips as Lucia pressed the haunch against my mouth . “The heart devil’s growing larger after you said that . The food tastes great, but it isn’t better than anything I can make! You’re not missing out on anything even if I steal your food, Softie . But since you’re so upset, I’ll stop taking yours, okay?”

“It really isn’t about the foo—”

Lucia cut me off by shoving the meat into my mouth . I’m glad she cares about me, but all this food will do is increase my impurities and decrease my cultivation speed… .

“How is it? Better?” Lucia asked, her face split by her smile . I nodded . My heart always felt fuzzy when she smiled . Lucia exhaled . “Phew . That’s good . I thought you were going to cry again . ”

I-it’s true that I cry more often than a normal person, but it’s not something that happens every day! “I wasn’t going to!”

“Mm . Okay, whatever you say, Softie,” Lucia said and nodded before waving at a waiter . “More food!”

“Which audacious person dares to take the reservation of this prince? Come on out!” A male voice drifted into the room as the waiter opened the door . With a grunt, the waiter was pushed aside as a well-dressed man marched into the room . He wore a purple cloak with a golden crest as its clasp, a symbol of the royal family imprinted upon it . “Manager Forest, what is the meaning of this? You gave a third-rate sect the room that I reserved? Are you tired of living?”

“Fourth Prince . ” The manager, who was cowering in the corner of the room, clasped his hands and deeply bowed his head . “These esteemed guests were the ones who disabled Guard Captain Fire and left those wounded soldiers outside . ”

The fourth prince stiffened . “Defeated Guard Captain Fire?”

“No, we didn’t do it!” Lucia shouted as she shot to her feet . “That’s slander! The Bloody Bull Sect were the ones who flew through the air and beat up the people trying to apprehend them . We, the Shadow Devil Sect, have nothing to do with the bodies outside!”

The trembling manager swallowed once before lowering his head, perspiration dripping onto the ground . Heart devil worms were rising and sinking from Lucia’s shadow like boats swaying on the surface of an ocean . The prince’s gaze shifted from the manager to Lucia, then back to the manager, then back to Lucia, then finally onto me . Onto me…? I resisted the urge to sigh . It’s because I’m not wearing my veil, isn’t it? Sometimes being born beautiful is a curse . The prince’s expression softened as he stepped towards me and extended a hand . “Fair maiden, my—”

“Scram! You’re blocking my food’s way!” Lucia lifted the prince by the back of his collar and tossed him out the window . The waiter that was stuck behind the prince froze, a dumbfounded expression painted on his face . Lucia’s ears perked up as she beamed and sat in her seat before patting the empty space in front of herself on the table . “You can put that right here . ”

…Maybe Lucia should’ve continued to wear the Bloody Bull Sect’s robes . Defenestrating a prince…, why does it seem like Lucia and royalty just don’t mix?